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Great finds!! That wheat and the Canadian are in good condition. The quarter is nice to have, but it looks shabby. What did you clean the wheat penny with?

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16 minutes ago, TreasureHunter5 said:

What did you clean the wheat penny with?

Just a little water and baking soda with my fingers.

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Is the Canadian coin silver or steel? I found a few steel quarters that were Canadian and on that was silver and much older. Not sure what year they started to use steeL A magnet is the easiest way to check.

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6 minutes ago, kac said:

Is the Canadian coin silver or steel? I found a few steel quarters that were Canadian and on that was silver and much older. Not sure what year they started to use steeL A magnet is the easiest way to check.

I'll check. I figured since it came out of the ground shiny without any corrosion, it was silver, but I will grab a magnet and see.

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12 minutes ago, kac said:

Is the Canadian coin silver or steel? I found a few steel quarters that were Canadian and on that was silver and much older. Not sure what year they started to use steeL A magnet is the easiest way to check.

Nope, not magnetic in the slightest.

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Nice. My last silver looking Canadian quarter got me all excited until it stuck to a magnet on my bench LOL.

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1 hour ago, kac said:

Is the Canadian coin silver or steel?


1 hour ago, Bash said:

I'll check. I figured since it came out of the ground shiny without any corrosion, it was silver, but I will grab a magnet and see.


56 minutes ago, Bash said:

Nope, not magnetic in the slightest.

I don't think a magnet answers the question.  Wasn't there a period from mid-60's until ? during which Canadian higher denomination coins were (non-magnetic) nickel alloy?  When in doubt, the dates help.  If I read it correctly, yours is 1955.  Good news!  

My recollection is that Canada jetisoned the use of silver very close to the same time (maybe exactly the same time) as the USA -- 1965 being the first mintage year of base metal coinage for 10 cents and up here.

The Canadian 5 cent pieces have an even more checkered history, I think.  Besides that weird polygon shape (nine sides = nonogon?) I seem to recall some odd alloys thrown in there early on.  Might have been the WWII years.

Where are the Canadian coin metal detecting experts when we need them?  Speak up!


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Top 2 coins stick to a magnet, one on right is steel as I checked by the date, other is either steel or pure nickel (nickel alloys won't stick to magnets). Bottom ones are silver. You can tell by the color difference if the coins not too beat up.


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2 hours ago, GB_Amateur said:

When in doubt, the dates help.  If I read it correctly, yours is 1955.  Good news!  

Yep! It's a 55.

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    • By rvpopeye
      Warm rain on a Noreaster.... 
      The wind chill was very bone chilling but... 
      I poked 6 holes into the lawn in an hour,well with a few trips back inside to warm up !
      The ground was totally thawed and the diggin was easy.
      Final tally , a pull tab , an 80s pepsi bottle screw on cap and a couple pieces of can slaw ....
      Yaaaaaa Hooooooo !   skuh kuh kuh kuh kuh kuh kuh
      Got another hour or so till sunset ,hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm do I hear Nox music ???????
      jim in ma
      Got your message , but can't seem to reply there today .
      10/4 , best kind of hunt is when you know something is there ! 
      I almost hit the beach today but the wind was brutal and decided to wimp out and stay near the heater LOL
    • By Reaper
      Looking for gold tomorrow. New to everything. What is the best setting for gold if anyone knows?
      I will do my best to calibrate the detector tomorrow and was thinking of trying to use some gold jewelery to attempt calibration test. I was told by someone in a hiking shop the Vanquish 440 does not have the frequency to pick up small fragments of gold, is this true? Would the “all metal” and a high sensitivity setting give me the best chance if there is not too much interference in the soil?
      Thanks in advance guys.
    • By Glasswalker
      Hey everyone, so I received my shiny new Vanquish 540 at Christmas, and only had a couple chances to get out and do anything with it.
      But I got out a couple times, and tried some things, this post is a mix of a bit of a log of my first activities/attempts, and what I experienced, what I think I learned, etc... As well as an ask for any tips/advice/help anyone has to add for my next couple outings (things to try, things to improve, etc)
      First time out I went around my yard/lawn/gardens, and just got familiar with the machine, played with settings, got used to the tones, etc...
      I found Jewelry Mode worked well initially (tried Coin mode, couldn't discern any real difference, and relic mode didn't seem like what I'd usually be using from the manual description). I started with max sensitivity which was a little chatty... Then turning it down 2-3 notches seemed to silence the machine completely, and it had no falses, but still clearly identified targets... Seemed pretty good 🙂 even found a couple coins along my driveway from long before I lived here (though modern spendies).
      Anyway, then next up I got a whole bunch of household objects:
      Modern coins of every denomination Some jewelry (10K gold rings, 18K gold rings, 10K gold brooch, 10K gold necklace, silver necklace, silver brooch, pewter bracelet) Assorted screws, bolts, etc Some brass hardware Misc Junk, aluminium etc And proceeded to setup a test spot that there was nothing in the ground, laid a board out, and swung past the items, getting to know the IDs for each, how I detect them, differences with different orientations, etc... Also tried each of the junk items, and even tried masking (pairing up junk with good items) to see what that did... Overall this process took a couple hours of playing with the detector, and I thought I had a good handle on it...
      So then I went to my first beach, saltwater beach, no black sand, fairly popular beach, went when it was quiet, about mid-tide. Powered up, let it do it's noise cancelling, and immediately it started chattering (still on max sensitivity) so turned it down 2-3 like I did at home, still chattery, so turned it down to 4-5 notches below max... Seemed quiet then... So then I started walking along the waterline about 1m away from where the top of the waves lapped at the sand (so sand was still "damp" but not "wet", just on the "water side" of the totally dry sand). And went along the water line at a slow pace, doing my best (and likely failing) to get a good swing technique (more on that later lol).
      What I found was that it was very noisy, it was picking up little beeps and bloops (sometimes with no target id, sometimes with) and if I went back and swung around that spot to see what the beep was, it wouldn't be there, so inconsistent... Then I did find a target that was consistent, and pinpointed it, dug it up, and it was a pull-tab, ok no problem that was expected to dig a bunch of those up, and at least I was able to identify a target and recover it successfully...
      Still had a lot of noise though, and tricky to decide what to dig and what not to. I was also noticing almost all the targets I got an ID for (including the inconsistent ones, and consistent ones) were at the max depth readout... 
      Dug 3-4 more targets, ended up with a few pull-tabs, some can slaw, and a great big iron bolt rusted really badly, which for some reason was coming up as a high 20s on the target ID...
      Had another target that was a consistent 33-35 on the target and very strong, and stable, but showing max depth... And I dug down probably 18" deep (and eventually a hole like 2 feet diameter lol). Kept re-checking still had same consistent signal... But was hitting hard-packed sand, and my digging tools weren't up to going deeper... So never recovered that one...
      Once I went a couple hundred meters I turned around and went the other direction, as the tide had come in a bit by then... And when I turned I switched from Jewelry to Coin mode, and tried Coin mode on the return trip... Still had that noisy behavior, like I was picking up 1-2 beeps or bloops on every swing, but mostly tiny beeps (medium to high pitch, not iron tone) usually with no ID code. I did figure out around this time that the unstable hits I was getting at 14-15 id which seemed consistent enough to warrant double-checking, but weren't stable, if I turned on all metal mode, I immediately noticed a consistent iron tone, so thought those might be junk pretending to be something else... 
      So in total I spent about 2 hours on the beach, found some trash, cleaned the beach up a bit, and had some fun. But clearly need to do some more learning to get better with the machine.
      Another thing I learned is I suspect my form is off (ergonomics, swing technique, whatever). I was able to get a decent swing arc about 60-90 degree arc in front of me, and I think did an "ok" job of keeping the coil at a consistent flat height, but probably lifted it a bit at the end of the swing (did my best not to). Also beach was a bit rocky/shelly, mostly clean sand, but had "debris" and occasionally bumped some of that, or scuffed off a rock, etc... Again tried not to do that either lol... But the biggest thing that seemed to indicate I was doing something wrong is I was getting a fair bit of fatigue, which became pain, in my hand/wrist and running up my forearm. I suspected initially I was gripping the handgrip too tightly, tried to loosen off that, but while the detector seems super light and simple to swing at first, after a couple hours it quickly began to wear on me (and I'm a big guy, with a fair bit of upper body strength). After coming back and reading, I suspect my first mistake was over-reaching with the coil. I had it about 20+ inches in front of my feet when swinging, didn't realize I should have it much closer... Also as I said I was over-gripping the hand-grip. So I'll try adjusting some of that next time. But any other tips there would be appreciated.
      Secondly, I was troubled by how "noisy" it was, and combined with all the targets I was seeing being at "max depth" indicator, was worried, that turning down sensitivity further might mean I'm missing things... I didn't seem to notice a main difference between the coin and jewelry mode, but probably don't have enough time on the machine to tell the subtle differences yet...
      So, first off does anyone with experience think one mode is preferable over another for general beach hunting on the Vanquish 540?
      Second, how should I be tuning the detector to optimize my experience? Should I be turning the sensitivity down further? Am I missing targets? (am I mis-reading the depth indicator) etc... 🙂
      I didn't really experiment much with the Iron Bias setting (low vs the default of high), and I didn't play with Iron Volume at all.
      Anyway, any advice or input/suggestions at all would be appreciated. I'm excited to get out and get more practice in, and learn some more, but always good to take what I've learned, and combine it with sound advice from those with the battle scars to know what they are talking about 😉
      I know @phrunt has already given me a ton of good advice on the local NZ id codes to look for with commonly found coin types, etc... And those matched up perfectly with what I found in my little "test garden" experiment at home... And so Simon if you have any specific advice being as you've detected in some of the similar environments I'm in, and with the same detector, any additional "nuggets" that you're willing to share would be greatly appreciated (of the information kind I mean of course, though the other kind would be appreciated also lol)
      Thanks! And happy hunting!
    • By kac
      Took my Gold Racer out for just over an hour to an area I had picked up the barber earlier this year. There is a lot of brush and the GR solid coil works well for poking around. Along the shore of the lake I noticed a stretch of bog iron, the lake bottom is usually a light gray. Ran my coil over the area and hit some coin sized objects but numbers bit low which I expect and just under the bog iron was these coins, 1883 IH, trashed IH and an 1873 seated dime. The pond is pretty hard pack gravel so old stuff isn't that deep. Oddly that stupid sinker was about 6" down in the rocks below and tough to dig out and find.
      Will hit this side of the lake in the spring when it thaws.

    • By Hardtimehermit
      Thanks to forum members for showing me how to clean and cash in my coins, didn't pay for my nox 800, but sure made the wife happy with Amazon credit. We now have some nice new cookware. 😃  ht

    • By Wendell Clark
      I have been trying to locate a school house site in a small farming settlement that was abandoned by the late 1920's. The settlement had a few houses scattered about, a rail stop/ post office and a 1 room rural school house. Everything was razed years ago. Yesterday I located a privy hole that was cased with an iron pipe so I figured that must be the area. Meager finds that are par for the course here where I live with the exception of the Chinese coin. It is the first I have found, so I was pretty happy with that. 

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