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A Peek At The Next Version Of Impulse AQ

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On 7/9/2020 at 12:12 AM, Willy said:

These connectors have shown their limits in multiple mating/unmating and in their IP specs in terms of water pressure resistance

Another type of over-molded power cable with different types of connectors is now being thoroughly studied and tested. This will probably enable the depth specs of the Impulse AQ LTD to be increased to a market-standard values.

If the tests are finally successful, this cable will be shipped with the next orders of LTD and probably will be shipped by FTP to the existing users.

Willy, thanks for those words. My concern was the constant removing / re-connecting of the battery pack (especially in the field) I had a feeling those connectors would not last long . So the continued studying and testing of new connectors AND the probability of them being added in future LTD units does calm my fears!


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Willy, I want to personally thank you for your calm responses to my sometimes pointed questions. I am quite grateful to have you here putting up with me and providing such great information! :smile:

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On 7/9/2020 at 1:22 PM, Willy said:

No problemo😉

Pointed questions or remarks can only generate progress and new ideas. 

I know the whole history of that project from its beginning when it was still named 'Manta' back in 1990.

Since then, Alexandre and I have worked in closed team complementing each other with our respective technical backgrounds.

I still keep in close contact with the Impulse project  (and with El Paso) while working on my own project(s) and I am happy to answer any technical question posted on THIS forum if it does not infringe the NDA I have signed with FTP.


Thanks Willy, Sorry if I was tough in anyway. I get fired up thinking about this stuff and want to start chopping things up and making changes. Everyone see's things different and being a hunter that is out there I see things that work for me, but have to understand everyone has different views and needs. Thanks for being here and helping as much as you can...Very Appreciated. 

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