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Nicest wheat penny I've found so far.

Found it in my cousin's yard, which used to be my uncle's yard, and has been a residence going back to at least 1874.  Farm country in southeast Minnesota.

The soil at this place is definitely more friendly to copper than other places I've found wheats that are so green you have to nearly destroy them just to read the year.  I found a 1919 Wheatie here a few weeks ago.  That one cleaned up easily too, but wasn't quite as pretty as this one.  

Minimal cleanup, and I present it for your viewing pleasure.  Just don't touch it.

1941 S Wheat Penny front 02 Best Wheatie Yet.jpg

1941 S Wheat Penny reverse 02 Best Wheatie Yet.jpg

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That one wasn't in circulation long.  Look at the strength of the strike in the left hand wheat stalk.  Very nice!


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"strength of the strike"

I like that.  Coin jargon.

Under a magnifier there is definition between the fine, vertical lines above the wheat also.

It was a pleasant coin to find.  I like finding pleasant coins.

Problem is, my cousin has a dog.  Handsome blonde lab named Jonesy.  He's a happy, friendly critter, almost white but kinda creamy colored.  The area I was hunting in has a constant aroma of dog dung.  Came within inches of planting my knee into some a few times.  (I found half a dozen clad, an old watch chain, the hammer of a toy gun, and some other crap on this hunt).

There is also a building near where I was hunting that's always been called "the woodshed".  There was a mighty stink coming from that building.  I suspect it's a dead cat.  They have a lot of cats around there.  Most of them are alive, but apparently not all of them.  After I left I could TASTE a mixture of dog dung and dead animal.  It took strong, IPA beer to get rid of that taste.

I will go back though.  The place has a long history, and there has to be at least one silver someplace.

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Ahhh, the things we will endure for the sake of the hunt! 

    May i suggest a little vicks ointment under the nose next time!! Works great!! Trust me, i know from experience!!😷 💩🙀 🤣


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      Hello to all,
      Sunday and Monday i hit the coast in search of long lost treasure,still with my mate Fred and his nox and big coil Sunday night not much a copper ring for him,and a deep old copper penny for me.On Monday we hit another beach as we are still testing in real condition Nox Vs MDT.
      I was using my work in progress sand trolley(golf trolley which i will mod) a scoop and a spade were mounted on it.
      4.30 hours didn't bring much luck to both of us my tally for the day was 0.70 pence 😆😆😆😆.We were leaving and really pushing hard to get something good when i had a whisper signal ALL POSITIVE numbers ,after god knows how many spadeful came out this beast of a coin,the largest and heaviest coin i ever found and.......on a beach!!!!!
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      25mm diameter , 8.4 grams . Solid 18 on the Nox in ground [5 inches] and out .

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      Yes I’m so green that this 1977 nickel is special to me since it’s my first non-trash find!  Nuggets here I come! Only a matter of time.  
      and no, I’m not willing to sell the Batman keychain I dug.   I’ve got to post it in the paper so I don’t get popped for theft. 

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      I have been learning my grandfathers equinox 800 metal detector for the past couple of weeks and digging more trash than anything.
      I was back at it again in his back yard after watering the holes I have dug in the past, almost 300 of them by now, when my grandmother asked me to go back to where an old log cabin used to be. As I turned the corner of area where it used to be near the pine trees, I had a strong signal of 23 and 24. I stopped and rechecked in several directions.
      I noticed that every direction showed the same numbers and used the pin pointer mode and marked the spot. The 800 was in park 1 at factory settings, and showed that it would be about 5 arrows down. I started to dig in the dry ground removing the top few inches of dirt and grass. I went to the tool shed and picked out a shovel knowing how hard the ground was I needed the added ability to dig.
      After I got down about 6 inches and no signal on the carrot yet I kept digging. Once I got down 8 inches deep I got a signal on the carrot and began to carefully poke around the ground to remove the dirt where the signal was coming from.
      I finally saw what was giving me the signal and removed it from it's tomb.
      Since there was so much dirt still clinging to it I rechecked the hole and nothing else was in it so I filled it in.
      After cleaning the dirt of with a little bit of Dawn dish soap and water I could make out what was on it.
      I first thought it said 1 farting, but later was able to read 1 farthing a British coin. The date was 1799 and I am shocked that I was able to find it.
      Here is what was on grandfathers property, and yes I am going to keep searching the area for more items. I fully expect to dig at least another 15 pounds of trash before I can say I have covered his yard properly.
      I wish I knew more on how to clean coins and I am reading the forum on just how to do that before I ruin anything. Grandfather never got to clean some of his coins and I really want to get those done for him.

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