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Settings Help For Lode (free Or Float Also) Fine Gold With Gpx5000


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10 minutes ago, jasong said:


Thanks for all that great info Jason! Will definitely get that a shot.

Some of the ground can have tons of iron, enough that the hole vein will be hot. That was at least at the lode. There is so much ground at the top of the mountain that maybe I wont have to deal with that very much. Would you suggest the DD at all for that? Thats the coil I had on when I found that one pictured.

Will also look at getting that other coil. 2hrs till go time

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I ninja editted my post right before you replied to include your DD coil, I forgot you had it. :biggrin:

Yeah, for real hot ground you will sometimes only be able to really use a DD coil. Especially, as you noted, in heavy iron areas. Try it in Sensitive Extra or Sharp first, then Fine Gold if you have to.

Alternatively, if you aren't going for ultra sensitivity and just want to spend some time detecting and getting the hang of everything and the gold is common and shallow, running in Fine Gold or with a DD in default settings can make it fairly easy as they both reduce the amount of noise your detector gives back, which people find easier to deal with when starting since you will mostly be hearing the good targets.

The advice I gave was the way I would do it, but I'm like the detecting version of a car guy who's trying to squeeze every extra horsepower out of an engine he can, in every available instance, even when unnecessary. So take with a grain of salt haha.

Also, don't forget that while detecting pocket/lode areas, if you get topographically above the source there may be no gold to detect at all. Unless there was some serious faulting after the gold began to erode, or another source higher up.

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Don't change your settings too much in an 'effort' to find magical settings.  Get to your destination, set up the detector, get some sample gold targets and get to hear them well.  Keep those settings as you get to learn your terrain.  You can always go back and tweak settings to get more out of the areas you find but you have to find them first.

As good as Jasong is with a detector I consider his superior knowledge to be in geology.

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