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Underwater Headphones Alternative (review) + My Recent Hunts

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Excellent report Argyris,

 You can buy a bungee wire extension that has a ML waterproof end, and a 1/8 plug end! Or make one up yourself! Just a little soldering, and the ends needed! I like the earbuds!, i may have to try those out! 

 Great finds!👍👍

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Outstanding !!!!!



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The only thing I caution since you water sealed it up so tight is to avoid using it in direct sun and high temps on the beach out of the water.  I think you might suffer some overtemperature effects under those conditions.  Since you are detecting in the water for the most part should not be a problem.  Also, rinse out that Nox headphone jack with fresh water after each use, even though you will probably not get a lot of water intrusion with you setup, any salt water whatsoever in that jack will eventually corrode the metallic h/p jack components.  Good luck looks like you are well on your way to cleaning up on your local beaches.  Hopefully tourism will pick up again to refresh your beaches.

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Thank you all!

I have miles and miles of virgin shorelines here to keep me busy for a looong time (all the finds above where recovered from just a short 100m of beach...and with same target intensity every day..will return next week there to find more staff), and also can't wait for some trips to our "hot" Greek islands (mykonos, santorini etc) in the end of the tourist session to see if I can get any "international" gold there!

The main thing that gets me so excited, is the luck of aluminum junk underwater...I mean, almost every signal is a coin or lead (ooor something even better..gold..silver..even relics) and not aluminum at all...obviously, people dont use/through aluminum junk underwater, and even the minimum amount of aluminum is so light that the waves take care of it....And of course not to mention the easy recovery underwater also (just some fanning) witch helps with time efficiency! If you remember my older comments, I had a really hard time in the dry part of my pebble beaches with all these aluminum junk and difficult recovery diging through the pebbles...the underwater conditions are completelly different and remains for me to see if other alike old beaches will behave the same.

ps. Chase thanks, indeed..the temperature issue was my only real concern before sealing everything and I was already alerted by a post of yours in another thread regarding the temperature issue..however, when underwater temp is not a problem indeed due to water-cooling effect as you say, and I really don't hunt in the daylight (dry beach or inland) in summer days..only night hunts in dry beach in summer so I will be fine I guess. Furthermore, when I reach to the beach, I try to submerge the machine asap and not leave it in sunlight in order to not have expansion/contruction issues due to extreme temp differences..And of course, same as everything that's used in salt water, a full water rinse after every hunt and some silicon sprey where needed is a total must. However only time will tell if the mods I did will give any side effects, I believe not but will see.


Best to all,



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Thanks for sharing your headphones modification! really appreciate if you can share some pictures of your modification for headphones connection to the Equinox jack? how do you seal that?Thanks

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PPP, is a really simple mod...

First, you have to pierce the original plastic screw cap in the same diameter as the 3.5mm earphones jack elastic body. The smoothness of the hole itself is not critical (I know I could do much better drilling), but the "face" of the screw piece has to be smooth and even in order to have good complete contact with the o-ring when you connect them. (see below)

Next and most important, you must find an o-ring that fits perfectly to the earphones 3.5mm jack elastic body, and is wide enough to be almost the same diameter as the plastic plugs "face". 

When you insert the earphones 3.5mm jack in the Nox jack with the above o-ring in it's body, you then screw the modified plastic plug until it's face comes flash with the o-ring and that's it. The screw will move forward the 0-ring against the jack and it will watertight it. Now the water and-or sand can only insert between the plastic screw's hole margin and the o-ring, but cannot insert the jack hole itself.

*Joe D above gave a much better alternative (bungee wire extension that has a ML waterproof end and a 1/8 plug end) that I may try also, but as you know, the Nox jack itslef is waterproof inside the tiny hole and the extra o-ring I used is already a step up. Don't forget to rinse after every use and it should be fine!

**Another option would be to use the cord and jack of the minelab's yellows that I already have (that would be a perfect solution regarding sealing and strenghtening of the earphones thin cord also, but don't wanna mess with the yellows since they are brand new and nice to have a back-up in my backpack)





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Good pics!! Love the workaround! Too bad the wireless module doesn't work underwater, then you could do the same thing!!🤔🤔🤔   👍👍

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16 minutes ago, Joe D. said:

Good pics!! Love the workaround! Too bad the wireless module doesn't work underwater, then you could do the same thing!!🤔🤔🤔   👍👍

Joe indeed...everything would be so much easier if we could go wireless underwater!

Anyway, I may go a step further and buy the bungee wire extension you proposed (or use and modify my minelab's yellows cord to use with the H2O earphones)...not only for better sealing, but to also have some extra length in use while underwater, and also strengthen the first cms of the connection due to the thicker cord of the bungee/yellow's cord (in order to handle the continious bending of the cord to avoid any breakage etc)

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   I know that the Equinox end (1), can be bought on the SeriousDetecting, or Kellyco website; don't remember which one, for about $30; not cheap!!  The 1/8" end can be gotten almost anywhere online! I have a few that are even threaded,  that were cheap, that can probably be made waterproof with a matching female end! ( Note: Different size diameter threads, from the Equinox end!) As far as the bungee wire, i would think that any that were shielded would do! I would not cut up a nice set of phones, unless you are just replacing the end!

  Phrunt (Simon), amoung others, can give you more detailed instruction on creating it! And maybe another source that is cheaper for the Equinox ends!

Good Luck!👍👍

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          I went back to the lake where i found a 1935 Walking Liberty Half, at the beginning of the year! I believe that coin was a fluke find, as none of my other coins found there even come close to that date range!
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          It seems that no one has bothered to detect this spot, due to the amount of targets i found in such a small area! While these are not very worthwhile targets, they are typical of my area, and provide some good practice with the Nox!
          I'm sure i can get a few more good hauls from this spot, as there is still quite a bit that is still unsearched! Maybe a little gold the next time out!🤞  👍👍
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