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Tarsacci Demo Of See Through Foil & Coke Same Time

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    • By Steve Herschbach
      The MDT 8000 has an IP68 rating - up to 1.5 meters for up to 30 minutes. I’d call that more a wading detector than a mask & snorkel detector. On the other hand, I’d bet the MDT is at least as waterproof as an Equinox, if not more so.  I don’t think any of these so-called 10 foot detectors have a genuine waterproof rating exceeding IP68, simply based on the coil and headphone connectors being employed
      The question being, how deep for how long? Who, if anyone, has had the MDT submerged for more than a few hours? I’d assume that simply wading using the supplied headphones, with controls submerged nor more than a foot or two, would be good almost indefinitely? Though technically that’s not what the rating says. Up to 1.5 meters for up to 30 minutes.
      Anyone doing fully submersible? I just missed on a used set of Tony Eisenhower phones for the MDT, so I know that they at least are being made for the MDT. Is anyone else making underwater phones for the unit? I’ve got a set of Minelab yellow Koss I’ve considered converting, but need to prove I’d actually be sticking my head in the water more than I’m doing now before I’d go that route.
      The machine appears tight enough. The only thing I’d wish for off hand is that Dimitar double the number of threads on the battery cap. They seem sufficient, but just barely, and a few more turns would add some psychological safety at least.

    • By Aaron
      Here’s a little test I inadvertently stumbled upon....
    • By Dave.H
      Tomorrow, 30th July...........
      im using the Tarsacci MDT on its first Roman site tomorrow,, 
      The field has only the headland cut,, (wholecrop silage),, but I can't wait to experiment with the Tarsacci, I will only have a few hours to spare here but really looking forward to this opportunity!
      ive been detecting this site since the early nineties,, (Fisher 1265X)  was the first detector I ever used here....(loved that machine),, and numerous other detectors since!
      Site has been detected heavily throughout, not just by me , but numerous of other people, so,,, should be an excellent place to see what the Tarsacci can unearth,,,, .. For the record, I detected this site last year and only found about  half a dozen coins,,, in a whole days hunt,, so it will be a great test!
      Hopefully some photos of Finds to follow, and a brief summary of how it went!
      Dave. H
    • By Dave.H
      Hope you enjoy this new video, all I'm trying to demonstrate here is that the Tasarcci is no slouch in dense iron against the Equinox.
      I'm not here to slam the Equinox, just to prove that the Tasarcci is equally as capable in dense iron!
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