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This almost seems like a stupid question but I have to ask.

Does anyone wear their Hearing Aids with Headphones?



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 Yes, I use headphones with my hearing aids. My audiologist says that I have a profound hearing loss and have found that over the ears give me the best results with my behind the ear hearing aids. The molded silicone ear pieces are more forgiving and I get less feedback with them.

 If you have any specific questions, I will be happy to answer them if I can.


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I have used headphones with my hearing aids and without them. I prefer taking them out and pushing the volume on my headphones…I also use a SteelPhase (SP01), so I have quite a bit of latitude with what I do with  the volume. Although it is quite "bad,"I would not however call my hearing loss "profound."
I feel for you Norm.

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I used a hearing aid since I was 9 years of age due to a doctor over prescribing Terramycin back in early sixties......nerve loss....I am 66 years young and what I do hear I hear well.....I was taught at an early age to read lips.....so I Have been detecting in the Water since 1980.....I usually have a hearing aid on it is usually water proof aid .

if I am diving or dredging I do not use an aid .....maybe a bone conductor ...or custom made piezo under the Dive hood ......but I do like no contraption interrupting  my dredging......interferes with smelling the gold....

if you would like to see what this poor old deaf treasure hunter finds   

45B3EAE4-BDD3-4DD9-A94C-AD46DB60CFBE.jpeg.6729c13dca8868e060efa601f7a1a8a6.jpegHappy Trails 

jimpugh aKa MagnumPi 

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wow, I don't think even with perfect hearing I could come close to anything like that.
Not often one sees a literal pile of gold. Nice going. 


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I wear hearing aids and have some profound loss of certain frequencies. I looked at the audiologist report curve to see which ones I hear better then tried set the NOX for those tones, it helps. Plus I know with the hearing aids I wont miss any tones my natural hearing mises. I turn the NOX volume to max then use the earphones to lower it to a comfortable level. Sounds like  a lot and someone may not need to do all of these things, just do what works for you. Cheers

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I have aids in my ear, all the time when i was 17 teen, i tryed to get in the army and was told i was 80% to 90% deaf, I always knew i was not very smart, but didn't know that it was because i couldn't hear in school. I am almost 69 years old now and it don't matter that i can't here. No one can use my headphones for they are to loud. I have trouble with ground balance, i can't here the tones. I still do ok, i have alot of rings. Good Luck  Dean

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      Hey y'all,
      The last couple of days I've been out bashing the farm with my new Equinox 600 instead of my ACE 400. First day I went through my yard again, and was surprised I didn't find anything new save for one button where I first started using the ACE.
      Yesterday and today I searched the farm where I've been scoring a lot of 1700's stuff, but it has sort of dried up as I've gone inland. Found a nice 1917 buffalo nickel, and a 1981 memorial, but mostly beer cans and buckshot. Think I may have found part of a lead token.
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      I just bought this 600 havn't even used it yet  but fter reading post from different sources, I think I'm going to hate this thing.
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      These are available at some dealers now. Headphone Adaptor Cable 3.5mm (1/8-inch) to 6.35mm (1/4-inch) Part No. 3011-0369 $40.00

      Minelab Equinox 1/8" male waterproof connection to 1/4" female non-waterproof connection
      I plan on wading a lot with the Equinox and this creates a waterproof connection to the detector itself. The cable is two feet long and reaches just about to my shoulder. Main gripe - the straight connection once it makes that 180 degree bend gives up some length. To prevent stress from pulling on this constantly the cable should be affixed to the detector itself so the cable does not get stressed repeatedly where it makes the bend.
      This is a good solution for people who want to hunt in the water but do not need to put their head in the water, and so who do not need the waterproof headphones. The cable also mates directly to the WM08 module for those who wish to use it for that purpose.
      Minelab Equinox Parts & Accessories Page
      Do be aware there is a compatibility issue as regards the Equinox external speaker. If headphones and adapters are not wired correctly the speaker will keep going even with headphones plugged in. Here is the Minelab article on the subject. As far as I know this applies to the CTX 3030, GPZ 7000, Gold Monster 1000, and both Equinox models. I use Sun Ray Pro Gold (CTX version) headphones which are wired to work properly with the Minelab units.

      Minelab headphone wiring diagram
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