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8 hours ago, Joe D. said:

There were many on some of the "other" forum's that were " joking" about throwing them back out, to distract, or mess with other's detecting!

If all they were doing was joking then I'm fine with it.  But often a joke or 'kid' has some truth to or intent to it.

A friend of mine thought she was doing me a favor by tossing pennies in the park where I detect.  Honest mistake by someone who doesn't understand where the fun (for me) comes from.  I let her know..., in a nice way, of course.

Someone here (I think it was Tnsharpshooter -- where's he been lately, BTW? -- excellent poster) told about a person who didn't like people metal detecting an historic (but public) site so that person strewed nails everwhere.  Real nice...

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Yes indeed. I toss everything in a 5 gallon bucket and swirl around with some granular laundry detergent, then dump it all in one of my mining sieves to wash clean of loose grit. They don’t need tumbl

I like the Coinstar machines in trade at 100% for an Amazon credit simply because I can take a bucket full and dump it in. The machine does the sorting and spits out the rejects, and nobody giving me

Cashed out the last two peanut containers tonight (2019+2020). Total for all 4 was $703. This year I had a much higher percentage of quarters due to my outings this spring at a local rec. center. Last

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i heard that the 5c nickel 's metal content is worth 7c?  might want to hang on to your nickels , they may go the way of the copper cent and silver coinage, and be replaced with a zinc variation.  I'll have to research that more later.

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12 hours ago, Joe D. said:

   I was actually saddened today, when i was researching this on the net! There were many on some of the "other" forum's that were " joking" about throwing them back out, to distract, or mess with other's detecting! I know I'm far from perfect, but i could never do that to others! I did not think it was remotely funny! No one on this forum has joked about this that I've seen! That makes me feel better!👍👍

Good morning and Happy Thanksgiving.

I was searching some more last night as I knew this was not a new question or topic. I probably read the same posts you did on another site.  I mean, I go back to the same sites with different detectors and settings on my 600. And I know others hit the same sites because I have either seen them or their big trash they dig up in a pile behind a tree stump somewhere... Why dump back in what you just pulled out?Anyway,  it is selfish. Plus you just put in the work to dig it out. 
One day, and older man walked by as I was digging up something and said “what you find, a bunch of pennies” with a smirk on his face as if he knew...  then he paused down the sidewalk. Just made me think about that. Maybe that’s what he did..  I found coins and some other cool stuff on those empty lots. And yes, lots of pennies. 

Glad there are others that don’t do such things. 

I still don’t know what I will do with mine. Probably hang on to them for now until I get tired of hoarding them. 

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So I went ahead to try the Coinstar for the first time in my life and also to see how the crusty pennies would fare...

Some things I learned:

1. Walmart Machine had a very limited selection on gift card choices and no Amazon! Kroger (grocery store in midwest) machine however had a much better selection including Amazon, Lowes and Home Depot. 

2.  I decided to load the pennies first, in case the machine jammed up and wait on the other denominations. It did jam up...  with the nickels. But it stopped short of $5, the minimum for the gift cards. So the lady came, printed out a receipt for 4.33, minus 59 cents fee!  Oh well.  I cashed in my 4.33 and got the rest on another ticket with a code to use at Amazon. Lesson learned, load in the Quarters, dimes, and nickels first!  Then the zinc pennies!  

It rejected so many zinc pennies😆 Although, I’m pretty sure it was a bent nickel that jammed it...  I think it did a good job at rejecting the bad pennies.  No dimes rejected. The one bent nickel and a few others had nicks from shovel probably, one of the quarters.  Some no damage, not sure why rejected.  

It was on the low end of what I guessed but that is okay. I made a lot of other cool finds this year, had a lot of fun, and learning.  I kept my coppers and wheats for now.  Probably eventually toss the crusty zincs, make a cache of some kind. C6835CFC-D750-43CE-B3A1-6CE3D5484F13.thumb.jpeg.c4bbf2c21f0d817aa06a71010693ea5e.jpeg


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Now it will be easier the next time! Thanks for sharing your experience with us. I remember the first time standing there for about 45 minutes feeding a bunch of dirty coins into the machine. It sounded like a Las Vegas slot machine on steroids 🤣. I felt bad for the people coming to cash in a couple dollars worth of coins as I was in the middle of a major deposit of currency.

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Just got back from a 45 minute deposit tonight. Two peanut containers down, two to go! The manager had to come and open the machine a couple times to clear crusty pennies and bent coins. The two times she did that, it printed out receipts for cash with the fee deducted. At the end, she credited back the $24.68 in fees. So, I got $115 in Amazon and the rest in cash! Total was $322.53. It was a fun time with my son who has had the experience before.😀 The last two pics show the rejected pile, likely about $4 in pennies and other mutilated coins.












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Cashed out the last two peanut containers tonight (2019+2020). Total for all 4 was $703. This year I had a much higher percentage of quarters due to my outings this spring at a local rec. center. Last year's total was $145, and this year's total was $236 and still going. I included a picture of pre-Florida rejected coins and Florida rejected coins. Obviously, Florida soil is not kind to zinc pennies.






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11 hours ago, Againstmywill said:

Total for all 4 was $703.


11 hours ago, Againstmywill said:

I included a picture of pre-Florida rejected coins and Florida rejected coins.

Do you have a tumbler?  Wouldn't the non-Zincolns clean up in a tumbler well enough to be accepted by the coin counting machines?  I think the one strongly recommended here (Lortone) is well within your budget now.

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I use a tumbler on all my clad. I use the carbon steel burnishing shot with tumbling soap. Does a really good job without being abrasive. Zincolns that are corroded and are lumpy remain lumpy.

So if you can't redeem the beat up zincs because the Gov doesn't want them and it is illegal to melt them down do we just release them back into the wild (preferably where other detectorists go)?

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