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Problem After Updating Equinox 800 To Version 3

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Hi everyone ... I recently updated my equinox 800 to version 3. I have gone to the beach to test it ... after trying on several beaches the detector is unstable ... beach mode 1-2 ... the screen always shows -9 (with any sensitivity) I can not remove it ... sometimes a small triangle comes out next to the battery ... these beaches where I have always detected, never any problems ... anyone knows the reason
software version 2.1, false signals continuously, sometimes with bad sound (centimes or garbage) I locate with pinpointer but without targets, unstable detector in and out of water
some reason?

Thank you

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It does not seem like the update is the issue. More like you are on mineralized beaches and need to use Beach 2 and lower your sensitivity. That is what the overload symbol is telling you. It senses w

I can't imagine it has anything to do with the update at all.  If it was we'd all be getting the problem. Typical flash procedure is: Decrypt firmware Flash the firmware onto the Flash rom

Yes, triangle overload symbol has been There since day one.  Page 10 in the manual.

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yes, I did a factory reset by pressing the power button for a few seconds..thanks

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Odd ... it will be interesting to know how this glitch happened.

What operating system did you use for the update?

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If the factory reset doesn't solve the problem do you have a fellow Nox owner that would let you try his coil?  Thinking maybe you had a coil leak.  Do you read -9 in the other detect modes as well?

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BTW -9 is typically associated with ground noise.  Make sure your machine is properly ground balanced.  (It should be back at the default zero GB point after the reset).

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And the triangle usually means you are too close to large metal object, so big and so close it clips the signal going to the headunit.

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I can't imagine it has anything to do with the update at all.  If it was we'd all be getting the problem.

Typical flash procedure is:

Decrypt firmware
Flash the firmware onto the Flash rom
Verify the flash CRC matches the firmware file
If it verifies flash is complete
If not, re-flash
Verify the flash CRC matches the firmware file
If not, report error and repeat

This is all automated by the flash utility, if it said success, it's fine.

I always do a factory reset before and after firmware flashes, old habit from the days when it used to be necessary.

You are either very unlucky that your Nox or coil has failed between the time you last used it and the time you flashed it, or you have a loose coil cable or something.  It would never hurt to flash back to the old firmware for reassurance.  If your computer had bad RAM and was corrupting the firmware during the flash it would be picked up by the CRC checking and the verify would fail.

Let's hope you can sort it out, check that coil cable is done up tight!

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