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Nice find.  Unfortunately our USA nickels are among the most vulnerable of our old coins to be damaged by the ground chemicals.

Didn't they also use those pits for dumping trash?  That can also lead to coin finds.  I recall when I was young my mom would dump out her vacuum cleaner bag on the burn pile (not while the fire was burning, though!).  Those old burn piles can produce some nice finds, but of course there's a lot of undersirable metal targets to deal with.  I found a few coins in an old yard where I'm pretty sure they were tossing some trash.

I've read that the path from the back door to the outhouse is a particularly good area to hunt for coins.  Better yet is under the clothesline, but you probably know all this.  (Clotheslines have been very good to me for silver dimes in particular.)

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35 years ago I detected several old farms that had several sites for an outhouse and had found lots of very good finds.

I think that the best find was a $5.00 gold piece that someone had lost.

So if I find an outhouse I don't mind checking the area for an extended period of time. The coins are a little bit deeper, but worth it.

GB it reminds me of the old book called "The 50 yard Dash to the Outhouse" written by Willy Makeit, and co authored by Betty Don't.

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I assume the 'business end' (right end in the photo) cutout is square.  Probably for a timepiece (pocket watch or small clock).  What detector and what digital TID did it show before you dug?

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 Nice find! I can see how the coin got there. Heck if I was using an outhouse now, I would probably lose lots of coins, since now with my jeans around my ankles, coins always fall out of my pockets.


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      I'm exaggerating a bit of course but this little patch has yielded a few silver coins each time i search there.. this morning's haul..  

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      Had some luck during the week finding my 3rd gold coin in 9 years of detecting , so i am feeling the buzz again . This one is an 1853 Half Sovereign , 22ct , 19mm diameter . Came from a well hunted spot where virtually every target over 20 on the Nox has been cleaned up by the high tone hunters .  This was 15 in all directions at around the 5 inch mark . Found a nice brooch and pendant as well . The hunt area is a well known gold mining town dating back to the 1870's .

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      Nicest wheat penny I've found so far.
      Found it in my cousin's yard, which used to be my uncle's yard, and has been a residence going back to at least 1874.  Farm country in southeast Minnesota.
      The soil at this place is definitely more friendly to copper than other places I've found wheats that are so green you have to nearly destroy them just to read the year.  I found a 1919 Wheatie here a few weeks ago.  That one cleaned up easily too, but wasn't quite as pretty as this one.  
      Minimal cleanup, and I present it for your viewing pleasure.  Just don't touch it.

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      Copy/paste from my Facebook group post.
      Took my GPX 5000 for a walk today! 5 Roman coins, 1 coin dated 1874, 1 Hammered coin from the 16th Century, 1 half of a buckle (D shape) 15 - 16th Century if I'm correct, 1 big D Buckle from the 14th Century if im correct, 1 round copper objet that appears to be related to a lock (14 - 16th Century if I'm correct) and a little 🐕! Looks like silver but I'm not sure. Another hot day (34°C). These were all very deep targets! The round thingy was at +-50cm! (Really hard soil) The landowner's son saw that i was pulling these from crazy depths, so i told him to bring a backhoe someday... He likes the idea!😎 Can't wait to see what we going to find there!😁 Once again proving the GPX 5000 is a must have for coins and relics! (Something that Gordon Heritage has been doing for ages)😎 Now a little tip for all the coin ans relic hunters around the globe: Instead of buying lot's of machines, just save some cash to get one of these beasts! Just in case you don't know yet, this machine will see trough them Iron Slags or any other mineralization like if "they" weren't there! Roman areas and Medieval areas for example. I'm out!😊 Be lucky!😄 Cheers😁

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