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Copy/paste from my Facebook group post.

Took my GPX 5000 for a walk today! 5 Roman coins, 1 coin dated 1874, 1 Hammered coin from the 16th Century, 1 half of a buckle (D shape) 15 - 16th Century if I'm correct, 1 big D Buckle from the 14th Century if im correct, 1 round copper objet that appears to be related to a lock (14 - 16th Century if I'm correct) and a little 🐕! Looks like silver but I'm not sure. Another hot day (34°C). These were all very deep targets! The round thingy was at +-50cm! (Really hard soil) The landowner's son saw that i was pulling these from crazy depths, so i told him to bring a backhoe someday... He likes the idea!😎 Can't wait to see what we going to find there!😁 Once again proving the GPX 5000 is a must have for coins and relics! (Something that Gordon Heritage has been doing for ages)😎 Now a little tip for all the coin ans relic hunters around the globe: Instead of buying lot's of machines, just save some cash to get one of these beasts! Just in case you don't know yet, this machine will see trough them Iron Slags or any other mineralization like if "they" weren't there! Roman areas and Medieval areas for example. I'm out!😊 Be lucky!😄 Cheers😁






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Great hunt, beautiful finds, and great skills that you have with your detector.

Good luck on your next trip out.

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On 8/3/2020 at 3:15 AM, 2Valen said:

Great hunt, beautiful finds, and great skills that you have with your detector.

Good luck on your next trip out.

Hi mate! So sorry for the late reply! I'm still learning the Gpx! 

Good luck for you to! 

Thank you!

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Thanks for sharing those great photos and story. Over here in the US we are so limited as to the age of our coins.

Keep finding those great objects!

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    • By kac
      Did a late run at the local park, was dark so I was just picking some obvious targets. One area had some very old trees that had been taken down leaving some deep roots and for some reason there is a good amount of iron where the old oaks were so I tossed the Gold Racer into disc 2, kicked the sensitivity to 85 and upped the id to 25 trimming much of the chatter out. Knew I had a dime but didn't realize it was a silver until I got home and dumped my pouch out. Few months ago I did pick out an 1906 IH that was in fair shape.

    • By Chase Goldman
      Got out for some mind clearing routine dry and wet sand beach hunting, hoping some late season gold drops would grace my scoop. Was using the Deus in full tones, 9" round HF coil, 14khz full tones as that combo really helps ID aluminum trash well.  Was digging the requisite clad and junk jewelry and other odds and ends and scooped "called" pull tabs and crown caps, just to be sure.  I've found that being able to call the target on sand doesn't mean I won't scoop it.  It just sets the proper expectation when you pull that crown cap or pull tab out of the scoop.  Got an odd high 70's hit and saw a round quarter sized target on the sand caked in sand and corrosion.  I thought that target sure didn't ring up like a coin  much less a quarter, and I was right.  It wasn't a quarter...a closer look revealed a shield and a date - "1864" through the pale green crud which must have been affecting the signal.  Sure enough, I dug my first 2 cent piece in a very unlikely place.  Wish it could talk and tell me how it got there.  But I won't look a gift horse in the mouth and just thank the detecting gods for my weird but good fortune.

    • By mn90403
      The wet beach sand didn't produce much early this morning so I took a few swings around the dry sand on my way back to my parking place.  I was using Park 1 at 20-21 and switching between multi and 4khz to know what I might be digging.  I do think the multi is deeper and I found some clad in the same location with maximum depth of 8" I think.
      What is the little heart/star piece?
      I put the coins in my pouch and didn't know I had a silver until I checked them at home.  I don't know exactly which hole I dug that resulted in the quarter (1946).  The nickel is a 1936 Buffalo and the penny is 1952. 
      I'll go back.

    • By kac
      Bit of low water at the town water supply, can't wade there but had some shorline to poke around. Tough with all the rocks they added to combat the erosion taking my time payed off. Should be more to pick out amongst the sinkers, miserable 22 casings etc. Used the Makro Gold Racer for this hunt. I like the stable id's and smooth threshold, ground is all over the place from 20's-80's and lots of natural iron.

    • By Erik Oostra
      I'm exaggerating a bit of course but this little patch has yielded a few silver coins each time i search there.. this morning's haul..  

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