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After a few outings of only digging trash, this week I got my first coin. A 1948 wheat penny, still needs some cleaning to determine if there is a mint mark. I was only able to determine what the penny was when I first dug it out of a creek, it's almost impossible to tell what it is in the picture. This was also my first water dig and only a few feet from the shore. The penny was in the same hole as an old ray-o-vac C battery and some rusty nails.



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Good to see at least a wheatie instead of a zinc penny, good start.

If you have a local park or school yard you may want to do some coin shooting. Will get you up to speed on target recognition as there are more targets to go through. Use a hand digger or small trowel on cut lawns to minimize any marks.

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Good job for your first hunt finding that penny, you will learn the unit the more you use it and improve your skills as you go along.

Keep up the good work and good luck on your next hunt.

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Congrats on that first coin! 

My first was only a few months ago - it's a great feeling!  Like bigtim said, keep looking around that area; there may be silver!  I found my first Merc dime just a few feet from where I found my first wheatie.

Good luck on your next hunt!

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Cleaned up nicely and good luck on your next hunt.

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What ?  Your first coin was a wheatie ??  You cheated !   Your  first coin is supposed to be a memorial.  So that's not fair.  Go do the right thing by re-burying it , and go find a memorial clad first !   Thankyou  🙂

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Great job on the wheatie, Just remember the more you look ,the more you find. I can tell you that you will always remember that first coin. Glad your finding stuff and we are all excited to see the next bunch of coins. Don't forget the trash, I like to validate that all of us dig the beloved aluminium and iron. And for GB's sake I will include Zincoln's, It's his favorite coin!!! 😂

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    • By Againstmywill
      Was out today to a local park and came across a strong 32-38 signal on the Equinox. I raised the coil and it still was loud. I thought it was going to be deep junk, but there were a couple 32s that showed consistently on the screen. I was not aware that 1967 was still 40% silver. 
      Equinox, 15" coil, Park 1, 23 sensitivity, 4 Recovery speed, All metal

    • By UT Dave
      Found my first Barber yesterday!  And a Model T key, too!  An old, long abandoned ranch site in the middle of nowhere.  No standing buildings or anything, just rubble and outlines.  Found both very close to what I think was the house.  Both less than an inch deep, on the hard rocky desert.
      Darn shame that winter snow is probably going to hit soon and lock me out of going back until next year!
      - Dave

    • By F350Platinum
      Last night It was warm so I took my off road mower out across the fields to the racetrack farmhouse. It's about a mile and a half from my house, and I don't have to drive on public roads to get there.
      Headed up there this morning, it was a beautiful day. Got up to 74 today, Indian summer in the mid Atlantic. This is the place that had the long grass from two posts ago. Because the grass was so high I knew that if I cut it down I would find more, and as usual I was not disappointed. I cut it to 4.75 in. because I feared there would be obstacles for the mower, luckily there weren't except for the well.
      It was easy to get the coil close to the ground. Today I went low and slow, only got through half of it. The finds were pretty interesting, I wonder how I missed them. Most were pretty deep, about 6".
      Dug a brass skeleton key stamped 48, a piece of shoe buckle, a lead ox knob, an interesting rein guide in great shape. 4 wheats, oldest 1932, newest 1950. A copper button with no shank, the back is pretty corroded but there is a maker mark, I'll have to clean it more. A really interesting button that was shot with a .22, the bullet is still in it. It is very ornate, appears to be two piece, and has an indistinguishable backmark. The last coin is an 1895 IHP.
      Here is a closer look at the button with the bullet in it:
      And the back:
      Pretty good shot. 😀 Shame though, it's one unique button. Anyone recognize it?
    • By rod-pa
      Got out to the park again for the morning with Ozzie.  There was pretty solid frost in the grass to the point where I had about an inch of "snow" on my coil a couple times.  Bunch of coins, mostly modern.  Tried to stay near some of the older trees in an area I haven't hunted before, and pulled this nice Barber.  Happy Hunting.

    • By F350Platinum
      Went out yesterday and today grid searching the racetrack area and the old farmhouse. Yesterday I didn't find much, a couple of old wheats and a pistol ball, a pocket watch adjusting weight and a very small button, what may have been on a shirt or shoe. I let the person that was shooting know that I was going to leave a flag out when I am out on the field near the gate.
      This morning I went out again, another blustery fall day. Didn't think I'd find much more but boy was I wrong. Today I hunted an area behind where the farmhouse was, there were two sheds as well. All is gone but the well now, luckily they filled it in because it can't be seen. The area is only about an acre.
      About halfway through the day I noticed I was already down a third on the Equinox battery, so I flew back to the house and grabbed my PD battery pack because I started finding coins and wanted to finish the field. I bungeed it to the shaft. It doesn't weigh that much so while the detector is charging I can drive on. It will charge the machine fully at least twice.
      It was a great day. Got an 1897 IHP, a 1908 V Nickel, 3 old wheats (1917,1919,1920), another old button, an iron hunting overall button marked "SWEET ORR", a musket ball and an adjustment tool of some kind not shown.
      The tiny thing at the bottom was the big find of the day, 1/3-ish of an 1852 Trime.
      It's difficult enough to find a Trime, but at least I got the good part! It appears to have either been clipped or broken, I could not find any of the other pieces.
    • By NCtoad
      I had some paid holidays to use up before the end of the year so I took today off and drove to my favorite park.  There’s an old high school football field there that’s now used as a kids soccer field.  Everything old is deep in this field.  I’ve pulled other mercs and wheats at about the same depth, but I took a picture of this one. Third target of the morning and if I wasn’t fresh and listening well, I would have walked right over it.  I was using my equinox 800 in park 1, F2-0, reaction speed either 4 or 5, can’t remember, sensitivity at 23.  Decent enough signal once located, but with some slight iron grunts.  I removed the plug and dead center in the hole (a very good sign it’s a coin and not a nail) the pinpointer goes off, one more little scoop of dirt and then the ‘44 merc. The TRX is just a hair over 10”.  
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