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Big Shout Out To Steve's Detector Rods

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I want everyone to know about the great service & advice I have received from Steve's Detector Rods!  

Yes there are other replacement rod companies out there but I can tell you that "steveg" stands by his product 100%.

I had an issue with one of his  older shafts.  The bolt started to rust.  As soon as Steve found out, he ordered a higher grade stainless and sent me one free of charge!  On my couter-weighted Equinox shaft, I dropped it and busted the counter-weight off and Steve as soon as I contacted Steve about purchasing a replacement, he sent it out that day!  He is very easy to communicate issues or questions and I can't say enough good things for how he has helped me out!

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Saw that this is an older thread but I have to agree 100 per cent. I just spoke to Steve Yesterday to order a rod/counterweight system. He is awesome to deal with and extremely knowledgeable. Great experience!

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