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Thanks Steve!

I think I mentioned the most important points but anyone feel free to ask questions. I’ve got a few hours on it now

I also did an air test a couple of months ago and uploaded to YouTube for those interested.


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    • By Glasswalker
      Hey everyone, new to the forum, so please go easy on me as I ask my first stupid question of what is likely to be many...
      So I'm just getting back into the hobby after many years (actually decades, but I'm choosing not to use that term out of denial!) 🙂
      Back then things were a bit simpler it seemed, either that or I was young and ignorant... Anyway...
      I've blown all my "hobby budget" (or technically my wife did buying me a present). Getting the Minelab Vanquish 540 for Christmas to go do some beach hunting this summer...
      And I'd love to have a pinpointer to make things a bit easier when digging targets, but realize that I can't likely afford one. Unfortunately things here in NZ come at a premium, and all the "good branded, and known quality" pinpointers, are fairly pricy. 
      So I am facing 2 options:
      Just suck it up, and wait. The Vanquish has a pinpoint mode, and that is probably good enough to do my first couple hunts. Then I should be able to afford a decent pinpointer such as: Nokta Pulsedive, which is about $200 NZD locally, shipped. Minelab Profind 35, which is about $265 NZD locally, shipped. Gold Century Pinpointer, which is about $99 NZD locally, shipped. (seems like a bit of an "unknown quantity", not much about this brand) "Cheap Out" and get a random non-known brand, imported one from Amazon, which I can justify now because it's dirt cheap, and then upgrade later on. The "SUMGOTT Waterproof Pinpointer" on amazon for about $50 NZD shipped (seems to have decent reviews on amazon if that means anything):
      https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07YHCDHB6 The "UCPJLV Upgraded Waterproof High Sensitivity Pinpointer" on amazon, for about $85 NZD shipped (again seems to have decent reviews):
      https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08HCR9XK8 What I'm seeking is some input on whether the cheap options are likely to work well enough for some basic beach and park hunting (not diving, maybe searching in surf or wet sand). Are they likely to give enough advantage just through their basic function, to speed up and enhance the hunting experience, considering the cheap price, even though I acknowledge I will likely want a better one ultimately in the future, and considering I do have a detector with a pinpoint mode.
      Or should I just stick to the detector only, use it's pinpoint mode, knowing that realistically it will be at least 2-3 months before I'll be able to get a "decent" pinpointer.
      Thoughts? Input? Suggestions? Anyone have any actual hands-on experience with one of these? etc...
      Thanks in advance!
    • By Jason China
      I bought a Nokta Makro Pulse Dive, but I won't snorkel, I need to buy goggles and snorkel, what else? I have no experience, but I am willing to work hard to learn, only by using Pulse Dive can I avoid crowds, and that is, what kind of bag to use in the water to reduce drag to collect!
    • By kac
      So I have the Green headphones and have them currently paired to the Multi Kruzer but it seem that if I pair the pin pointer to the same headphones then the headphones won't be paired to the detector? Either or and not both? If that is the case it is kind of a bummer but not that big a deal. Audio on it isn't super loud with the waterproof cover on.
    • By B0SC0
      From what I have experienced, you can only silence the audio on the probe with Z-Link.
      The vibrate will still sound on the probe.
      If this was intended to be a stealth mode, it's not.
      If there are people near by, they will hear the vibrate moter making noise.
      Kind of defeats the purpose.
      I would like to see a complete silent mode at the probe and audio in the headset.
      Your thoughts?
    • By Bohemia Miner
      "AT Pro Pointer = TRX"
      I did an Air test last night.  The TRX  found a 1 grain piece of gold 1/2" from the tip.  The Carrot wouldn't find it at all!

    • By Bohemia Miner
      Can anyone tell me what Frequency the Pro-Find 35 operates at?  I can't find it anywhere.
      Is the search field off the tip like the TRX or 360 like the Garrett?
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