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This Might Be My Last New White's Metal Detector

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A 24k with the same coils makes more sense,  considering balance and weight. But the GMX come with the headphones and this package has the two coils I want the most for use in Australia. So the GMX  won the coin toss.  The GMX simply won because of that 6x4 DD coil, the added durability and waterproof capacity are great, but the lighter 24k has a lot of appeal. Goes to price and coil selection. The Minelab Equinox 800 with the smaller 6 inch coil, water proof, local support etc was a real competitor. The Equinox or its successor may later replace my Explorer Se Pro and Musketeer Advantage. This White's package with two coils and the headphones beat the local competition on local prices.

So the GMX looks as if it will be my last new White's machine. Given the local lockdowns and restrictions in Melbourne Australia, I have not managed to dent my holiday/party budget. So that money instead goes to the GMX purchase.  I'll be brewing my own coffee and baking my own muffins for a while yet, saving in the process... Santa came early this year..

All the best, take care and be kind to yourself and others.

IMG_0709 (2).JPG


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phrunt, Australia and New Zealand are closing in on that 'travel bubble'. So in the not too distant future there will be opportunities to get on a plane and do some Aussie style detecting. If you drop into Victoria I'll give you a chance to swing a collection of White's machines. In Victoria we are going to be the last state to open up, the boys out West are almost good to go now. The luck of the draw when you are fighting something microscopic and too small to shoot..

Given your enviable  arsenal of machines you are certainly well equipped to do the Oz tour. I know I'm going to go extra hard and hit the goldfields in both the West and East of Victoria as soon as possible. A new machine is just the right excuse to go  hunting when things settle down a bit.

When times are tough and people are feeling the pain it can be the best time to buy stuff. The time was right and  it  was already on my shopping list. Puts the dollars into the economy when its needed. My GMX is a micro dot in the scheme of things, one sold machine for a US seller, work for the couriers and other folk in the supply chain. I've got six weeks of lockdown, time to do research and get ready. A couple months waiting for the new machine works out great in my timeline. Last package from the USA took nearly three months using priority air mail, but I got it..

I'm going to do a write up on the GMX when it arrives. Take it out into the goldfields and put it to work. Ordered covers for both coils and a spare battery holder, it's going to be working for me for many years. That 6x4 DD and flat bottom 6" are my idea of perfection using this machine with the conditions I encounter here in Victoria. First trip will be to Dunolly to 'Christen' the machine in the area around the Welcome Stranger monument. I haven't personally seen a VLF machine used there in years, I know they are out there though.   Let's see if the GMX finds  some of the smaller gold they may have missed.  A new machine, possibly the last of the White's. Something to get excited about and to enjoy the anticipation of its arrival for the next few weeks/months..

All the best. Karelian

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I heard from a whites dealer that the whites factory is closing. This dealer is closing down once his inventory is depleted. 

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  • 4 weeks later...

Took just under 4 weeks to arrive, tested and working fine. Took me all of one minute to decide to put  a proper folding stand on it. I can see the Z LInk wireless system being used on dry land, with the headphone socket up front and plenty of room to fit the transmitter etc.

So far so good, hits those small bits real hard. Weight and balance with batteries installed is very good. Something positive for a change and I'll be very keen to get out and do some prospecting when circumstances allow.. All the best.





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The design is good but I don't like it when a detector falls on its side, it was OK as standard but I wanted better than OK.. Now it will be upright regardless of the terrain. Z link  makes good sense on this machine. Flat Concentric is a winner for sure, coil clips a nice addition. All together a nice package with the two coils and headphones. 



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Spaghetti is the best description, but it works. I can see myself buying more connectors so that I can do modifications and make this more elegant and funtional. Just one cable from the detector into the transmitter. Another project... All the best.


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Yep wireless audio is a winner, a few parts and some time with wire cutters and a soldering iron will sort it all out nicely. 

Yes phrunt the only place I could find the GMX was on Ebay, I didn't hesitate. The Global Shipping Program seems pretty quick compared to regular post. All customs and duties organised and paid for, no hidden headaches or costs.

When considering the purchase I remembered a creek in Victoria that was crevice heaven when I was a kid. Same creek almost dries out during summer with a few deep water holes full of trout. The idea of the GMX working that creek meant I had to have it. My exuse anyways..

Everything came in the mail today, the detector, the parts I ordered to go with it as well as a compact fishing rod I will take with me next time I visit that same creek. I ordered  Advanced NuggetShooting with Goldmaster 24K by James A McCulloch,  postman just delivered that today as well.  Nicely autographed by the author. When it rains it pours, probably all on the same cargo aircraft.. from the USA to Australia. All combined for a very welcome distraction. I am feeling very lucky, everything works as it should and arrived in good time. Itching to get out there... full of 'golden dreams'. All the best.



Mystery Creek..jpg

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On ‎7‎/‎7‎/‎2020 at 3:48 AM, phrunt said:

Good luck with the shipping! No really I mean it, good luck!  International Priority for me so far has been almost 2 months.........

I do envy you on the detector! Always wanted to try a Whites, now I never will.

Simon , I think you can still get them at Metal   detecting . com.An old dealer friend who passed last year  wife     is selling his 20 year plus gold bug 2 that he probably never used  for 250 and a explorer  # 26 serial# with sunray probe for same  price.He put maybe 30 hours on it.

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Issue of connecting wireless audio has been made much simpler with a cable that connects the MX Sport / Gmx Sport headphone outlet to micro USB, spotted on Fleabay.. One cable from the machine into the wireless transmitter.  Not made for the Z link but it uses the identical micro usb connection, should be fully compatible. 

No more spaghetti.. back to waiting for the postman.

Quest MX Sport adapter cable...


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      The weight is about the same as a T2se. Is the balance of a 24k similar to the T2se?
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      How much can be disc out? Just wondering if it can disc out foil and be be used coin & relic hunting. I know it can disc out nails and still hit a 10k white gold earring. So it would be great for micro gold. 
      I hope Garrett makes the waterproof GMX in a light weight package. I wouldn't mind it in an AT Gold housing that can be hip mounted.
      My hunting is mostly in mild sandy lakes and some relic hunting.
      I had a GMX. A powerful detector. I wish I hadn't sold it. Now a light weight GMX would be nice.
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      My first impressions of ... Garrett Goldmaster 24K is a very stable and yet fully powerful detector on a 6x10 "coil ...
      It can also be issued ..on 3 low - conductivity targets on my test field .. a piece of 0.05 gram gold stored at 10cm, a small 14mm silver earring at a depth of 20cm and a 14mm silver hammered coin placed at 23cm..in mild terrain ... Goldmaster on sensitivity 10. .and at low, and medium SAT can detect them nicely ... and I like deep VDI target identification .... in this test.
      Tests were done on discrimination and on audio 2 tone ...
      such very deep signals .... you already have in the identification of VDI 95 -99...
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       Now mineralization ..
      At Sensitivity 7 ... it is stable even at strong mineralization of the "golden forest" with a value of 6 bar F3o4 / magnetite ..
       But I will make more comparisons on various mineralized terrains..strength magnetite, hematite and various minerals ... such as Tesinite, Hematite type  quartz from Pirenenei and iron stone ...
       Now VDI identification ...
      Identification of VDI Goldmaster 24k ... is very well and interestingly done ...
      1.on VDI 50-60 you can identify very low conductive gold objects such as very small open gold earrings, 3mm stud earrings ,, at level 60 -70 other slightly gold low conductive objects .. ,,,,
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       I am satisfied with the fact that the Goldmaster 24K on the 6X10 "DD coil can correctly identify in the zone of non-ferrous targets VDI 99 ... a 42mm -28 gram large silver  ..high conductivity coin ..- 1.Thaler 1870 M-T ... which is a coin the  similar size of 1 silver dollar ...
    • By karelian
      As time goes on I  hope to see more videos of the Garrett 24k used all over the world. The 24k does seem to impress those who have used it. We can never have too much choice when it comes to machines. As good as the new GPX 6000 is on small gold I still believe there is room for a good VLF in the arsenal. All the best.
    • By phrunt
      We've been in a bit of a Covid lock-down recently and during that time my Garrett 24k arrived so I wasn't able to use it in the gold fields straight away, it was quite painful to look at it knowing I can't go and use it, fortunately we came out of our lock-down and as took off for a prospect with the 24k as soon as I could.
      I ordered a White's 6" concentric coil for it to tie me over until Garrett and with any luck Nel come out with other coils for it, I hope they continue with the 6" Concentric as I'll buy a Garrett 6" Concentric as soon as they release it. It's a remarkably sensitive coil, I expected it to be less sensitive than it is as it's quite big however it surprised me and matches or exceeds smaller coils on other high frequency gold detectors.    I've always been happy with Garrett coil quality so upgrading the Whites to a Garrett would be worthwhile I think.  In saying that, neither the 10x6" Garrett coil or the Whites 6" coil were at all bump sensitive, not one bump noise the entire day.  I'm so used to coil bump sensitivity from the Equinox and Gold Monster it was a rather pleasurable experience being able to scrub the coil on the ground like mad and bump it around not setting off the detector, giving me a distinct advantage over using bump sensitive coils. 
      I started the day using the 10x6" Coil as I wanted to see how it goes and I was going back to a spot I'd found a fair few grams of gold in the past, about 30 or more nuggets using the scrape and detect method taking off layers of soil at a time and detecting it.  The initial nugget which was just under half a gram and a fair few more were found using my GPZ including a 4.2 gram nugget and then I brought in the Equinox with 6" coil to clean up as a majority of the nuggets were very small and the VLF's tend to do better cleaning up these very small nuggets.  I'd even gone over this little scrape and detect area with the Gold Bug 2 however it was a bit of a nightmare as the area is absolutely full of hot rocks and the Gold Bug 2 in heavy hot rocks isn't a good detector in my opinion, it's too busy making it's response noise to the hot rocks to worry about the bits of gold next to the hot rocks so you miss nuggets if they're near hot rocks.  The problem is this spot is loaded with hot rocks all through the soil of various shapes and sizes mostly a green type of schist that is all crumbly and broken up and detectors love to sound off on it.  It's likely there from the old timers, it's basically some old workings where the old timers left their rock pile in a little gully, and right on the lower downhill side of the rock pile was my little scrape and detect patch.   Even the GPZ struggled with all of the hot rocks so I was quite pleased how the 24k was coping with them, sure it was sounding off on some of them too but it wasn't too troublesome and seemed to ignore the little broken up bits and very usable.
      I ran the 24k with the sensitivity maxed out, Sat on the middle setting and audio on Boost 2.  The ground balance was quick and easy then I switched into the Locked balance mode.  If the broken up schist bits of hot rock were too severe I left it in tracking which helped to knock them out.    I gave the 6" Concentric coil a quick try and it struggled more with the hot rocks and i didn't want to lower my sensitivity down so I reverted back to the DD which appeared to handle them better and is still remarkably sensitive.

      So I just started scraping back layers and detecting taking about 2 inches off at a time knowing the gold here is likely going to be very small and it will be stuff I've missed in the past as I've scraped this spot out before and back filled it so I was essentially checking the same soil all over again for anything I missed.  I had high hopes I had missed some as all it would take is a small hot rock to be sitting on top of the bit of gold the previous time and I'd likely miss it or just the bit of gold on it's side being a very thin one or any number of reasons, even just at a depth too deep for the size of gold with the detector I was using.
      It wasn't long and I had my first piece.

      Quite a decent size one too, I was baffled at the time why I'd missed this one in the past.  The 24k had now found it's first gold, highly likely the first piece of gold found in New Zealand with the Garrett 24k, a badge I'll wear proudly. 🙂

      Next up was a reasonably faint but very repeatable signal with no target ID showing, I delicately used my scoop to scrape soil away knowing this was likely a very small bit of gold and it sure was... my smallest bit of the day too and surprised I managed to find it with the 10x6" coil, I don't recall ever finding a bit this small using the 10x5" type size on other detectors.

      Can you spot it? 🙂

      There it is!

      0.007 of a gram, not bad for the 10x6" coil, especially in this hot rock infested ground.
      I always check targets in case they're odd little bits of metal with my pick magnet, and you'll see it was quick to build up black sand, this soil has plenty of it in it.

      I kept scraping down layers and found another.

      Quite small too... but a bit more meat on it than the previous one 🙂

      I'd had enough of the scrape and detect spot by now and wanted to go explore a bit to see how the 24k performed for general detecting so I walked for about 10 minutes to another spot I'd found some gold in the past and detected for about an hour digging plenty of shotgun pellets, completely normal in this area as there is a rabbit plague that causes countless thousands of shotgun pellets to be distributed all over the place for me to clean up 🙂  I didn't have high hopes as myself and a friend (JW) have absolutely thrashed this area but it's always possible to miss gold when there is so many pellets.  We generally scrape a few times and if the signal persists dig it, if it moves after the first scrapes ignore it thinking it's very likely a pellet.
      A few pictures of the sort of terrain I was detecting.

      My batteries went down to 2 bars quite quickly, within an hour.   I assume as they're rechargeable and run at 1.2 volts instead of 1.5 volts for standard AA's but it stayed at the two bars for the entire day so still plenty of life left in them yet by the looks of it.

      Pretty wild rocky terrain and only really suitable for smaller coils.

      The GPZ with it's stock coil is terrible here, the smaller the coil the better in general.
      I did manage to find a piece though, after a lot of pellet digs 🙂

      Not a bad size bit for the area too

      I now decided I'd put the Whites 6" Concentric coil on and give it another go as this area doesn't have near as many hot rocks as my scrape and detect spot.
      I found a bit of raised bedrock and had a signal that persisted down into the schist.  At this point it almost had to be gold so I started filming.
      And it was gold 🙂

      I had to break up the schist to get it out.

      A nice little piece too, a roundish flat one.

      This area has plenty of black sand too, this was my pick after checking that bedrock in case it was a steel shotgun pellet.

      It was getting near time to go get some dinner and I was pretty satisfied to even get one nugget in this area but I kept going a little while longer and it paid off.  I like the bulls eye sight on the 6" coil, it really is the hot spot too, great for pinpointing.

      I had a signal that persisted down into the gravels on the bedrock.

      And got this one!

      It's hard to tell the depth in the photo but it was a reasonable depth.  A few inches anyway.

      And that was it for the day, I was starving!
      So, do I like the 24K? You're damn right I do, it certainly exceeded my expectations and will now be my primary VLF gold detector replacing my Equinox which replaced my Gold Monster, and the Gold Bug 2 was just not for me, I didn't gel with it at all especially with the masking from hot rocks.  I look forward to getting more coils for the 24k, especially smaller ones, and judging by how well it handled the hot rocks I wouldn't mind a larger size coil for ground coverage too.

      The total for the day.  Very happy with the results.
    • By karelian
      Only a matter of time before these start to ship out in Australia. Full credit to Garrett for doing a better job in marketing and sales, they are moving fast. Now available for sale in Australia.
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