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Group Owned Claims

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4 hours ago, GB_Amateur said:

And you are where?

Then you won't mind letting some of us in on the bounty!


Haha sure! It's pretty much like that for all the provinces in Canada and in my case Quebec!


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I’ve been involved in a number of group claim situations created by myself and others. Rather than a club thing, it’s an association claim ownership as defined under the mining laws in the U.S. You need like minded people to pool money and resources in order to own and work a set of claims. There are things that can go wrong with any group, but there are significant upsides. Lower cost for all involved, ability to buy claims one person can’t afford, limited number of owners compared to clubs, and make your own rules.





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    • By softhorse
      Good mornin' y'all-
      I have done several hours of solid research this morning about lode staking and I have not found conclusive answers to theae two questions yet. These questions are only for the initial time you actually discover the lode area and place the monument on the diacovery, before sending in any paperwork/filing forms/fees, etc. If you have any experience with these specific areas of lode claim staking here in CA, I would very, very much appreciate any advice, experience, and or details you have to share. Thank you very much for your time, experience, and your help. 
      1. Does the discovery monument need to have a written/filled-out notice of discovery paper/sign attached to the actual monument or posted anywhere around it on day-1, or, does it simply just have to be a bare monument with no posted notice/wtitten sign?
      2. If a written/filled-out notice of discovery paper/sign is required on the center monument at the initial staking of said Lode claim, do I need to list my personal address of residence with my full name posted on the sign? I'd like to maintain whatever privacy I am allowed to keep while also following all of the related rules/regulations/laws. I do not have a separate business set up that I could put on the sign either.
      Thanks again and have a rockin' day!
    • By mn90403
      Several of us on this forum belong to clubs.  Some of us hunt those claims in addition to others.  The thought has occurred to me recently that when we talking about hunting on club claims here that someone in Australia and even New Zealand might not know what we are talking about.
      When I was in Australia I had a map of the public forests and some were open for detecting and some were not.  You could get State information about likely gold spots in addition to previously mined spots.  There are thousands and thousands of open acres.  If you could hook up with a tour or trainer they could give you the pointy finger about where to go.  I was mostly on my own and it showed!  haha  Just because you don't find gold it is not because it has been over hunted.  I'd have to say that most of my time in Victoria I was detecting in spots where there was no dig holes.  Bendigo was an exception.  My point is that someone can go to open land without being a 'club' member.  That can be good and bad in reality.
      I'm not going to attempt to name all clubs (there are dozens now down from hundreds I think) and how long they have been in existence (Some since the 60s) but it would 'level the playing ground' when we talk about missed nuggets on a club claim vs open land.  The largest club in the United States is the Gold Prospectors Association of America.  Members pay an annual fee and they are given a directory of club claims.
      This is the history:
      There is still gold on the GPAA claims.  Some claims are not as old as others and some just have missed gold still on them.  Some are severely depleted from dry washing and detecting for all of these years.  Some of us use the claims as a jumping off spot to look for other gold.
      My point in bringing it up is to show how much real pressure and detecting there can be on certain spots that once had gold.  There are three different clubs claiming land in Gold Basin.  Sometimes these club claims bring detectorists together for just a weekend and other times it can be for most of a winter season.  Day trippers are frequent.  It would be very difficult to estimate the number of detectorists over the years that have swung on any particular patch of club claim.  Let's say hundreds on a conservative estimate and thousands on the high end.
      Fortunately for Gold Basin there has been a lot of gold and also a lot of land to look for it.  Each time a new detector comes out then the patch has become a bit more lively again as what has happened with the Z.  I've found more nuggets with my Z in Gold Basin than I did with my GPX but many people before me dry washed, sluiced and detected big nuggets with beginning detectors.  Club members have been generally good over the years about sharing information.  Membership enforcement is spotty so there are 'jumpers' added to the numbers even tho dues are generally under $50 per year.
      There are many other groups and clubs other than GPAA.  Perhaps we should have a thread or a forum that gives some sort of description of different clubs.  Maybe one already exists.
      The clubs exist for the most part on public land.  They stake a claim based upon a member knowing and wanting to share that location with others.  Otherwise it would be a private claim or private land (like Jason's) just as they have in most of the US, Australia and New Zealand I imagine.  There is some discussion now if a 'club claim' is legal under the mining laws.  Generally claims are limited in size and number of people or entities.  Many club locations are a lease to make access legal.  All of this is designed to get as many people as possible to join.  Many are non-profit groups.
      Many club members have abused the land with open dig holes, destroyed access roads and being generally trashy.  Some clean up.  Each of the clubs have key people who have recently gotten very old and clubs are getting smaller.  Oldtimer knowledge is leaving as the numbers dwindle.  Many of them have never posted a letter on an internet forum like this one.  They were private people.  They would never show their gold here.
      That brings up another idea.  Someone should or may go to some of these miners and write a story about each of them.  It is kinda like doing stories about the veterans of the wars.
      Well, this is the beginning ramble.  I hope that many of you who have a hankering to ramble about clubs and people tell those stories in this thread to keep their memories alive.  This will help us to know who the miners and detectorists were that came before us.
    • By cool riverr
      Just in case any body wants to get real serious, this is available...
      That sure is some pretty gold.
    • By tslick
      So I'm out at my claims this weekend and see fresh side by side tracks going up the wash. Completely off road, crushing bushes and cactus. I find several dig holes that were not filled in. Then I see them. Parked right smack dab on my corner marker and my location marker. When confronted I get the usual bullshit. I didn't know it was a claim. I said that is my location notice right there. The response is I thought the claim went east. Well there are claims owned by a local club that way. No remorse, no apology and had the stupidity to say that I was an asshole. This turd is from Idaho and says he is a prospector. My ass this dude is a claim jumper and doesn't give a shit about where he hunts. Doesn't care about the land and can give a shit about your mineral rights. Shit bags like this guy really ruin the hobby. I told him it is his responsibility to know the land status before he goes. He says there are so many paper hanger claims. There was just no reasoning with this turd. If you aren't going to respect Arizona land and claims stay the hell out of this state.  
    • By Highlandhowler
      Hi Forum
      Not sure if this is the right place for this topic. I’m heading out Arizona way for some gold detecting, flown in from South Africa so I need some guidance.Im looking for a good claims club and BLM land to detect on. I’m visiting Wickenburg area as a starting point. Roadrunners has been suggested by a few friends. BLM land also important and options.If any one can shed some light this would be great.Off the beaten track no worries 
      Thanks and look forward to any help offered
    • By WesD
      I was researching online about filing a gulch claim, and found  this post, which I copied below. Can someone tell me if the part about 2 locators fitting in a 60 acre square is correct, or do they mean 80 acres? 
      "Second only to acreage the gulch claim is a real problem. Sure, it's legal to file a gulch, but BLM discourages it and for good reason. If your claim is in an area which has been surveyed you are supposed to file in accordance with the Public Land Survey System. You can file a gulch if your minerals are in a very narrow area, such as a river. Although we've seen a lot of gulch filings we haven't seen many which are valid. While people know they can file a gulch claim by using metes and bounds such as "Beginning at the confluence of Slug Gulch an Starvation Creek and extending up Starvation Creek to the North with 50 yards on each side of the center line..." The gulch claim must still be constrained to 20 acres for one locator, 40 for two and so on. However, most people don't realize the gulch claim must fit into a 40 acre square with one locator, a 60 acre square for two locators and so on. Most people run their gulch claims across multiple 40 acre squares trying to take up as much creek as they can. It is not a valid claim. You should consult the BLM manual prior to filing a gulch claim. It's a risky type of claim but if you insist on doing it do it right and read up on it."
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