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Attached is trade mark application for GPX 6000 - as i have previously mentioned we have had sightings of unidentified Minelab Detector in Adelaide Hills (South Australia) with rumours that it is a new gold detector between the 5000 and 7000. Which makes sense from a marketing point of view - you keep the flagship GPZ 7000 but give the punters a better GPX 5000. So looks like its the GPX 6000 - time will tell whether it turns out to be a giant leap forward like the Equinox or just a slightly improved GPX 5000.


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Just stuff a GPX in a fully waterproof Equinox housing for under a grand and I’ll be fine. 

For me, it has to have performance greater than the 5000. I couldn't care less about batteries, leads, speakers or screens. Performance is the only reason ill upgrade a detector. If its better ill buy

Attached is trade mark application for GPX 6000 - as i have previously mentioned we have had sightings of unidentified Minelab Detector in Adelaide Hills (South Australia) with rumours that it is a ne

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Let's hope they've incorporated the battery into it so you don't have to wear it on your butt.

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Im sure everyone will have their wish list of what they want from the new machine.

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A share market analyst reviewing Codan (Minelab parent company) in June  has the GPX 6000 (he mentions it by name) launching in September 2020 with a price tag of $8000AUD in Australia -  so you would have the GPZ selling for $10,000AUD, GPX 6000 for $8000AUD and the GPX5000 for $6000.  Also mentions the "capabilities" are different to the GPZ 7000 so that GPZ sales should not be significantly affected by the new model.

I was in Codan/Minelab head office today in Adelaide to pick up a repair - had a bit of a snoop around in the front displays for any promo materials on the 6000 but had no luck.

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Sounds like a PI to me, and I expect it will be in a more CTX/GPZ style housing with a screen and wireless audio with the battery mounted in the detector rather than on your butt.  Hopefully they were wise enough to incorporate a speaker into the unit.   That's what I am expecting so hopefully they've made it a bit lighter.  PI's are a long way from dead, ZVT isn't a replacement.  The big question is will they let normal GPX coils work on it or will they be some chipped monstrosity's just for that model.  That could be the difference between if it sinks or swims in my opinion!

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So being a GPX... I hope that means compatible with existing coils. And not some “new coils, that only we make, and hardly any of them” type situation that Minelab is becoming famous for.

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20 hours ago, phrunt said:

Let's hope they've incorporated the battery into it so you don't have to wear it on your butt.

Oh yeah!! I remember the days getting tangled up in scrub oak with all kinds of cables wrapped around the branches. Even had to take the battery and harness off to get out of the bushes. Lost a few coil covers that way too. LOL

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Well, someone in 'marketing' has to have done something that said 'if you build it they will come' sort of analysis.  You don't go over your top detector and you stay ahead of your best GPX.  That is a price point analysis but what will it do to make it worth it to gold detectorists around the world?  What is the potential number of buyers/how deep or shallow is the market?

The engineering analysis would say you could add a lot of features from their bag of tricks.  How much of it is ready for prime time?

Gold is harder to find now than when both of the other models came out.  Both of those models are 'heavy' so they should make it lighter.  Circuits and boards and the phone style displays are the rage.  Update-able is necessary.  Will they keep or discard a GPS?

I have a 5000 and a 7000.  I don't plan on selling either one any time soon so what would make me buy a 6000?

I say that it is a gold PI machine but also more adaptable to relic hunters also.  They need to sell a few of these things to Equinox owners who want more depth. 

What if they make it waterproof?  A 6000 for the beach?

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    • By phrunt
      The other day I fixed a problem with my GPX that I'd been meaning to do for some time and never got around to it as I don't use it much anymore, and since I had it out of the cupboard again and all the talk of the GPX 6000 and it looking like it's wireless without the battery on your butt I figured I should finally get around to knocking up a way to hold the battery onto the side of it so I don't have to strap up like a turkey as some call it wearing a harness with a battery on my butt.   This was the thing I disliked about the GPX the most.  I now often just use my GPZ and 8" X-Coil and doing this I don't need any harness as it's nice and balanced and light enough to swing all day, the audio is wireless to my WM12 and I don't need a bungee.  It makes for very comfortable detecting.  My liking for not being tethered with the detectors all started with my QED which is the ultimate light weight PI, it is no different than swinging a VLF all day.  The QED came with a little Logitech X-50 Speaker that has it's own built in lithium battery that lasts about a day's detecting and it has extremely good loud audio, and also volume control buttons on the speaker.  The QED has a special mount to use the speaker on the QED, the mount doesn't fit the GPX shaft. 
      When I was a big user of my GPX I had the harness on with twin speakers using the Steelphase SP01 and cords all over the place linking it all together with the detector, battery, speakers and so on.  Some people are OK with this, I am not.  I get all tangled up all the time 🙂
      I was making a mount that would work for the GPX as well as the QED after I accidentally broke my QED mount by knocking my QED over off a rock.   I didn't want to bother getting an official mount so I figured I'd make my own.

      This is the Logitech X-50 speaker, it has a strap area you can see down the bottom right to hang it off things, the official QED mount goes through that to hold it onto the QED.  You'll also see the volume up and down buttons and a power button in the middle.  It's actually a bluetooth speaker but I don't need to bluetooth side of it.
      a while ago I'd bought a few Bicycle torch mounts for about $3 each from China and it seemed to be the perfect thing to use to mount the speaker.

      They can be adjusted to shaft size so they fit the QED and the GPX.  They also can be detached so one part of the mount pops off the more difficult screw on bit so I can easily pop off the speaker for charging without having to unscrew it from the shaft.  A little bit of chopping and hot glue and I have myself a QED/GPX Powered external speaker on a universal detector mount.

      It quickly just slides on and off it's shaft mount.

      The speakers are really loud too, as loud as my SP01 connected to the twin GME SPK07's was.
      I also have a Quest Wirefree mate that I can use on my GPX if I want the audio to be wireless to some headphones.

      Great little gadget for anyone thinking about getting one, batteries last for days, super fast audio designed for detectors and it has a volume control knob on the part that you keep on your body, it also has a belt clip.  Basically turns any headphones into wireless headphones.
      Now the last piece of the puzzle to get my GPX cordess without spending any money on it which I didn't want to do as I don't use it often now was to sort out the battery.  I was always going to go one of the Lipo battery setups a lot of people have done for a small lightweight battery option, I just never got around to it before replacing my GPX as my primary detector so I figured I will just find a way to mount the battery to the control box, all this involved was some left over webbing from when I made carry straps for my sluice along with a few dome button things, I already had these lying around from another project with my boats cover, they're stainless steel too so won't rust 🙂
      I just popped a few domes though a couple of strips of webbing and wala.  I can now use the GPX battery pouch that came with my GPZ's harness to hold the GPX battery onto the side of the box.  It holds on tight too, it ain't moving.


      So my mission virtually complete, All that is left is cutting the power curly cord and shrinking it's size to keep it neater but that can wait for another day, until then I'll just keep it tucked up inside the cover.
      So there you have it, I now have a tether free GPX and it cost me $0 using stuff I already had laying around.  I don't mind the battery's extra weight, seems to make the coil feel a bit lighter.
      And I can still pop off my Logitech speaker and mount it on my QED, I used a second one of the torch mounts to have an attachment point on my QED so I don't need to do anything, slide it off my GPX and slide it on my QED. Perfect.  If I was actively using it as my primary detector I'd probably just go a Lipo battery and mount it on the side but this is fine for the irregular use it will get.
    • By phrunt
      Ok, so my GPX has an issue, I know exactly what the issue is and I know what part I need which is the Mylar strip, what I need to know is if the part number of the GPX 4500 is the same as the GPX 5000 part., it appears to be so.  Unfortunately Minelab don't let you purchase internal components or find out anything about them without logging in to their website as a repairer.  The local service agent won't sell me the part but I have access to a GPX 5000 part by other means, however I need to know if the GPX 5000 Part is the same as the 4500 part.
      When I bought my GPX second hand the seller didn't tell me about a fault with it and he denied it had a problem, I quickly found out on my first trip out with it and dismantled it and did a fix on the issue which is a crack in a trace on a ribbon (mylar) cable however as the cable flexes with use the repair isn't ideal, hot glue to hold the cable more stable after scratching the surface off and using a solder trace repair pen has helped and works most of the time but it still isn't perfect, I want to replace the strip for a perfect repair.
      This is the Minelab link to the part for the 5000 https://parts.minelab.com/5902-0117-01-p/5902-0117-01.htm
      This is a link to a Russian website taking about the part and it indicates the part is the same for the 4500 and 5000
      This is what the part looks like

      Does anyone have the ability to login to the Minelab website to see if the part for the 4500 is the same part number as the 5000?
      A guy showing the milar strip causing his threshold knob to stop working.
      It seems they're a common failure part from what I've been seeing which is no surprise at all, they fail a lot in all electronics and something that has a rough life being banged around with it flexing a lot is at a higher risk.
      Here is Woody repairing one which is my backup option using a wire bypass as mine just has a crack in a track.
      He also indicates in this video they fail a lot.
      Any help appreciated, although I've already got the GPX 5000 one on it's way, I was just hoping it verify it's correct before it arrives so I don't have to think about it 🙂
      And this is what I think of Minelab not selling parts as they want to make money in labor repairing detectors...... this part really feels like a planned obsolescence part 👎
      I'd buy any faulty GPX's I can get my hands on as in all likelihood this will be all that needs replaced, a $15 USD part.  Basically that strip is the arteries of the GPX, any break in a trace and a function will fail, be in the screen, knobs, power, everything, it's vital.
      Part number: Minelab 5902-0117-01
    • By KrisDeVo
      Going back out to a place I've been to a lot but with a twist. Finally talked my buddy into flying me out with his helicopter. We went last week but only got on the ground for a few minutes before we had to leave because of weather. In 5mins I had a little nugget (pictured, soaked in muriatic acid). I mined in this area last year running a test for hard rock. On out days off we went out with the detectors, GPX5000, GPZ7000, SDC2300, and two gold bugs (not sure the models). The gold bugs crushed it and the SDC2300 next and then the 7000. The 5000 was last. Non of us really are proficient with any of these. I maybe have 50hrs on the 5000 over the past 4 years. A lot of the pieces are small and kinda wiry.
      So im going back up with the 5000 and would like some help on recommended settings to start with. I have 3 coils. The two that came with it and a small 8" mono. What would you guys recommend? Thanks!

    • By Steve Herschbach
      As revealed in this thread the new Minelab GPX 6000 has been submitted to the FCC website for Bluetooth compliance testing. The pdf file showing the label location offers up the picture below as a teaser.
      From the Confidentiality Letter:
      "We are requesting the commission to grant short-term confidentiality request on the following attachments until 19 October 2020. External Photos, Internal Photos, Test Setup Photos, User Manual"
      So in theory by October 19th at latest we will have photos and a user manual available for download. I am sure Minelab wants to put their own spin on it all so I assume we will have an official announcement before October 19th.
      Since the FCC listing confirms there really is a GPX 6000 on the way I have added a Minelab GPX 6000 Data & Reviews page in the detector database where I will add any reliable information the moment it becomes available.

      Minelab GPX 6000 metal detector
    • By Swifty
      Found on one if the groups I belong to. Now the question is Real?

    • By GhostLands
      Hey wassup guys!😀
      Theses are my last 3 hunts with my brand new GPX 5000! I have 4 coils : Commander 15x12 DD, Commander 11" Mono and Double-D, Coiltek 14" Mono Elite. 👍
      I only used the 11" Double-D and the Coiltek!
      I have been learning a few things with Gordon Heritage from UK! 
      These are all finds from areas where i hunted before with other machines! My main machine is the Equinox 800!
      I'm very pleased with the GPX!

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