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Not Killing It....... Just Keep Finding.....

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Just keep finding clad.

Charged up the Blisstool V5 last night for a morning hunt before the heat set in with a blazing hot sun starts baking me.
Since most areas are pretty dry, not wanting to ruin any grass areas. Went back to a well hit spot where the ground would just damp enough
to make for some easy digging and the ground would not dry out. The place is a good choice because the sprinkler system keeps the grass nice and green.

This morning.
True to form, the sprinklers came on, the grass at my spot was still wet. The rising sun and warming heat soon dried the grass. Made for a clean hunt.
Ground balanced the V5 to perfection. Ran smooth with a nice stable threshold all morning. Used the 7x9 search coil again, which is just going to stay on this detector.

Since I haven't used the V5 in several weeks, as I was testing out the new Simplex coils, it did take about 1 hour to get back in the swing of things. So a lot of trash was dug,
just to get a feel of the audio responses between trash and good trash ( Canadian clad coins). Made for some good education today.

There are a couple things I can say about the V5, it loves deeper Canadian clad coins. Pretty much already cleaned the place of surface to 5" deep coins. Finding there sure is a lot more at the
6-8" range than I thought. The V5 just sees them loud and clear, quite surprised how many are dug at the 7" range. Noted all those pesky dimes came from that depth. The only coin that came from a shallow depth of 4" was the Toonie. It sounded like a large surface target. Have to remember that for next time.

Hunted from 6:30am to 11:15am, at that point it was too hot to continue, packed it in and drove home, guzzling a bottle of warm water. Yeah it heated up a bit in the cars trunk.
This was only my second hunt, the more I use the V5, the more I like it.

bliss finds july 26 2020.JPG

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How much of a difference is there between v5 and v6? I have seen v5's on ebay but never a v6.

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Think there is only a few V6's that made it over.

From the Blisstool website:

LTC64X v6 is better than v5, with that this LTC64X v6 is:
   - with improved work at highly mineralized terrains, terrains with a high content of ore, beach search (on the coast, moist soil, dry sand, wet sand, mineralized sands);
   - with mode ORE, optimized for work at highly mineralized terrains, terrains with a high content of ore, terrains dotted with hot rocks and stones, highly contaminated with iron terrains, beach search in highly mineralized sands;
   - with mode SOIL, optimized for work at low and medium mineralized terrains, terrains dotted with stones and rocks, beach search in low and medium mineralized sands;
   - with higher detection speed and higher recovery speed in mode ORE;
   - with improved depth of detection and improved comfort when working on any type of terrain;
   - with automatic stabilizer with a very high degree of stabilization.

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Supposedly you can order direct but got a feeling customs will be an issue. Also warranty/service if needed.

Sounds like v6 would work well around here where old properties had dumped their coal ash. We do have tons of iron in many places here.


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Unfortunately, not sure Blisstool is even building any more detectors. So warranty issues could be a problem, don't know. They are keeping the UK forum website, and company website  online as a courtesy as they are chock full of good info. 

The Blisstool owner a number of years back went down another path, more lucrative one than detectors. Was kind of curious what Ahmed Merchev the owner  was doing these days. https://alienohypercars.com/

Ahmed Merchev founded ALIENO in 2015 at the age of 31, with a mission to create hypercars with alien technologies from the future into the present.

To this end, he develops the basic technologies of the ALIENO hypercars and provides the initial funding for their creation, investing in ALIENO his own money that he has made in his other successful businesses in the field of robotics and electronics.

Ahmed Merchev discovered in his early childhood his passion for electronics, robotics, cybernetics, design and automobiles. At that time, he mastered the basics of electronics on his own and designed his first devices. Subsequently, developing professionally in these fields, he made his first inventions ranging from hobby metal detectors to full-size humanoid robots.



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I'm glad you are getting out and have places to hunt and enjoy metal detecting. Any finds are good at this point.

Rock on!

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And then he bailed on us along with the USA dealer.

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1 hour ago, George Kinsey said:

And them he bailed on us along with the USA dealer.

Sad but, very true.

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    • By dogodog
      Found a rare undetected park this weekend (I'm assuming). It was started in the late 20's. The first day,Saturday was 36 degrees and windy. My buddy  with the nox 800, found around $5.00 in clad and a 37 merc. and a 1940 WL 1/2 dollar. I hit nothing but clad about $4.00. Sunday was way colder, but a way better day for finds. My buddy again hit up on 3 merc's and a small silver ring. I redeemed myself by finding a 1918 merc a 1959 rosevelt and a 1964 Kennedy 1/2. I also found a lone buffie, (my first one in years), game galaxy token, $3.50 in clad and what I believe to be an Oldsmobile key ring ? Not sure of the era on this, but it has a serial # on the back. Seems to be made from brass. Very cool find I think. We stopped digging penny's within the first hour, this place was filthy with them. I'm looking forward to some more good finds here soon, because we only hunted an acre out of about 30.

    • By rvpopeye
      Warm rain on a Noreaster.... 
      The wind chill was very bone chilling but... 
      I poked 6 holes into the lawn in an hour,well with a few trips back inside to warm up !
      The ground was totally thawed and the diggin was easy.
      Final tally , a pull tab , an 80s pepsi bottle screw on cap and a couple pieces of can slaw ....
      Yaaaaaa Hooooooo !   skuh kuh kuh kuh kuh kuh kuh
      Got another hour or so till sunset ,hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm do I hear Nox music ???????
      jim in ma
      Got your message , but can't seem to reply there today .
      10/4 , best kind of hunt is when you know something is there ! 
      I almost hit the beach today but the wind was brutal and decided to wimp out and stay near the heater LOL
    • By Hardtimehermit
      Thanks to forum members for showing me how to clean and cash in my coins, didn't pay for my nox 800, but sure made the wife happy with Amazon credit. We now have some nice new cookware. 😃  ht

    • By dogodog
      Wow I can't believe I got out yesterday to dig. It seems like work and the stress of things in 2020 took a toll on my detecting experiences for quite a while. I wanted a new coil for the MK and saw a post Kac made about the Nel Superfly, So I said what the heck I'll give it a try. This coil is 6 grams lighter than my 9 inch. I must say this coil is amazing!!! great depth and way better separation. So I went to give it a spin on a site I hunt that has some modern and 18th century history to it. (ball fields and farm fields). I swung for about 5 hours in the 35 degree weather, and found a bunch of coins,(1941 penny, 46 nickle) shot shells, suspender clip, fishing reel, and a fragmented old bell. I wish the bell was whole, because it was about 2'' in dia. The reel perplexes me because of the lack of water in the middle of a 20 acre field. Overall I had a really nice trip out, I was starting to forget how detecting can clear your mind. 
      PS Joe D can you please send some of the Florida warmth up here to PA. 

    • By Valens Legacy
      Today I had the chance to get out for a couple of hours to do some hunting and decided on a place where over the past 200 years they have had to rebuild the church 3 times. During the time that the church has been at the same spot they have added on to it a few times to what it is today. This church sits on top of a hill next to the original cemetery when the church  was built. I remember seeing some of the old photos that showed an old out house near the back of the church and started there.
      My first good signal was the typical trash that one would expect to find, and so was the next 20 signals. It seemed that I was going to strike out today when I had a very unusual signal or should I say signals on a small spot of ground.
      As I am digging I noticed what I thought was another piece of trash, and then I saw a round edge of something small. I pulled it out of the dirt and found a nice 3 cent piece.
      The signal was still on top of the hole I was digging and I pulled out 2 more coins, each of them were dimes.
      I rechecked the hole again and nothing else was there, so I decided to fill the hole and call it a day.
      I don't think it was to bad for just an hour and a half.
      Here are the photos I took in the car of the coins before I can get them cleaned.

    • By DOP
      Hi everybody, I wanted to thank you all for welcoming us to this forum last year. Thanks for the info, the advice and the support. It helped me create an amazing bond with my son. I am grateful to you all. Here’s a little video of some of our favorite moments of the crazy year. Best to you all!
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