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Worked very well in bad ground, lite weigh housing, Auto ground trac, pinpoint, three tone options, visual target I.D. and depth reading down to 10". I may take this one with me to the After life.

20200628_085247 (Medium).jpg

20200628_085311 (Medium).jpg

20200628_085319 (Medium).jpg

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Yes, the plastic case knocked a couple of pounds off Compared to the Aluminum one.

Somehow I ended up with 3 of the Goldtrax units in the gold boxes with the elliptical coils - need to sell at least 2 of them




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56 minutes ago, Rick Kempf said:

Yes, the plastic case knocked a couple of pounds off Compared to the Aluminum one.

Somehow I ended up with 3 of the Goldtrax units in the gold boxes with the elliptical coils - need to sell at least 2 of them




I have the Red Box Baron with 3 different modules. Truely from the mind of a genius George Payne. Hope your safe and well.

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What is the frequency of the Goldtrax pictured above? I see the other is 4.2 Mhz

They both look very nice and would be fun to use.

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4.2 MHZ is the processor . I believe most modules ran at 12kHz.

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I used a Millennium CoinTrax II for a while.   Very nice performer for old school user interface.   I liked the concept of the Baron's; adding and switching models to change functionality.  They were the precursor to internet downloads.

 At one time George was working on a more modern version but nothing ever came to market.

I miss JB. 

Thanks for bringing back the memories.




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    • By George1971
      Hello everybody, does anyone have information about this brand (Deteknix) and his metal detectors (Quest)? Has anyone test it and are there any opinions about the detectors? It is not at Steve’s data base. Thanks.

    • By Redneck
      How is it working out for you?  U hunt relics or coins?  Your thoughts appreciated!
    • By Sven1
      By nature I like to improve things for the better. I took a real liking to the Bliss V5 but, it needed something.
      Decided to replace the scratchy GB pots. Fine adjust pot is bad between 3 and 7, worn carbon wiper inside. Replacing with RV6 precision mini pots.
      I was going to use a 10 turn for Coarse pot. That idea was shelved as they don't make them in the 500R ohm range. Both pots will be single turn.

      What I clued in on awhile back and then saw some one mention on a forum regarding the Gain pot. For the most part you don't need to set it higher than 2. And would like the 0-2 or 3 range spread out further. That was my thought as well. So I will be replacing the linear pot with an audio taper pot. It spreads out the range over half the pot rotation, super fine tunes the lower numbers. I will be measuring out the spread between the linear and audio pots to see the exact spread.

      The V5 is now open and taken apart. Will have it ready this weekend.

      Will also see if there are any other improvements that can be made....

      I did make a very positive s-handle mod. The angle of the handle was a bit too steep, it would tend to bother my bad wrist after awhile. Not enough so I could not keep detecting.
      The most comfortable s-handle I found was the White's Space Saver (What they call it). Which I have used for all my Pi builds. With a bit of muscle power, bent the Blisstool s-handle to match. This little mod, that didn't cost a penny made a huge difference. Search coil 7x9", balances just about perfect, and now has a wonderful feel about it.
      Made the Coarse and Fine GB pot changes to precision pots. Big difference. The usual cheap carbon pots used like most detectors had poor resolution as you turn the control. I watched on the voltmeter, when you rotate the Blisstool pot, a slight movement jumps the settings about 10 points, you you will never get precise GB setting. That's why trying to GB is very touchy. With the new precision pots a slight rotational movement of 1 point increase in settings can be made. This should definitely help out manually ground balancing, getting a spot on GB.

      Second change was the Gain control. I switched the Blisstool cheap pot with another basic carbon Alpha brand pot (Tesoro, etc. used them). Instead of replacing it with an identical "Linear' taper pot, it was replaced with an "Audio" taper pot. Since most will run around 2 or 3 on the dial. The rest of the rotation is wasteful. With the new pot orig Gain setting from 0-3 is now spread across 0-6. You can now dial in more precise Gain where you need it. Then ramps up closer to the orig. pot. Also shows a bit more added Gain at 10(max).
      Thinking some of the other controls might benefit from switching to a precision pot or an Audio Taper pot. For those that have a Bliss in the closet gathering dust, some easy modes might just make the Bliss owner a more happy user.

      Hoping to get out with the V5 Sunday afternoon for a test run

    • By Steve Herschbach
      Latest technology molecular frequency discrimination device, detects gold up to 1/4 mile away. Weighs less than a 1/2 pound, requires no batteries, fully weatherproof, and $9974 less than a GPZ 7000.
      I could not find a t-shirt I liked at the Mesa Gold Show so just had to have these!

    • By N7XW
      Here is a machine I have not heard of before:
      It looks interesting but does it really work?  I haven't even heard of the company before.  Anyone have any info on this?  There are quite a few videos which I haven't watched yet - but will.
      Just thought I would throw it out there for discussion.
    • By Sven1
      Picked this V5 up from a friend in the US. One of those brand detectors I had an eye on before folks in the US got wind of them. At the time they were the V3 version. Think I was the first to post about them before someone took interest in them and decided to bring them over. Which created lots of drama for a number of years before vanishing. When offered the V5, I did not hesitate, may not get another chance as they don't seem appear on the market. Was up for the challenge see if I can get this machine to perform.
      Using the Bliss V5 with the 7x9 coil.
      Took it out to my favorite soccer field with a running track this morning. Got wet a bit. Knew they had a sprinkler system, never knew it actually worked. Found out it does. Every 20 minutes another three start up and the previous three shut down. They circle the field twice.  So I set the Bliss up like my bench test. Did a manual ground balance, so easy took a minute, piece of cake. Guess a 10 turn GB pot won't be needed after all. Took all of about 40 minutes to get used to it. Stable, smooth....Have to say it felt like I used this detector for a long time. Just felt like all the beep and digs I have used wrapped up into one. Just a heck of a lot deeper!!! For the most part only had to adjust threshold a bit now and then, damp and dry dirt. And at one point had some EMI, not bad but, it was there. All I did was adjust the frequency up a bit and drop the Threshold a tiny bit. I was ready to dig a lot of trash and figuring my knee was going to pay for it later. Really surprised that I found very little trash, it was there, could hear. It was easy to tell the canslaw, iron, nails from coins just listening to the duration and sharpness of the target signal. Easy to size a target. Setting the Disc level and Disc depth at the particular setting and using the three position disc toggles, really worked great. Hunt in #3, if I get a a breakup signal, will check in #2, if it double blips or breaks up, really don't have to dig it. Will now dig if its  a very tight signal break up, found it could be a very deep Can. clad coin. I do switch to #2 to take another look at the target, if the signal is good in #3 and good in #2, from what was dug today, its a good target. Appears that the disc target is kind of a notching, each # has a different target acceptance width to it. In a weird way, kind of reminds me how I used the DeepTech Vista X with the two disc controls, standard and alternate in conjunction with adjustable two tone disc control. Even thou the Blisstool V5 is a single tone detector, it does give a lot of target information. Pinpointing was a little iffy at first, using the Makro PulseDiver Pinpointer was needed to zoom in on the target. Later in the hunt, was able to pinpoint with the coil almost dead center on top of the target. The PulseDive pinpointer made locating the target even easier. Couple notes about the Bliss and the pinpointer, had to keep the coil far away from it. It would cause EMI. Did not make an attempt to change the PD frequency as I was too busy having fun. Second note, the headphones I was using pretty well muffled the audio from the PD. So it was switched to vibrate mode, found I really like that mode.

      Hunted for about 4.5 hours this morning. the sun was out, no wind, and temps approaching high 80's F degrees. Had to stop at that point.
      Dug only 3 pieces of foil, foil rejection was excellent, was thinking to myself, this was just like my Mirage Pi..... Dug some very deep 7" pull tabs and most of the coins came from the 7-8" depth. This is with the Gain set at minimum.
      Think only three coins came from depths less than 7" to about 4".  The Bliss V5 from what I saw today is an excellent Canadian clad machine. Real happy with its performance, feel and balance. Thought about acquiring another Tesoro or possibly some deeper beep and dig, no longer looking. Think the Bliss covers about all my needs and then some as a beeper. Definitely a keeper. And having the 11" and 15" coils and lots more Gain if needed, should make  for a great all around relic detector.
      Didn't find any $1 and $2 coins today, think I already found them all using previous detectors, wasn't expecting to find any.

      The Blisstool is now one of those obscure machines you rarely see or hear about these days, too bad so many that bought one sold them pretty early on. Some couldn't wrap their head around how the controls function and work. Then there are those that were able to, found they were excellent detectors with lots of potential and had excellent success with them. Looking forward to using the V5 much more.

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