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Deus 9 HF - Vanquish 540 - Equinox 800

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Hi everyone! Hope y'all doing great! Yesterday i recorded a 1h Live Video on my own Facebook Group. I used a iron slag so simulate a mineralized soil and compared signals. 

Let me know your thoughts. Would really like to "ear" Calabash Digger opinion too! Most of you probably don't know, but that dude is one of my role models... 

Calabash, if you are reading this, let me tell you something: If you need anything from Europe that can help for your videos, let me know! I'll be glad to ship some Roman iron, Medieval iron, mineralized pottery fragments, Iron Slag like the one in this video, Hammered coins...  I don't want anything in return, because you already gave me so much by doing your videos!


Btw, I forgot about something regarding the little gold coin. On that day, while I was in Field 1 and the other guy was on Field 2, I had a recovery speed of 5 and max sensitivity, no iron bias. The other guy had a recovery speed of 3 and 23 sensitivity. ( can't remember if he had some iron bias, I think he had a level 3, but I'm not sure).

Sorry for the long video, but I had to talk about my experiences and point of view.


Hope you enjoy!

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