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This is from the lumbering days in Michigan. It would be hammered into the end of a log and logs were floated in lakes and rivers. This one must have broke when they were hammering on it. I was in Pickerel Lake detecting. http://mauriceeby.org/My_Books_files/Great Lumbering Era 4.pdf

When I was a kid this was a boys camp. Now it's a county camp ground. I was detecting in the water where the beach is. That's a native Brook trout stream running thru it.


camp-petosega 2.jpg

Relic 1.jpg

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I'll have to watch for those here in Oregon.  We are also on a major river (Siuslaw) that was also used for floating logs to port.  GaryC/Oregon Coast

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Great piece of history you found, good job and happy hunting.

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