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Important Announcement From White's Electronics

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I just received this email! Important Information from White's Electronics June 18, 2020 To our valued

This was very unexpected, I thought they had another 5 years just coasting. White's had a lot of problems, but I gotta say that in all the jobs I've had the past 40 years, the 6 with White's was by fa

There were a lot of problems, starting with the family. They never had a high opinion of engineers and thought they could be easily replaced as needed. And one particular engineer with an outsized ego

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I've said this before awhile ago, but it bears repeating! Garrett doesn't need to continue on the hobby side of the business! The security side could carry them just fine!

   But they want to because they can, and have the talent, and modern tooling to stay competitive! And I'm sure, that was at least one of Charles Garrett's wishes, before his passing!👍👍

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Garrett rocked the industry with the Ace series. Garrett invented the All Terrain category, and nobody successfully challenged the AT series until Equinox. Garrett reinvented the modern pinpointer and inspired countless copycats. They are the only company to sell an integrated wireless system that makes sense. Garrett has long been an industry pace setter and one of its most successful players. People who crave flagship detectors tend to overlook them, because Garrett only cares about being a solidly profitable company that sells huge numbers of product to the bulk of the market, not catering to the minority of detector nerds like me. Garrett is a detector manufacturing and marketing powerhouse, and therefore the number one company that Minelab pays attention to and competes with. There are only four companies that have been driving the industry in the last ten years, and Garrett is the only one based in the U.S.

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21 minutes ago, phrunt said:

   I've seen Garrett make hand held wand style ones too, I guess they use them at prisons here.  I've never seen one used.

Those wands are used everywhere here for large and medium sized events as well.

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21 minutes ago, phrunt said:

Last time I went to the airport I took particular note of the metal detector I had to walk through it was a CEIA, I'd never heard of them but it seems they're an Italian company.  I was going to say there are so many airports in the world and they'd use their scanners for a number of years so they wouldn't sell many.  Then I recalled my sister who lived in Canada said in the US and Canada even schools run these things.  I thought she was joking at first so I guess if they're at schools they're probably at a lot of places over there.   I've seen Garrett make hand held wand style ones too, I guess they use them at prisons here.  I've never seen one used.

I've got one of those hand held wands, they are pretty good for their intended purpose.

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3 hours ago, phrunt said:

Then I recalled my sister who lived in Canada said in the US and Canada even schools run these things.  I thought she was joking at first so I guess if they're at schools they're probably at a lot of places over there.   I've seen Garrett make hand held wand style ones too, I guess they use them at prisons here.  I've never seen one used.

Sporting events, court houses, schools, airports, military bases(?)....  Too many mass killings (and individual killings such as judges who ruled against someone) anymore here.  Garrett has had a huge part of the market in the USA from what I've seen over the years.  Maybe others have made headway, though.

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Market share.

Who lost?  Easy Tesoro and White’s.  Likely Garrett lost some.  First Texas lost some.  Xp lost some.


Minelab and Makro-Nokta.

Garrett will regain some of their market share back with Ace Apex.

Xp needs new detector, SMF unit.

First Texas with AQ limited release didn’t gain much as of yet.  They need another new release that is more appealing and affordable.

For US based detector company using process of elimination First Texas would be odds on favorite to be next to GO.  Join Tesoro and White’s.

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   I think the direction of this topic is prophetic to some extent! This was like watching a train wreck in slow motion! A White's topic, breathing it last! To a Garrett's topic, full steam ahead!

    Compared to many of you, i never owned a White's Detector! I most certainly would have, had i not stopped detecting for so many years! 

    So while my prayer's go out for the employees, and i wish them great success in their future employment! I share little sympathy for the individuals who ran White's into the ground! 

    My former employer did pretty much the same thing, and it blew up in their face's, for many year's afterward! And is still suffering their lack of vision! It wasn't "Rocket Science"! We told them repeatedly what was going to happen! But they ignored the warnings! 

  Still stings a little to look back on it! But it made me a stronger, better prepared person! And i feel it will do the same for White's former employees! 

  Good Luck🍀🍀 be with them all, in their current and future endeavors!!👍👍

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Bottom line......... Equinox at a very affordable price point with high performance plus a very high customer satisfaction Rate. 

Turned The Whites MXT / MX Sport / V3I Line into overpriced boat anchors

Whites only had two choices ...... start selling V3I’s for $899 MX Sports $499 or close the doors and shut the lights off. 

I was looking forward to the new V3I in the MX Sport housing ......hope Whites makes a fast U Turn ...... All There employees are back on there feet  in a short time. 

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All White's has to offer for sale,  is their name, any patents they hold current, any production machinery, possibly their building ( if they own it), and any ideas that were in the works, and that's about it. Their people are all probably gone for good, as the new owners may not even be in the USA, so will probably sell off assets and only be interested in intellectual property. The building and machinery is of marginal value unless you plan on manufacturing there. Just my thoughts on it.

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