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Going To Get A Second Pinpointer For When Friends Tag Along

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1 hour ago, GB_Amateur said:

  My two hand-held pinpointers (Carrot included) seem to be especially picky with voltage

My Pro-Find 35, when I still had it, was particular about the 9V batteries it could use, i.e. alkaline only. Heavy duty batteries caused glitching.

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      So I have the Green headphones and have them currently paired to the Multi Kruzer but it seem that if I pair the pin pointer to the same headphones then the headphones won't be paired to the detector? Either or and not both? If that is the case it is kind of a bummer but not that big a deal. Audio on it isn't super loud with the waterproof cover on.
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      If this was intended to be a stealth mode, it's not.
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      Kind of defeats the purpose.
      I would like to see a complete silent mode at the probe and audio in the headset.
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