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Why My Nox Doesn't Identify The Target In The Plug?

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I am needing an explanation why it is that my Nox doesn't hit on the target after I have popped the plug while all of my previous and less sophisticated detectors can and do without fault. Before asking the answer is yes. I have done all of the necessary start up procedures AND ran this through ALL levels of sensitivity and subsequent adjustments and parameters. I look forward to any viable answer that can be got or being directed to wherever this lies in a previous forum. Thx

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It's good that you've done "...all of the necessary start up procedures AND ran this through ALL levels of sensitivity and subsequent adjustments and parameters."  You seem to be very thorough.  However, that doesn't jibe with your description as you don't even tell us where the target is -- still in the ground or in the plug itself?  Exactly where is it?  How deep?  What exactly is the target?  What digital TID does it show (or did it show when you were still getting a signal)?  After you've recovered the target, does it give a signal in an air-test, and if so, what is that signal?

A video would help, but if you're like me you don't have the capability to do that.  "A picture's worth a thousand words" but short of that at least provide a better description.  Put yourself in our shoes and imagine what kind of information you would need to be able to figure out what is going on.

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So, if your target happens to be a ferrous target AND you have the iron range target IDs rejected, your Equinox will not be able to give you the correct target ID. It will probably give you a "false" ID in the teens, twenties or high 30s along with broken, intermittent medium and higher tones.



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So you are saying every target in every plug you dig cannot be detected properly after removing it from the ground? Or is this just an oddball item here and there?

The explanation is simple. You have changed the target orientation to the coil from what it was when it was originally in the ground. I’ve seen it with many detectors over the years. Personally, once I have the target out of the hole, I use a pinpointer to recover it and drop it in my pouch.

It is what it is. If what you are experiencing is unacceptable to you, you can always go back to using some other model of detector, if this is important to you, and you think other machines will do the job better for you.


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If you're getting the silent treatment on what was initially a good signal, but, now with the plug removed you get nothing (target still in the hole), that's something that I've experienced with just about every detector I've used. It seems especially pronounced with the Minelab machines I've had over the last few years. With BBS and FBS machines (and now the multi IQ Equinox) if find they don't air test well. You pull the plug so that the soil or sand is no longer over the target, and it's more like an air test now. These machines just seem to like the targets to be in contact with the ground to get a good signal. Remove the ground and halo, the signal gets weak or disappears. I'm used to it at this point and know just to dig a bit deeper to get the target out of the ground. Once out, it comes back to life again.

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Have you tried your pinpointer to see if it “sees” the target in the plug as well as scanning the hole?  Seems like an obvious question, but you didn't mention this.

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  • 2 months later...

Sorry for my delayed response. My NOX dropping target signals after popping out the plug isn't necessarily an every time occurrence but has occurred enough times to make me take notice and question my machine, especially when this happens two plugs in a row and at great distance from one another which then exacerbates my concern × 2. The target organization theory was my first thought but its weak. My plugs come out and get plop upside down few inches from the hole, therefore a flat coin remains flat, a tilted coin remains tilted and an edged remains on edge (+ or -a skoash) thus hardly enough difference in orientation to cause a target to drop its signal and the length of my lesche spade is what 6"-7", not enough deviation in depth to drop its signal there either and this wasn't an issue with my Big Bud Pro 2, XLT or the Bounty Hunter prior to my Big Bud that can't recall its model. What else? I have retuned via the pinpoint method without much luck as well. I mean I'll get a solid hit, dig, pop the plug, swing over it, pick it up and swing over it , toss it over itself with one hand while swinging over it, put it back in its hole like a key, swing over it and get the signal again then ill grab the plug like I'm pulling a kid out of the pool by his hair and start over. I rarely bust my plugs apart but on these occasions they get spread out so thin there's nothing left to fill the hole by the time I've located that 1963 Lincoln cent that was dropped in the mid 90's. I call for a 5 minute recess your honor. Granted 

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Sounds like you may be either overthinking this or making it harder than it has to be.  First of all, I rarely use pinpoint mode on the nox to actually pinpoint a target before digging a plug because it is so quirky.  I usually use the wiggle off the toe method once I have the target locked in with a wiggle.  Regardless, whether or not I have used pinpoint mode, once I cut the plug and plop it out, I sweep the plug and hole in DETECT mode not pinpoint mode to see if the target is in or out of the hole.  Nox pinpoint mode is quirky enough under static conditions that I find it unreliable to be used to check for the target after I have disturbed the target and ground by digging a hole/plug.  I would only use pinpoint mode again after re-acquiring a target in detect mode first, if I have disturbed the target by digging.  After I have determined whether the target is in or out of the hole using detect mode, I usually go after it with a handheld pinpointer.  (I am usually only digging plugs in plowed fields or backwoods btw, otherwise I use a more surgical slit or flap on turf and go ar it with a handheld pinpointer right away).

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4 hours ago, Chase Goldman said:

First of all, I rarely use pinpoint mode on the nox to actually pinpoint a target before digging a plug because it is so quirky.

FWIW, I use the Eqx pinpoint mode a lot.  When it 'quirks' I just toggle it off and on again.  Now, sometime the pinpoint function pulls me off the intended target due to a nearby strong target.  I also use other pinpoint methods in both cases (i.e. with accurate pinpoint mode result and without.)  That way I'm suspicious when different pinpoint methods don't agree, and I investigate further.

It's quite rare I don't find the target -- approximately 1 in several hundred.  Find a target different than I thought it should be (ID-wise)? -- often.  Find a target located away from where I thought it should be? -- occasionally (a few times per hunt), particularly if I'm sloppy with my pinpoint, but even sometimes when I'm careful.

Finding the target away from where I pinpointed seems to be particularly true when iron objects (such as nails, or bolts) are involved.  Another issue occurs when the target is picked up by the edge of the coil (rather than the center).  If that happens it usually means the target is very close to the surface.  This is especially evil when two targets are a coils width apart and are picked up simultaneously, making it seem as though there is a single target halfway between.  (90% angle of attack investigation usually reveals this, but in heavy iron you can't always do that.)

BTW, I never use discriminate, except when searching for native gold and having to deal with lots of hotrocks.  Same thing with handhelds -- always use them except only occasionally when searching for native gold.  And one more thing -- the more I use the Equinox the better my pinpointing becomes.

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1 hour ago, GB_Amateur said:

FWIW, I use the Eqx pinpoint mode a lot.  When it 'quirks' I just toggle it off and on again. 

I actually use Nox pinpoint frequently for reasons other than pinpointing (e.g., tracing the target footprint to determine target size if I am getting an iffy signal that could be a very can or quarter).  For pinpointing in big fields it is probably less than 50% usage because it is natural and faster for me to just wiggle off the target without having to punch a button (sometimes annoyingly multiple times as you described due to the wonkiness of it) when I have the luxury of digging a big plug, so I don't bother and waste time with it. 

For more surgical removal, I will use pinpoint but then I am digging a slit or small turf flap for removal and am quickly shifting to handheld pinpoint.

At the beach, if I've spread the scoop contents on the top of the sand, I will use pinpoint to zero in on the target.

But like I said, I usually use detect mode and not pinpoint to scan and figure out if the target is still in or out of the hole in the field.  To the OP's point, it appeared that he was using pinpoint on the plug and that could be problematic in some cases (I could be misinterpreting what he was saying though because it was a little hard to follow what he was actually doing).  Using detect mode also gives you the advantage of determining the nature of multiple targets in a hole.  And like you, Chuck, I am using no disc so that I can discern between ferrous and non-ferrous especially during target interrogation and recovery, that's a good point.

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    • By Allen M
      Hello I live in Las Vegas anybody have suggestions where I can go. I have a equinox 800 and I believe I have problems with it. Have not found any gold and getting frustrated with very little help from Minelab. Need ground I can test it out on tkk on se if there is a problem with it. 
      any help would be appreciated 
    • By phrunt
      It was election day in NZ yesterday and it was already well known we were going to have a landslide victory to the current government due to their Covid handling more than anything, it was the Covid election rather than a political one so rather than staying home seeing that on TV all day I decided to go for an afternoon hunt.   Mitchel drove the other day 4 hours for one nugget, while I can't match that I was going to drive an hour for similar results only if I found a nugget it would likely be smaller than his 🙂
      I was going back to a place right near JW's house mainly because it's the shortest drive to a gold area from my house but we have both absolutely slammed it especially with it being only a few minutes drive from JW's house too.  This particular little area we've spent days on end at, many days.  We've both done well at it but the gold dried up, JW said he's done with the spot but I wanted to try one more thing before giving up on it, my 8" X-coil there.   I honestly didn't think I'd find anything but with only a few hours and even less if I drove off further it had to do.   I could explore other areas in the similar area but I wanted to try the coil at this spot where we'd both done well on the gold before. 
      My first target was one I knew was there, I'd hit the target many times in the past but never bothered to dig it knowing it was junk but my curiosity got the best of me so I dug it up.

      It was down deeper than I expected for such a booming target.

      It was a little old tin, a shame the miner that threw it out or lost it didn't have the gold stashed in it 😞
      I was detecting around for an hour or so with very little targets at all other than shotgun pellets that I was just ignoring with the double blip the GPZ does on close targets and if they disappeared in a scrape or so they were rejected for the next guy 😛
      I then had a really nice sounding rather faint signal, one that was pretty confident might be my first gold of the day.  I dug, and dug and got down quite deep and the target was now screaming so I went over to my bag and got my Nox to try narrow down where it was as the GPZ was roaring on it so I couldn't pinpoint it, I had a feeling at this point it wasn't gold as the signal was too good, if it was gold I was in the wrong country as it was too big 🙂
      The Nox was giving odd ID's, for such a big screaming target it was favoring the lower ID numbers between 1 and 10 or so, I was a bit confused but narrowed it down to being a rock 😞
      What kind of rock would behave this way? I smashed it open and it had tiny little flakes in it that was sparkly like a silvery type colour.

      I put the Equinox down in the hole to try show how deep the rock was.  It didn't really work but it was deep.

      They didn't sparkle as much in the photo or on camera as in the sunlight.
      After that disappointment I was struggling with wanting to continue, I'd had that I'm giving up feeling thinking I wasn't going to get any gold and i got another faint signal quite close to that last signal, a couple of feet at most.  I thought here goes, it's another rock.

      I scraped away at the ground and the target moved.... here goes, a pellet.  I was a bit puzzled by that as I'd done this exact spot before with the GPZ and 10" and the Nox, even the Gold Bug 2 and Monster had been over this little area so was puzzled I'd missed a pellet.  It's right near where I found various nuggets weighting around 9 grams not too long ago and JW had also got another 2 or 3 grams from it too.  No target was left I thought, but I was wrong... maybe gold does grow back 🙂

      Maybe the little guy was on edge of something and fell over onto the flat or something, I have no idea. I was very surprised to find it.   This is my new scoop, I absolutely love it, I saw it was the one Steve used so figured I best try it out.  The flat base makes life so much easier recovering tiny targets getting them close to the coil, and it has sharpened edges for scraping which is very handy, much better than the round traditional scoops people use.  The little gold riffles I thought was a bit of a gimmick but they do really work.

      I found a big spider too, you don't see many big spiders in NZ and none are harmful except a small colony of Aussie Red backs that were accidentally introduced into a small area in the same region, they haven't spread though and are isolated to one spot.  I still jump a bit when a spider comes out, especially a big one after spending most of my life in Australia where they all want to kill you. 🙂
      No more gold for the afternoon so time to head home, it was starting to rain a bit anyway.

      So my little nugget, it was 0.058 of a gram until I cleaned it, should have left it dirty 🙂
      The other good news, my WM12 has started working, I was having a lot of trouble with it on previous trips with the audio constantly dropping out, this time it was fine, no idea why or how, different location so maybe it was some weird interference at the other spot that kept making it play up even on multiple days.  It dropped out a few times but in normal scenarios you would expect it to drop.   This time I was using the WM12 with my SP01 as I'd rigged up my harness how I liked it, it meant I ran the GPZ volume on 4 and let the booster do al the work previously when using the GPZ here I'd just run the WM12 with no extra speaker or SP01.  I really think a low GPZ volume with the booster doing the work makes faint targets stand out more, the GPZ appears to run smoother.
      So nothing too exciting from my afternoon hunt except the weird rock!
    • By calabash digger
      How does the new Apex stack up to the Minelab 6 inch coil????
    • By Xergix
      I don't know which site these photos were taken from, I don't know if you have already seen them, I must say Ukrainian technicians are really good at modifying metal detectors, but my question is : why ML didn't think of such a thing ?
      Single keyboard for all commands, no mechanical keys that can break easily, all  reach of your thumb finger, simple!

    • By Steve Herschbach
      Anyone who spends much time comparing targets with a Equinox and a Vanquish knows that a Vanquish will hit most targets an Equinox will hit. The performance is closer than people may want to imagine for most normal metal detecting, making Vanquish a genuine value.
      Vanquish came out with a different set of coils than the Equinox, to the chagrin of many Equinox owners, since they are not compatible.
      What is interesting is that the Vanquish coils are quite a bit less expensive, even in cases where they are physically larger than the Equinox coils. Part of this may be the windings and tolerances possibly being different. Vanquish coils seem thinner and lighter, and being able to keep the price down on them is critical to keeping the price of the detector down also. However, it is a mistake to think retail price has anything more than a loose connection to manufacturing cost. The rule is charge what the market will bear. And true story for anyone that wants to bother with the research - accessory items for expensive detectors often cost a lot more than the same accessories for lower price detectors. This is because most people who spend a lot on a detector are willing to spend more on accessories. Just ask any car dealer who sells both inexpensive and expensive cars.
      So while I do not know the exact details, the fact is Vanquish coils sell for les because they have to. Nobody is going to buy an accessory coil if it sells for as much as the detector itself. This adds to the value proposition however. Not only does a Vanquish get very close to Equinox performance for a lot lower price, but the accessory coils can be had for quite a bit less.
      I kind of get now why Minelab did not make a set of these coils for Equinox. Would Equinox owners be willing to pay about $100 more for the same coils across the board (even though they would be different coils)? People will say, no, just sell me the coils for the Equinox at the same price. But Minelab can't do that - it undermines the Equinox detector and accessory price structure. If that seems unfair, let me remind people the 11" round coil for the CTX 3030 sells for $349, a good $120 more than the 11" coil for Equinox! Minelab may have decided to simply avoid that can of worms by keeping the lines completely separate and distinct as far as the coils go.

    • By TripleT
      I was river hunting yesterday and came across a solid +1 in 4.5 ft of water.  After spending half an hour digging down approx 2ft. into the gravel bar, the signal broke into 2 centers.
      I finally gave up because of depth of water and size of hole.
      Anyone else have an idea as to what is down there... the site is about 1/2 mile down stream from a bridge, and the river has been close to flood level all summer.
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