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Important Announcement From White's Electronics

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Will definitely be sad to see them go if that’s what ends up happening.  Seems like Whites and Tesoro met the same fate of making products solely for the “hobby” market.  First Texas and Garrett seem to generate the majority of income from products outside the hobby market. 
I wonder what the odds of First Texas buying them out.  Would be cool if someone with more modern manufacturing capabilities could bring the Whites MF platform into the future!!!!

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I just received this email! Important Information from White's Electronics June 18, 2020 To our valued

This was very unexpected, I thought they had another 5 years just coasting. White's had a lot of problems, but I gotta say that in all the jobs I've had the past 40 years, the 6 with White's was by fa

There were a lot of problems, starting with the family. They never had a high opinion of engineers and thought they could be easily replaced as needed. And one particular engineer with an outsized ego

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Tesoro never really went beyond analog and the niche market was too small to be sustainable. Whites really needed to dump some serious $$$ into r&d and haven't done much coupled with the race to the bottom with the new machines flooding the market that are not only much less money but high performers. Who knows maybe they will reorganize. Wouldn't be bad if they teamed up with FT for manufacturing.

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On 6/18/2020 at 5:23 PM, Geotech said:

This was very unexpected, I thought they had another 5 years just coasting. 

Ken may have seen the writing on the wall, and it is doubtful the company would be worth more in 5 years. The squeeze is really on now, and I do not see how White's can keep going at current pricing, or make money at lower prices. Ken is no kid anymore. Just cash in the chips now for the best he can get, and sail off on that boat while he can. It's either that or double down, and I doubt he is ready to do that at this stage of the game. Not happy to see it, but probably a smart move.

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Tragic day for the Metal Detecting world......I don’t know, I just feel that a lot of users just want the latest and greatest at tempting low prices when what they already have in their hands is probably more than adequate. I live 10,000 miles away from Sweet Home and my first Whites’s detector as a young kid back in 1980 was this magical box on a stick that captivated my imagination for many years after.......We all know White’s business model and pricing wasn’t perfect but so many of their machines over the decades were. 

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Very sad. Don't know how far I'll get but I'm going to call up tomorrow and see if I can buy any V3i parts and components to keep it going. If not, I guess now is the time to stock up on backup V3is. Truly is my favorite machine and I'm proud to own it and my Bullseye TRX. Maybe now some cats can be let out of the bag on the V3i. What could it hurt? I second the motion for First Texas to buy up the Whites brand! 

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what really happened then?..why would ANY company coast if products are not selling?
did they have trouble keeping talented engineers who could help them?..detail their problems!
this is really sad! they were such a "juggernaut" for so many years! ..it doesn't make sense for them
to just say f*c k it, and croak!" maybe kenny has decided to take the scratch, and call it a day.
money that could have been invested in the company? i thought they was fighters, guess i was wrong! 



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I see quite a bit of talk about First Texas buying White's out. In reality that would not be much help as they too astronomically price their products also. They too are doing the "let's slap a new decal or two on the outside and different name while putting in the same old board from an old model." Nah, can't see them buying White's and even if they did it would not benefit the customer a bit. Who knows, they might soon drop the "hobby line" also. Just ever can tell about such things.

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Sad story to read.

Unluckily the market today is probably at the highest competition level and for sure there's no way today to make mistakes.

No one can survive without to keep "fresh" projects and true alternatives to other's brands.

Distribution, marketing and advertising also, is another big beast to fight.

Personally, I hate to trust same persons talking about every new model eliminating the past one, for every brand!

For my modest experience in the field I rarely found a machine to operate exactly like was announced.

Can I trust today other's words?

Can I wait for the local lobby, to obtain some clean news by the field?

I subscribed to this forum in last January, cause finally here I can red things that make sense to me.

After a small time participating to a marketing action for a dealer, making tutorial videos and all that noise around machines I was frankly tired.

Especially to say what people like to hear, more than the truth.

Closing my post, I think that the counterfeits are a direct result of dozens of steps between factory and customers!

A straight delivery from factory to customer can solve lot of troubles.

I can trust a bank check sent to the factory, I can trust longer times to have the product from overseas, but can't tolerate bullshits on pricing theories from hand to hand activities, taxes etc.

If a product is stated as available, I can't buy it from where I want, for the price I can pay and still need to wait for the local dealer hardware's stock.

I mean, to have a coil this is really too much for me.

Way too worst if the machine is an instrument that I use to WORK.



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White's had ample time to step up to the competition and just chose to lay back and go the way of the dinosaur. I grew up with and had many Whites machines and all were good performers. They just didn't respond to what the customers wanted and what other companies had to offer for less money. I'm sad to see them go.

Thank you for the countless thoughts of treasure and the great memories of searching for them.

God Bless and good luck to their employees and to Ken. 

Johnny DeMarco

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