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Where To Get White’s Electronics Service In The U.S. & Canada

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Now that White’s has closed the factory in Sweet Home, these are the officially designated places to have warranty work and service done:

Centreville Electronics (East Coast)
9437 Main Street
Manassas, VA 20110
(888) 645-0202
(703) 367-7999
Fax: (703) 367-0868

Centreville Electronics Northwest (West Coast)
1550 Maple Pl.
Lebanon Oregon 97355


Ed Sebulski
21920 44A Avenue
Langley, British Columbia,
Canada V3A 9J3

Use this Service Center for Older Water Detectors

Specializing in repairing legacy White’s water detectors. Please call for other repairs.

Warren’s Repair Center
Freeport, Florida
(850) 835-3344


At last report the White’s facility in Scotland closed in November and is no longer accepting items for service:

White’s Electronics (UK) Ltd
35J Harbour Road

Email: info@whites.co.uk
UK Customers: 01463 223 456
International Customers: +44 1463 223 456

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I’m wondering if detector is still under warranty and sent to repair center well Whites cover cost still ?

 It’s lots of dealers and distributors out there with Whites detectors in stock with accessories and they too may not be happy about this closing either.

 Whites closing is like loosing a old friend being I started with them in 66 .



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I gotta tell you guys, it isn't looking good on the warranty front. I called Whites on my falsing GM24K 6 x 10 2 weeks ago. They immediately sent me to Centreville. Paul at Centreville doesn't have the coils. So, he said he'd get in touch with Whites and see what they wanted to do, and call me back. Never heard anything so called Centreville this morning. Paul said to call Whites again, and talk to Todd, if possible. The auto phone answers, and there's no way to talk to Todd, and no choice for warranty service. I left a message for Jack Blanchard (the guy that originally sent me to Centreville with my problem).He has yet to call back. I'm starting to feel like a ping pong ball.


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This doesn't look good. I'm glad I'm not a dealer anymore because the existing dealers and distributors are going to take the brunt of this and be dealing with angry customers wanting answers. Hopefully they will get this all ironed out and keep what's left of there good name intact.

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I haven't given up hope yet. Paul at Centreville seems like a good guy, and I'm hopeful he'll get this straightened out. The big problem is there may be no coils that aren't attached to a detector. Not sure what would happen if that was the case.


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The good thing is I started early... My warranty is good through September. The bad thing is I started late... This coil was bad from the getgo, and I didn't want to be a finicky customer, so tried to live with it. I should have complained right at the start. No good deed goes unpunished, as they say.


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And, to ice the cake, Centreville does not repair coils. If I can't get a replacement from Whites, I'm going to have to try and fix it myself. No way I'd go back to my local dealer. He gave me a REALLY good deal on this machine, with both coils, because I'm a military vet. I can hardly repay that by demanding some money back.


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