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I've not gone away,,,,, Tarsacci arrived safely here on Tuesday, I've been testing, only in my garden for a few hours.

Build quality is outstanding, carbon fibre shafts, amazing cam locks, no wobble, good Balance, really pleased.

I've had to purchase a UK charger, as USA is 110 v & we run 240v, no problem, next day delivery from online shop, cost £10.95,,,,,  both batteries now fully charged.

I've been playing with the Salinity Balance a lot, looks very interesting,, I'll keep you updated on this. I may try and do a simple video showing this soon, ( never uploaded a video before)....Lol.

I've also converted the Tarsacci to "wireless" ,,,, received today,, wireless transmitter, and wireless headphones, Bluetooth aptX Low Latency, made by "TROND" model BT-DUO, and the TROND matching headphones,,,,, amazing sound, no noticeable signal delay whatsoever, really great, and to expensive,,, about £87 delivered.

I obviously need to get more hours on the Tarsacci before I start to post further comments, so I will be back soon with new updates asap.


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Dave remember Salinity Balance only kicks in when your ground balance reports 600 or higher. You can go to manual ground balance and add. Go to 605. Cheers M8.

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Looking forward to it Dave, get comfortable w the controls, and LEARN that salinity balance!

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Here's my 1st video showing how the Tarsacci "sees through foil" to detect a small silver Hammered half penny coin.



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Excellent Dave, you’ve performed the salinity balance flawlessly!

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      The MDT 8000 has an IP68 rating - up to 1.5 meters for up to 30 minutes. I’d call that more a wading detector than a mask & snorkel detector. On the other hand, I’d bet the MDT is at least as waterproof as an Equinox, if not more so.  I don’t think any of these so-called 10 foot detectors have a genuine waterproof rating exceeding IP68, simply based on the coil and headphone connectors being employed
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