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PulseDive 8” Coil Review

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Great review with solid, useful information. Thank you!

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Thanks Steve!

I think I mentioned the most important points but anyone feel free to ask questions. I’ve got a few hours on it now

I also did an air test a couple of months ago and uploaded to YouTube for those interested.


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    • By Bash
      So, I'm going to get another pinpointer for a backup, and would like something to compliment (or replace) my Garrett Pro-pointer AT.  I've heard good things about the Teknetics Tek-Point , and the Fisher F-Pulse, which I believe are essentially the same product.
      Anyone have any other suggestions?
    • By pinpointa
      Hi Guys,
      What are you guys using as lanyard for your pinpointer. Regards.
    • By Steve Herschbach
      Well, I may have blown it. Almost seven weeks ago I ordered the Pulsedive pinpointer and 5" coil package plus the 8" coil on Amazon. Amazon split the order between two suppliers. The 8" coil was shipped from Sports365' - not sure who that is other than an Amazon vendor, as the site provides no real info.
      Well, the stuff showed up just over a month ago, but I've been very busy with new detectors and classes. It all sat unopened. I finally got around to opening it all up, and when I pulled the protective cap off the end of the 8" coil small plastic parts fell out. Somewhere between Turkey and my doorstep it looks like something must have hit this thing on the end hard enough to break it.
      Over a month since I ordered.... I'm probably screwed. But I sent a message today via Amazon to the vendor to see what if any response I will get. I'm afraid this will end up being one of those lessons learned. I can't believe I did not open immediately but it is such a minor item and it's been so long since I had anything wrong brand new in the box that I got lax.
      I'll let you all know what the vendor says. I guess I at least have the Pulsedive and 5" coil in good working order.

    • By ☠ Cipher
      Well, I took the plunge and bought my first Nokta-Makro product. I went to my nearest dealer and he had one left. Just the base pinpointer without coil. This actually worked out better for me because I was primarily interested in the 8" coil and didn't want to have to purchase the 5.5" which I doubt I'll ever use. So I paid just $99 for the base unit and he ordered me a coil for $84. This way I pay $183 and get the coil I want, rather than $160 and $84 = $244. Doing it this way, you would not get the nifty carry case however. You'd have to order that separate if you want it. In a few days when the coil comes in I'll leave some thoughts on that. 
      For now, I'll say this and rather begrudgingly...I think this pinpointer is the best deal going right now, even if you don't want the full setup and just want a pinpointer. Like every other NM product released particularly over the last couple years it's very well built, and it is built with the future and innovation in mind. I didn't want to like this company, for a lot of reasons, but they have more to do with my own sentimentality for American and even Western products. Particularly here in the US I didn't want to see companies like Whites boxed into a no win, no profit situation. So, it's never been about performance. I watch the forums and social media enough to know the performance and build quality was there. I needed a product I just couldn't resist. At first I thought that might be an Anfibio or a Simplex, but even they haven't broken down that wall. The original full Pulsedive was already almost too good to resist on its own. Then when Dilek quietly announced the 8" coil and I saw the evidence that it was boosting depth by 30% and coverage too obviously, that set me over the finish line.
      We know what an underwater metal detector costs in this hobby. Their are competing products that don't offer this much, at a far greater price. Many people seem to do quiet well with just straight forward Pulse induction, and you can't beat 60m (200 feet). Let's face it, if you're looking for lost jewels or a ship wreck, disc is probably mostly out of the question anyway. It would be for me. So not only will this be a pinpointer for me, it will likely be my anything past 10ft primary diver for a while. 
      The base unit is rather large for a pinpointer, but that's to be expected with something that converts to another form, and I don't mind that at all. There's also a possibly unintended advantage here where if any part of this machine fails, it's so compartmentalized you can replace it rather cheaply and easily. The unit feels good in the hand and to me is easy to program/adjust. So far, I have done limited depth comparison, but it seems to be on par with some of the more powerful pinpointers, like my TRX and Tek-Point. If straight up pinpointer depth is all that matters you still seem better off with a TRX, but not by much at all now. That gap is closing and could probably be filled via software at some point. Like the TRX, you can replace any wearable external part on it, including shell. Unlike the TRX you can add on to this (probably in more ways than coil in the future), possibly update its software?, recharge its built in lithium ion battery, pair it with existing and future products, and clearly see it's flashlight. $99 vs $160 bear in mind as you process that. With the base pinpointer I got two caps, several gasket seals, a lanyard, charging/update facility cord, and a well constructed holster. I have no complaints about field performance. Like the TRX and Tek-Point, The power is there to pinpojnt objects above the ground before you ever begin to dig. If you're one of those that thinks that's too much power for a pinpointer, you can dial it back as much as you like too. I do prefer a tip only pinpointer, but I'm not much bothered by those that detect along the entire shaft either. 
      These are my initial impressions. They may be better classified as a value comparison, but I'll leave that up to Steve. I'll share more of the smaller details and coil info when it comes in and I gain more experience with it. At this point though, if I were just starting out, or needed 1 good pinpointer, I think I'd be foolish not to consider this the best deal out there and a no brainer If it could be my only unit. I don't see myself parting with the TRX because it still is the flat out depth demon and I admire it just as a pedal to the floor piece of technology. I do think I will be parting with my Tek-Point however if all else goes well here. This is what any future Tek-Point needs to compete with though, and that's not about depth either. Tek has the punch. It's the innovation and features that set it apart. 
      Update: initially I assumed updateable software thinking I'd read that somewhere. I'm not sure this is the case, and may have mixed up descriptions in my head. I haven't been able to corroborate that yet. 
    • By calabash digger
      Here is a video of my thoughts on the Pulse Dive and how to set it up.Good Bang for your buck on this one.
    • By RobNC
      Well I have a Minelab Pro Find 35 and have mentioned it is unstable and erratic. It is STILL UNDER WARRANTY. 
      I did contact Minelab about the issues. They responded back and asked for more information. I responded back with the requested information. And for a few days heard NOTHING.  This got me thinking and not in a good way. Is it possible that where I purchased it from did some dicey things? The serial number was provided to Minelab of course as well as dealer name and date of purchase.
      Does anyone know what kind of checking they do on such things? Better yet, how long would it take to get a definitive answer from them? Yeah yeah its just a pin pointer but not a cheap one when it was purchased last year.
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