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Hi all, can anyone advise if the Coil cable attachment to the SDC is the same as GPX 5 pin standard? I noticed that Coiltec have a accessory pack to adapt to the SDC 2300 shaft then use a Coiltec coil instead of the supplied unit. 

I have old coils that I would like to try out. 

Wondering what effect using another manufacturers coil would do to the product warranty also, cheers sturt 

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No it is a bit different to the standard 5 pin plug on the gpx5000 coils, you would need to make up a small adapter to run the coils, they may or may not work well, even though the both type of detectors are Pulse Induction machines.

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Thanks David. It seems to me that a few sweetheart deals have been struck between Minelab, Coiltek and NF.

NF get to supply alternative coils for the 7000 with the chip in the lead and not Coiltek. But Coiltek get to design and supply alternative coils for the 2300 with the different plug and the existing NF coil range cannot connect to the 2300 without a plug change.  Your thoughts? 

Makes me think that Minelab had no intention of introducing alternative coils for the 7000 all along. Let someone else do all the expensive R&D for the now aging models but keep things under control. Cheers sturt

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      I haven't used my Treasure Pro in about a year and it has been packed up and hauled around a bit. I turned it on and I get random readings all over of the scale.  I followed the directions to reset it with no change.  If the coil is not connected it is quiet.   Could I have a broken coil?
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      What is wrong with the Gold Kruzer?   
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      Just wondering why they chose to go a different route to others on the frequency selection?
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