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Look At This Amazing Piece Of History!

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I thought I would share this. A few years ago, my family and I went of a trip to Germany for a week in the summer. My grand parents meet some German folks when they went and we meet up with them when we went. They own a dice of land where a lot of ww2 relics were found before. I took me metal detector and was able to talk them into letting me hunt it. I found a few other things, but this is probably the most interesting one. It is a original ww2 German helmet! I am very happy to have found it. It is in pretty good shape for being so old. Let me know what you think!


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I think that is an awesome find!! I would love to find something like that myself!! 

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Excellent! It is in pretty good shape for a buried one. My dad brought home one of those helmets, a pistol and a bayonet from WWII. Also a pair of wood clogs that were given to him by a thankful family as the troops swept through the area.

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19 minutes ago, Rick N. MI said:

That is a great find! What detector were you using?

I was using a old bounty hunter tracker iD/505.

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           I'm currently up in Georgia working on family property, getting ready for hunting season!🦌  I'm with my son and dad, so no time to detect this trip!  But there's always time to hunt for flint and arrowheads! Most all the fields are planted now, so hunting areas are limited to washes, and recently cleared areas!
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