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Transmitter For A Wm08 ( Nox Wifi Receiver) For A 2300

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My question is not a substitute for the WM08 , what I would like to do its match it with a non ML Transmitter, is anything available?


Wifes 2300 did not come with Bluetooth Headphones like the Nox or a better, the Z's WM12 speaker with Headphone jack. I have set up an ebay Bluetooth Transmitter on the 2300 and a ebay Bluetooth receiver connected to the dealer supplied amplifier carried in her back pack to drive a speaker on her shoulder. The Transmitter and Receiver are the Bluetooth V2.1 + EDR which I understand is faster with less latency that the Bluetooth V4 or V5 but use more power than the V4 or V5 versions, so am not sure whether a charge on these small units will last a day.

So am wondering if anybody has come across a transmitter than will drive the WMO8 so can use it on the 2300 ( ie with a longer detecting use)

My Transmitter and receiver is similar to the item below



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No there is no available transmitter for the Equinox WM08. The transmitters are built into the Equinox.

Minelab use there own proprietary wifi systems & each one is different i.e. WM08, WM12, Pro Sonic. 

It would make far too much sense to make them compatible, which would then allow the transmitter from the Pro Sonic to be sold separately & used with the WM08 or 12 on other detectors too. 🙄

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18 minutes ago, PeterInSa said:

Hi Am, I realise that a transmitter is built into the Nox,  just wondered if someone has come across a Wifi unit that would hand shake with the WM08.

He answered your question.  The Wi-Stream wireless protocol used to communicate between EQX and the WM08 is Minelab proprietatary and nether Minelab nor any third parties have offered a standalone transmitter compatible with the WM08.  Only the transmitters bulit into the EQX are compatible.  Same is true for the wireless Wi Stream receiver modules used for the CTX (WM10) and GPZ, no cross model compatibility (another non-sensical, frustrating business decision by ML).  Even the standalone Pro Sonic Wi Stream Receiver/Transmitter kit is only compatible with its own receiver/transmitter hardware even though all of the above wireless products use the Wi Stream protocol.

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I realised ML had their own patented Wifi Transmiiters ( in their detectors) and Receivers but did not appreciate that the Wi-Stream Protocol was proprietary as well.

As one WiFi 2,4Ghz Transmitter on the market uses a 34 channel frequency hopping transmission to get crystal clear audio. Ml could use different Frequencies, any number of Channel hops with variable timing for there proprietary hand shake.

Just a pity there is not an ML option of a WM08 Transmitter.

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