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Something Different To Do With Our Meteorite Finds

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Wow! What a process. That guy is truly an artist. 

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I met a guy in Arizona who was turning black sands into knives .He had his own foundry in the garage. Said he was getting 25-100 bucks each...

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    • By Lunk
      https://www.lpi.usra.edu/meteor/metbull.php?sea=Spain&sfor=places&ants=&nwas=&falls=&valids=&stype=contains&lrec=50&map=ge&browse=&country=All&srt=name&categ=All&mblist=All&rect=&phot=&strewn=&snew=0&pnt=Normal table&code=16715
    • By Bobbo
      Hello all,
      My soon-to-be-fiancée and I are heading to Arizona in a few weeks. She's a Science teacher and loves ALL things space. I want to take her meteorite hunting but have NO clue where to start. For the folks whose ever been to Holbrook, I have a few questions:
      1. Are there metal detector rental places nearby? We're flying in from Florida so I'd like to purchase/rent when we get there.
      2. If we drive into Holbrook, are there maps telling you where to go hunt? I'll continue to look for GPS coordinates before I go. I've read folks talking about railroad tracks...
      3. Are metal detectors the best way to find something? Can you "drag a magnet" or use the naked eye?
      Thanks for any replies. ANY help will be much appreciated.
    • By 1515Art
      My son had his first official hunt today on some private property in New Mexico. He was looking for old coins with the whites sst I gave him earlier this year, no coins but he dug this 9 1/2 ounce possible meteorite about 10 inches down. My son said a two pound confirmed meteorite was found very nearby fairly recently that looks exactly the same. 
      My son said the detector just screamed when the coil went over it.

    • By mn90403
      I went to Gold Basin with the IDEA of finding gold.  That proved futile so I went back to a couple of places where I've found meteorites.  I managed to eek out a couple (10g partial sunbaker and 2.7g from near the helicopter pad) before I headed home via Franconia on Thursday morning.

      This is the patina you expect on a sunbaker meteorite.  I haven't cleaned it and I'll let this one stay with the little bit of dirt.  I heard it but didn't see it before I scooped it.  I also didn't have my camera with me to take a picture.
      I have not been in Franconia with the 7000 since it came out.  On that trip I got a couple of nice chondrites and about 20 irons.  The picture and story won Minelab find of the month.  I was hoping for a repeat but I also wanted to target a different area.  Part of that plan worked and part didn't.  The first half of the walk I didn't find any irons and found one deep target that is not a meteorite even tho I've found a meteorite there at a similar depth.  Here are the beginning panoramas for Franconia.

      It was a good 'second half' of the trip because I swung down to where the irons fell and found a few on the patina patches I had missed before.  They are not very big but they sound off really good. 

      Beginning at 1 o'clock on the dime and going to 12 the ten meteorites are: .06, .06, .07, .07, .10, .18, ,25, ,28, .32, and .34 grams.

      Just like gold the meteorites in Franconia are harder to find!
    • By ЖукЗолотой
      I welcome!
      Found it on a pole in the grass. The smell of a burner. MD Signum 9x12 20 kHz. The ground was taken strongly to the minus for better detection of copper targets. Very weak short tone. Would be buried in the ground would not pay attention and would confuse with the signal from the ground.
      Equinox 800 does not regulate on it on any program. X- terra 705 does not respond to 18 kHz, 7.5 kHz, 3 kHz.
      Signum on 3 kHz and on 7.5 kHz does not react either.
      With respect.

    • By groundscanner
      I found an unusual item yesterday while metal detecting at the farm.  It is egg shape and has the feel and appearance of metal, but doesn't sound off on the detector.  It is a little over 2 inches long by about 1 inch across.  It is heavily pitted with some crusting in some of the pits.  Also there are small inclusions (visible with a loupe).  Some of these inclusions are stony in appearance and a couple look similar to crystal quartz (extremely small).  It seems very dense and heavy for its size and weighs 80 grams (2 3/4 oz.).
      The soil in the area has no natural stone or metals in the matrix. There was an old house site in this area.  

      Any help with possible ID will be appreciated.

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