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My Daughter's First Gold Find Inside My Trash Bin

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Bravo! Your daughter has a good eye!
Congrats on that gold👍

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That's a great story and there's a lesson for all of us. Pretty easy to miss things after a long tiring hunt, especially a night hunt. Dental crowns are easy to miss!

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Never divide correct????????i got a deal with Madam i have to hoover any sanded part of the house................including the car



Hope you are well




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1 hour ago, Rivers rat said:

Never divide correct

The meaning is: divided but always together...The other phrase half is on the other hearth face...

I can't touch her Folletto otherwise I'd be in even more serious troubles...

I'm making a plan to realize my hunting shelter, far away from woman things in the house. 

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1 hour ago, Skullgolddiver said:

"I'm making a plan to realize my hunting shelter, far away from woman things in the house"

Where I'm from those are called garages. :laugh:

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5 hours ago, Compass said:

Where I'm from those are called garages. 

I think more of something like a fallout shelter, where I can stay silently to weld battery packs, where I can take a shower returning from the sea and possibly sleep when just Three hours later I have to be in the water again...My place...In two words...

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  • Similar Content

    • By mn90403
      I've been going out irregularly over the last week or so.  There has not been much to show and tell.  Cheap rings and a few coins until today.
      Based upon the tide schedule I've been getting up before the sunrise and getting back early.  Getting up that early doesn't mean you are the first detectorist to the beach.  I took advantage of my senior parking pass and was out and going in a northerly direction which was 'behind' someone digging deep holes.  They were leaving them open.  I knew I would catch up with them and I would be screaming at them so I turned in the other direction.
      I found a nickel.  Long walking without targets later I found a penny.  There was no pattern, waves had been small so there was just a small muddy catch area.  I was headed towards an all night beach where I'd found rings in the past but I've found rings all over these beaches by now.  I got a nice loud signal, a 19 and just about 1" down.  I thought it was a cheap ring and just put it away.  
      I put it in my pouch and walked a few feet before I saw something I had to deal with but that will be a separate post.  After I finished dealing with that glass I was wondering if I would find anything good, the good karma effect but it was only two quarter.
      It did turn out good when I got home and I could see .825 on the ring and it was gold.  Google told me .825 means it is 19k!  It is only 2.2 g but a nice little ring.

      Here were some previous trips.

    • By Joe Beechnut OBN
      One 18k Art Deco ring...1930's, Diamonds and looks like it had blue stones that filled in the gaps.. one remains. 😢
      Five Silvers, and a few other time period pieces...Almost 4 hours out..Jelly fish are gone.. were hundreds, ........seen 3..
      Recon ..with Excalibur
      Report to myself....
      500 foot long area, Chest to shoulder deep ..parallel to shore..Markers 5 to the east..Marker 1 west....Markers are crab pot buoy's
      Sand moved in...more to the east, with some iron mixed, plenty of good targets between 1 and 3 markers, fades out 4 n 5.....area I was going to check with the "AQ" has now moved, covered by sand. . Coins seem to be further out between 1 n 3, One concentrated area of iron possible crab trap pieces (marker 2) 
      Future..........AQ hunt area ........markers 1 to 2..and slope for deep gold in chest deep....from Markers 1 to 3. Gold ring found between Marker 2 and 3 bottom of slope...I feel sand on the slope holds gold for the pattern of this area most gold is found in the deep sand slope.......coins in the flat...........
      (Most of the bad targets are marked, holes dug and not filled on bad targets) Good for about two weeks, July 20th...... I can tell when I start to dig these targets for the consistency of the sand is different, softer.
      Be back to this beach when the water levels drop, things don't change much there unless major winds. Headed to another spot Saturday to get a damage report.

    • By Aaron
      I almost passed this one by, but fortunately stepped back to investigate. Glad I did....
      Unfortunately I thought I was recording when I found the rind and I wasn’t 😭 I promise I’ll get it right week!
      Thanks for watching!
    • By Compass
      As other members here have observed, we had a little sand movement at some local beaches. I didn't know that when I drove down with my TDI BeachHunter the first night but I knew the tides were favorable so I was hoping for some recent drops, at least. When I got down to the wet sand, the moonlight allowed to see some small cuts in the beach with some nicely angled slopes highlighted with streaks of black sand.
      Shortly after turning the detector on I started hitting targets with about every other step. I was digging so much trash that I started thinking that a non-pulse detector might have been a better choice. However, I was finding a few lead sinkers and clad coins and within the first hour I scooped out a nice sized men's ring which looked like the right color and felt good in my hand. A short time later I added a beautifully blackened silver band to cap off a relatively short but productive hunt.

      In my car I was able to make out a "14K" stamp on the gold ring. 
      On the second night I picked up right where I left off the night before. I stayed with the TDI even though I knew that I would be digging lots of trash. I just love the way it belts out a tone on even small targets and soon dug a "soft" sounding signal that turned out to a medium sized gold chain that was stiffened from the time spent in the elements, an apparent sign of a lower carat chain. Over the next 6 hours I was digging non-stop finding lots of clad coinage, trash and jewelry although most of the jewelry was costume jewelry with a few pieces of silver in the mix. I had found 6 rings by this time but all were junk save one thin, wire silver ring.
      The sun had risen, the tide was rising, people were starting to show up and my second battery pack was nearing the end of its charge so I started working my way up the coast towards my car. Walking through areas I had hunted earlier in the dark I was finding a few more targets here and there and acquired a nice tone in the wet sand. A couple of quick scoops and I was staring at an unbelievably bright gold ring sticking out of the wet sand.
      Now I have found a lot of gold rings before but I don't know if any of them rivaled the sight I was currently witnessing. The color of the ring was impossibly rich and I could see that it was beautifully crafted. I was tempted to take a picture with my cell phone but there were so many people around that I decided against it. I picked it up (felt glorious in my hand) and calmly put it into my zippered pouch. I dug one more target before my battery died, a "SOG" multi-purpose tool which was still in pretty decent shape.
      The third hunt was pretty uneventful  as the sand had filled back in pretty noticeably. Another St. Christopher medal and small tungsten ring were the best of it.

      As you can see in the last picture, the ring is stamped "21K" which is almost 90 percent pure gold. It and the gold ring from the night before weigh about 7 grams each. The gold chain weighs a little over 6 grams and was challenging to clean. Oxidation occurred on the back of each link where soldering had, apparently, taken place. Perhaps a hand made chain??? It also had a couple of knots that were frozen in place. 10K gold often becomes brittle after being in salt water for some time and sure enough, I snapped off about 2 inches from one end while trying to loosen up the links.
      Sorry for the lengthy post but thanks for reading! GL&HH! 
    • By The Seeker
      But luckily a gold one, 14k. I got up today for an early low tide hunt. I got to the beach at 1am and started my hunt with a buddy. An hour plus into the hunt and all we had was just aluminum and a couple of pennies even though we were covering from the mid upper slope to the waters edge of a negative tide. Since things weren’t looking good I decided to just cover a 10 foot wide section crossing between the damp and wet sand. About and hour later I dug this 14k beauty with real diamonds. I gridded that area and found nothing else in that section.  The rest of the hunt was uneventful but my mission was accomplished so I was happy.  Thanks for reading and good luck out there.

    • By Bash
      A few weeks ago, inspired by some threads in the jewelry forum, I started shifting my focus from cherry picking coins, to digging possible jewelry signals using the Equinox 800.  I actually started finding some, as shown in the first picture below.  I was becoming a little frustrated, as (with the exception of one tiny silver ring), all I was finding was “crap” jewelry. 
      That changed this morning.  It’s been getting wicked hot here in Montana, so I’ve been out in the parks early.  I was in one of the main city parks this morning (A park I’ve pulled a ton of coins out of, including a couple of Mercs and a war nickel), searching a different section away from the stage area where they have concerts, etc., when I got a solid 18/19 signal, consistent in all directions. I’ve dug many, many signals in this range, and most turn out to be some sort of can tab, but those signals have always been kind of "janky" and change or disappear with the direction of the swing.  This one did not. I pinpointed. I dug.  The target was right at the bottom of the plug. A glint of gold!  I popped it out with my finger to reveal my first gold find!  4.74 grams of 10k plain gold band, with a current melt value of almost $125.00!
      Yes, I did a gold dance!
      This one find helped codify what signals I could/should/might be looking for.  I know it’s not the end all be all, but the signal was SO strong and clear compared to all the aluminum tabs I’ve dug, the contrast was revelatory.  I feel I’ve made a huge leap in understanding.
      The ring has an inscription and a date from 20 years ago, so I think I will put a craigslist ad in lost and found.
      Still a noob.

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