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Well, I may have blown it. Almost seven weeks ago I ordered the Pulsedive pinpointer and 5" coil package plus the 8" coil on Amazon. Amazon split the order between two suppliers. The 8" coil was shipped from Sports365' - not sure who that is other than an Amazon vendor, as the site provides no real info.

Well, the stuff showed up just over a month ago, but I've been very busy with new detectors and classes. It all sat unopened. I finally got around to opening it all up, and when I pulled the protective cap off the end of the 8" coil small plastic parts fell out. Somewhere between Turkey and my doorstep it looks like something must have hit this thing on the end hard enough to break it.

Over a month since I ordered.... I'm probably screwed. But I sent a message today via Amazon to the vendor to see what if any response I will get. I'm afraid this will end up being one of those lessons learned. I can't believe I did not open immediately but it is such a minor item and it's been so long since I had anything wrong brand new in the box that I got lax.

I'll let you all know what the vendor says. I guess I at least have the Pulsedive and 5" coil in good working order.



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I guess the good news is that I think by looking at it that I can make this work anyway. It's on the inside of the seal and most of the twist lock mechanism is intact. A little epoxy and it will probably be ok. I'll wait and see what the vendor has to say first before I do any typical Alaskan duct tape and baling wire repair. :laugh:

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I feel for you, Steve.    

I hate ordering new stuff and it show up busted.  It always reminds me of that one Christmas where the best present I got was a really great electric car and race track set, only the car was busted on arrival.   I never did get to play with it,  and best i can recall, my dad took it back and returned it and pocketed the money.  

Now that I'm all grown up I can throw a fit without getting a whipping  HAHAHA.

Anyway,.....I can feel for you.


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Minor details and a cheap reminder not to get too complacent. :smile: I was impressed by the performance of the 5" coil, easily exceeding what my normal pinpointers do on my classic "Steve's wedding ring air test." I sure wish I could hop a plane for Hawaii right now. Between this and my new Impulse I'd have some major fun in the surf. I really have no normal use for the thing; it was kind of an spur of the moment purchase when the 8" coil came out. The pinpointer itself does work really great also, but it a little bulkier than my F-Pulse so not sure that will get put aside. The water at Tahoe has finally warmed up enough I think I'll be doing some mask and snorkel work soon. I'll have to take one day and use this is the super shallow stuff next to shore where I'm working on my belly, and a full size detector gets unwieldy. Just this and a little hand sieve could be interesting.

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I sent a first message via Amazon to the vendor. There is no way to upload a photo. The response:

"Hi Steve... call the below telephone number and ask to speak to Van. Van maybe able to help you.  
Nokta Makro Service Center +1 706 619 2601"

Quick response, I'll give them that. I had created this thread so I could post the photo here and sent another message along with the link to this thread. Got another response:

"See attached. Amazon removed the website or the link you emailed to me. Try calling me at XXX-XXX-XXXX"

So I can give whoever it is a call I guess. Starting to seem like a hassle for all involved for something that might work anyway. Not like I had to mortgage the house to buy it. So I just went and looked at it again. The black electrical contact portion inserts into the end and locks into place via a couple tabs to a matching pair of small rectangular holes on each side of the shaft. The material between one hole and the end of the shaft has broken away. The other hole on the other side is still intact. Does not look very strong - just inserting the end would stress the plastic a little and possibly cause it to pop. If you look at the intact 5" one the plastic looks a little weird at that point.

The black part will pull straight out but shows no tendency to want to rotate as the tabs are still doing their job. I went ahead and installed the coil and it locks into place and works fine. I'm not the sort to get bent out of shape over something like this. Frankly, I'm a bit lazy and boxing it up to send back to get another one seems hardly worth the effort, especially if I have to pay shipping. I'm just going to apply some of my magic epoxy and call it good.


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30 minutes ago, Ridge Runner said:

I order my Nokta/Makro equipment from Rob’s Detector Sales. Then if a problem I know him by name anytime day are night.


An excellent practice and one I usually recommend to others. But it was just too easy to hit that Amazon “One Click” button!

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