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Kaolin washer

Old Privy Found With Metal Detector

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was out looking for coins and got a hit on a nickle plated item of age , and I soon realized i had an out house. this is the 1st bottle i found in it , Still have to finish it


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Hopefully it’s got some nice old bottles in it. I bought my first metal detector in the 1970’s to look for bottle dumps. 

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Very cool Kaolin Washer.

Looks to me like you've found an old "plug and feather" wedge for cutting granite. Likely used when a building was erected on site.


Should prove to be a good spot.

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    • By Glenn in CO
      A few finds from a recent detecting trip to a Colorado ghost town/mining camp. Found a token, brooch with a stone, numbered tag, ring, thimble, brass lock, crucible, marbles, buttons and the regular ghost town finds, some you can identify, others still trying to figure what they are. Some of the items the ground was not to kind to.

      The Joseph Golob "Good For a 5 Cent Drink" token was one of the items that didn't fair to well in the ground. According to the Leadville City Business Directory, Golob had a saloon in 1889-1892 and in 1895 at 101 Harrison Street. The last information I could find on another token like this was on ebay and sold for $72.50, but it was in a lot nicer shape.

      The item I found interesting was a assay crucible that was manufactured in England. It was manufactured by the Morgan Crucible Company in Battersea, England. I also believe I found a lead button that was from assaying not far from where I found the crucible.

    • By Rick N. MI
      I love finding iron relics. I think I like finding iron relics even better than gold jewelry lol. The Xp Orx and Equinox 800 do not hit iron relic well. I had a T2 that couldn't hit iron relics good and if I remember right the Multi Kruzer also didn't hit iron relics good.
      Detectors I have used that are great on iron relics are:
      Lobo ST & Tejon I miss these 2 detectors.
      Deeptech detectors 
      Gold Kruzer in Deep mode hits bigger iron great
      Nokta Relic was great. I miss it.
      Here are some iron relics I have found. I don't know what the top one is. I was guessing a bottle opener maybe? A door knocker?

    • By George Kinsey
      Back awhile ago I dumped one of my large non-ferrous finds containers. Most where found without the aid of a metered detector. I left the very small non-ferrous and square nails for who ever comes later. The ability to hear is paramount.

    • By Bash
      Found this Crackerjack Mystery Club coin yesterday with the Vanquish.  These were distributed from 1933 to 1934.

    • By Bash
      Definitely copper, and in pretty good shape.  About 5 inches down, showed strong 24 -26 in all sweep directions. Nox 800.  Pretty stoked!

    • By kac
      Was over a lower section that is all fields and first find was the large cent, looks like a drape and of course rough shape being old copper. Musket ball was a pretty cool find and the skeleton key which are my favorites.
      I included my trash so you guys don't thing I'm some sort of elitist and only find good stuff hehe.

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