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Why Only One Impulse AQ Dealer?

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5 hours ago, Skate said:

I don't get the angst surrounding so much that is metal detecting today. I can't imagine what a casual or first time user must think of what passes as discussion on some of these threads on these other sites. It's a hobby, a fun distraction from everyday life and all the crap that comes with it. I guess it's where society is at today so no real surprise. I look forward to finding gold rings when I finally get an AQ and if I can help someone else do the same then all the better. I could give a rats A$$ whether the AQ is "limited", a "prototype", or a shovel with headphones attached so long as it works at what it says it's going to do and I can have fun doing it. Sorry for the rant but all my hobbies are getting politicized it seems and I've reached the end of my rope. It's my money and I'll buy whatever my wife allows me to.

You nailed it skate. I’m just a big kid, these are my toys, I just want to have fun. :smile:

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You are so right . I have been enjoying this hobby since 1995 and I absolutely love it. There is nothing more exiting then that distinctive gold color in your scoop, although part of me wishes for the days when a wheatie penny used to me excited LOL. I am on Ricks list and I can guarantee that anyone who puts in the time to learn it will not pay a dime for the machine besides it brings out the mathematician in me:  SMALL RINGS = BIG STONES  Thanks Vic

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