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First Metal Detector Help

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Create a controlled learning environment at home. Bury some coins and mark them. Run your detector over the targets and note the different sounds and ID readings. Make a map of your test garden if needed!

Above all else, be patient with yourself and the new machine. It takes time to form a bond with a detector. Unfortunately as I know all too well some machines are not for everyone.

Do not expect to go out the first time and get pockets full of coins or other valuables. Be realistic and know there will be good and bad days for all of us. Do not give up!!

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Try to be consistent with the speed of your swing and keep as level to the ground as possible. This will help keep your numbers more stable. Steady swing will also help you judge the size of a target by how long the signal lasts as you go over the target. Dig what seems like coin sized object and make a mental note of the numbers and the sound it made and you will soon get the knack of it all.

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