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Top Tip For Unmasking Targets Amongst Iron

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Please check out my latest Youtube Video.

Regards Dave H

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Great job Dave, you learn FAST!
Try bumping the SB up to 43-45, let me know how you do...


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Those "2" will never be satisfied. Happy for you. Cheers

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I guess not hunting fresh water currently im surprised more arent hunting in REVERSE disc.   Those using the Xcal in PP mode know the advantage depth wise and the simplisity of just finding a target.   You can run this thing HOT..... any falsing will sound like pops rather than like a target which hits hard.... or a false tone.   Running in disc with a notch anywhere in the + digit can cause iron to wrap around also.  Once that coil is underwater you shouldnt be getting any EMI to speak of.   Everyone seems to be trying to run a smooth machine with the black sand on and high SB setting and low power.   Something you tend to do also running the Xcal in disc........ not so much using the Xcal in PP mode.   You might be able to wring out a little more depth in AM..... but it will be a learning experience if you depend on the TID screen and not the tones to figure out what iron is doing.   There is just a lot of untapped raw power to this machine.

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