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Deeptech Smart+ Pro Series Coming Soon It Seems

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This is the slightly upgraded version of the original Vista Smart what is a firm favorite of many DeepTech fans.
The detector is on PRE ORDER, shipment will start after 27th July.

What is new? We remodeled the box into the new one you already know from Vista X. It's much smaller and fashionable.

  • Redesigned technology 10% deeper than before!
  • Improved separation
  • New beautiful design with special thanks to Veselin Piperov!
  • Basic coil: Octagon! 
  • Operating Frequency 16 kHz +/- 50Hz
  • Detector type motion
  • Sensitivity control Yes
  • Volume control Yes
  • Iron Volume – two functions in one knob: Iron Volume + Silent discrimination
  • Manual Ground Balance Yes
  • Modes of operation:
  • DISC. Mode
  • 2 Tone Mode (low tone for ferrous objects and high tone for non-ferrous objects)
  • All Metal Mode
  • Recovery speed Very fast
  • Pinpoint Yes
  • Searchcoil Type 2D
  • Searchcoil Size 11”/9.5"
  • Cable Length (approx.) 51” ( 129 cm )
  • Audio Frequency (approx.) 484/242 Hz
  • Weight (with batteries ) (approx.)1400g.
  • Battery Requirements 8 x 1.5V AA Alkaline Batteries or rechargeable Batteries with more than 2000mA/h
  • Battery Life (typical) 20-25 hours
  • LED Low Battery alert Yes
  • Operation Temperature Range 10-40 C
  • Optimum Humidity 0 to 75% R.H.



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1 hour ago, Steve Herschbach said:

Deeptech appears to be the Tesoro of the 21st century.

Been saying that for years, just needed a smaller control box. Now that Tesoro is gone. Time came for DT to take full advantage of that fact. So they first gave us the Vista X. And the Smart was a favored detector by many, and now is in a smaller box, excellent move for DT. A plus would be smaller coils.

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3rd party coil options wouldn't be a bad idea. I looked at the Vista X and wasn't too thrilled with lack of coil choices and placement of the triggers. Same trigger one on each side. Ergonomically having it off the grip like the F75, Racer and Tejon is better IMO.

The Iron Audio is what Tesoro should have done umteen years ago.

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7 minutes ago, Ridge Runner said:

I don’t know what’s wrong with me but I couldn’t understand him . I guess my ears must be stopped up again.


I speak Polish and he was flying fast 😄 I barely understood every 5th word.  But speaking a foreign language or being fluent in it, are two different worlds. I would need to slow that video down and have Google help me with it 🙄

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3 hours ago, Ridge Runner said:


With some I’ll get a word every so often but not with him at all.

 Your reply made me feel so much better. I was thinking I’m worse off than I thought I was.haha

 Thanks for your reply.


No You're fine. 😄 I think in a nut shell he said they have a new machine out  😂 Just buy me please!!!!!!!!

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It sure would be useful to have a few degrees expanded disc on a Smart to knock out foil. Last time I had my Smart + out I was in a wooded area within 100' of a highway and I dug unbelievable amounts of foil- tiny bits of cigarette and gum wrappers, pieces of Red Man chaw bags. Some tiny foil at some depth. Small foil hit pretty good too. Impressive in a way but I felt somewhat defenseless in an area where it seems wind and topography concentrated this irksome road trash over the years.

Granted,  it is not intended as a trashy park detector but a bit more upper range disc would greatly enhance the unit's flexibility in areas of modern occupation. Aside from that, I really like the Smart+....and I don't really mind the funky big box look, although the new box does look a little more up to date. And it is nice to have the Super Six coil, a great setup around iron.

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