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Minelab 2021 - Five Key Products

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Jin posted this back in April....

new detector.PNG

The chart claims “5 key products” under development for FY21. We are in Minelab FY2021 right now... it began in July. Minelab has also been registering trademarks since February. Four new ones so far:

  1. MF5
  2. Silversaver Series
  3. Geo Sense-PI
  4. GPX 6000
  5. ?????

That leaves just one going missing.


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Dang, nice find Dave. Lots of info in there...

1.) Bluetooth (probably a WM-12 type thing?)

2.) Attached battery

3.) Some sort of channel hopping noise reduction circuitry. I'm unclear if it's for the wireless module or the detector TX/RX or both.

4.) Design looks kinda like a somewhat smaller GPZ?

Am I misunderstanding the data, or are they measuring actual TX pulse times in there too and showing some new timings? Or is that just something to do with the BT since EDR and BDR are Bluetooth methods? Longest pulse being  2.94ms and shortest being 0.42ms. That seems pretty fast if so. What are the SDC and QED pulse times? I'm not too up to date on modern pulse widths. Would be cool if they wrapped in a beefed up, improved SDC into a modernized GPX platform along with whatever other improvements they have included.





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If the photo is accurate, it appears the coil cable will wrap around the shaft, allowing for existing gpx coils to be used.   That would be a big win!

in 14.2, ...when they are holding it by the handle or pressing the buttons.   The antenna location was above the display...

No more knobs or dials and it will have a display similar to the 7000 like Jason eluded too.   Hopefully the screen has improved  

Definitely a great find Dave!  


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That website will make the user manual available on October 19th. So presumably we'll have a GPX 6000 release date before or on that date? Or was the GPZ manual released before the machine was, I can't remember?

Also, 7.2v*650ma = 4.68 watts. The GPZ battery is 72 watt hours, and is rated for 8 hours of operation. A 72 WH GPZ battery should technically last on this GPX 6000 for 72WH/4.68W = 15.38 hours of operation, though it won't last to zero so less than that. So maybe a lighter/smaller battery, or longer battery life?

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FCC info historically has come weeks if not months ahead of official release statements. Usually it gets overlooked. But if a manual etc goes up on October 19th it won’t get overlooked. So question is... how long before Minelab talks? If you go by the delay October 19th is probably around when we will get an official release.

From the Confidentiality Letter:

"We are requesting the commission to grant short-term confidentiality request on the following attachments until 19 October 2020.

External Photos
Internal Photos
Test Setup Photos
User Manual"

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The test seems to show and talk about the whole metal detector in some aspects, but I'm unclear if the testing was limited to just the BT transmitter or what exactly I am reading. Or if that manual they are going to release is for the entire detector or just for the wireless module.

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The FCC does not test metal detectors per se. The only models that normally are listed on that site are those with wireless capability, and that is what the FCC is testing for... that the wireless meets 2.4 GHz Bluetooth emission standards. But in the process lots of stuff gets released, internal photos, manuals, etc.

FCC ID applications by Z4C (Minelab Electronics Pty Ltd)

Application Date
Product Purpose 
Application Type
Metal Detector
Original Equipment
Metal Detector
Original Equipment
Original Equipment
Metal Detector with Bluetooth for recreational use
Original Equipment
Metal Detector for recreational use
Original Equipment
Original Equipment
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