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Yes indeed. I toss everything in a 5 gallon bucket and swirl around with some granular laundry detergent, then dump it all in one of my mining sieves to wash clean of loose grit. They don’t need tumbl

I like the Coinstar machines in trade at 100% for an Amazon credit simply because I can take a bucket full and dump it in. The machine does the sorting and spits out the rejects, and nobody giving me

Cashed out the last two peanut containers tonight (2019+2020). Total for all 4 was $703. This year I had a much higher percentage of quarters due to my outings this spring at a local rec. center. Last

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Pretty amazing.  Savings accounts (and even Certificates of Deposit) are paying less than 1% annualized.  Still has to be worth the drive, and even Milwaukee is ~7 hours from me.  Maybe this will catch on and banks near me will play copycat.


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I have about 40lbs of clad, half of it is nickels, dimes and quarters. Need to check and see if they are paying above face value here.

Imagine a Zincoln worth $.011 GB? hahaha

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I'm holding out hope here in FL as well. I bet I've got at least $400 stashed in these containers. (Edited: I split up the large container and filled 2 more of the smaller containers. Each contain a little over 13 lbs. of coins. So, I guess I have over 50 lbs. total.)

This shortage might free up some good finds for people who search rolled coins for silvers once the supply returns. With so many people bringing in coins, there are bound to be good coins accidentally included by some people.


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1 hour ago, kac said:

Imagine a Zincoln worth $.011 GB? hahaha

Yeh, right.  I'm sure if I showed up with corroded Zincolns they would change the rules.  I also wonder if they'll pay 10% premium on (unpopular) halves and dollars.

More realistic question -- how regognizable do coins need to be?  I wash off the dirt but all my nickel alloy coins (specifically all nickels, dimes, and quarters) require a second look to be verified as legit.  I don't have a tumbler, although a premium 10% on my 'junk' coin finds would make a nice dent into a new (small sized) quality model.

AFAIC, Zincolns are zinc scrap, awaiting the day that zinc goes back to where it was a couple decades(?) ago.  I recall uncorroded Zincolns having about double face value at one time.  Throw in the fact that it's 'technically' illegal to melt them....  Guess there are better things to wish for (Genie only grants you three, right?).

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I like the Coinstar machines in trade at 100% for an Amazon credit simply because I can take a bucket full and dump it in. The machine does the sorting and spits out the rejects, and nobody giving me the evil eye over dirty coins. It’s about time for a trip to the nearest one in fact.

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I usually do that as well, Steve. The unfortunate part is that our children end up using the credit "accidentally," and before I know it, it is gone!

If our banks get to offering 10% more around here, I will likely be moved to clean the coins as much as I can and cash them in.

I tried the coin calculator and the average of my samples gave me an overall amount of $692 for 52 lbs. of coins.

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    • By DB1000
      I have 3 batches like this. I just listed one on CL for 225.00. Almost all iron items with some brass, ceramic etc. Priced too low? Too high? Going to be getting rid of all my old finds soon. Any ideas, opinions are good to hear. Thanks.

    • By kiwigold
      Hi Folks
      Yep it's old kiwigold back again. (Trev from New Zealand) some of you may remember me from days gone by.
      73 years old now. Had a dose of throat cancer diagnosed late last year, 30 treatments of radiation seems to have sorted that out. And my prognosis is good. After a long absence from chasing gold have decided to get back into it. Ha ha one last fling lol. Before the body gets to tired or my back craps out.  Small scale I must admit. No more underwater dredging for me. I will be working the banks for mainly fine gold.  Have put together a system utilizing a mid western prospectors dry land suction nozzle. Now down to a two and a half inch suction nozzle. Guess I won't be shifting much eh. But at least everything is a lot lighter than what I used to use. And I don't expect to make a fortune. More of a paying hobby if I am lucky.  Will flick some pics up, when I get on the river and everything running. 
      Now back to the Subject heading. A guy here in NZ got hold of me, wanting two ounces of as pure as he can get beach gold, not pure as in purity,but not contaminated with to much black sand. Now I don't do beach mining any more, that was years ago. Like about 20. But I have a mate who still does.  And maybe able to help. But we all amalgamate our concentrate. End up with a blob of gold sponge, which we then melt.  Now somewhere years back on one of the gold forums. I recall seeing a mention of how to convert gold sponge back into free running gold.  It may have been, soak in lemon juice or vinegar for a while. But not sure on that. My memory ain't what it used to be.  So can anybody assist who knows of the method or knows someone that does. 
      I have attached a pic of some gold sponge I had. Sadly I turned that into a little blob of melted gold. A whole .58 of a gram. Yahoo I'm rich. So I can't experiment with it. 
      Good to be back. Although I do read the forum from time to time, haven't posted for several years.
       Cheers Trev in New Zealand. 

    • By crow
      I was wondering if it could be a good idea store corroded metal detecting finds in a container of oil?
      I have old bits and pieces made of copper etc. and it probably isn't good for them in the long term to be out in the air for oxidation reasons.
      What I was thinking of doing was filling a container with vegetable oil and putting them all into it for long term storage, until I can find a better place to store them, think this is a good idea or could it damage them? Maybe there is another type of preservation liquid?
    • By Glenn in CO
      In this video this lawyer claims that this person who found a 9 cwt diamond in Arkansas is responsible for paying taxes whether he sells it or not. Then he goes on and claims anything a person would find, they would pay tax on it if they sell or not. My understanding when it comes to gold (nuggets, specimens, coins, etc.) it is not taxable until you sell it. I'm not sure about other items one might find that are valuable. What's you opinion?
    • By Fskafish
      I was wondering if anyone would want to share pictures of there display cases, not so much shadow boxes but anyone with larger display cases. I love old and nice ones so thought it would be cool to see some...ive got one i pulled out of a general store that opened in the 1930s and been working on it for awhile getting it cleaned up, also have a smaller one that i literally seen in a junk pile on the side of the road that ive been working on replacing rotten wood and for sum reason they lined the inside with wallpaper so been cleaning that up to.. i found the smaller one and amazingly the old glass didnt even have a crack in it..

    • By rod-pa
      putting this here, because not sure where it fits best....
      I have a huge bag of lousy shape coins I want to clean up...or rather have my kids clean up.  I want to get some sort of tumbler that is sturdy and won't wear out with a lot of use.  Anyone have specific models/brands they like, or models to stay away from?
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