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My Apex shipped yesterday and according to UPS I will have it on Tuesday.  Depending on which driver has my route, the deliveries sometimes don't arrive until after supper, so I may have to wait until next week for a chance to try it out.

Glad it's finally on the way though.

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      I decided to go to my local dealer and buy them..... here is a look at all three...

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      Testing all three on some deep targets...
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      Head to head shootout ..... Ace Apex 499.00 Basic ..Wireless 579.00. Vanquish pro pack 2 coils, batteries, and wireless headphones 499.00. Which is the best bang for the buck in todays market???
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      How does the new Apex stack up to the Minelab 6 inch coil????
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    • By abenson
      So having used and test the Garrett Ace Apex for a bit now. I've come up with some things I do and don't like about the machine. If anyone is on the fence about buying one this might help you make up your mind.
      I think Garrett is heading in the right direction with all the modern features they have included on the Apex. Here's what I really like about the Garrett Ace Apex.
      1.    Wireless headphones
      2.    Backlight display
      3.    Rechargeable battery
      4.    Easy to navigate menu
      5.    Easy to read display
      6.    Great sleek look
      7.    Light weight
      8.    Ground balance capabilities
      9.    Weatherproof design
      10. Adjustable frequencies
      What I don’t like and why, yea I know you can’t have everything you want with a $425 machine.
      1.    Lack of accessory coils-IMO the 6” x 11” Viper coil is too big for trashy sites and not big enough for clean sites.
      2.    Iron audio-IMO the iron audio on the Apex is pretty much worthless. It’s too loud even on 1 and the machine can’t reset fast enough and drowns out good signals close to iron when iron audio is used.
      3.    Notch discrimination-notching out 5 segments at a time is too many. With the Apex already struggling at depth and in iron, you need to be able to notch out one number at a time so you don’t lose targets in iron or make them even more jumpy when the target is deep.
      4.    Lack of adjustable tones-5 tones on this machine doesn’t work well, especially in iron trash. The iron tone and the very low conductor tones are too close in sound. Yea you can hear the difference but since this machine pulls down target ID so bad in iron, a 2 tone option or even a 3 tone would be much better so there is a distinct separation of the audio.
      5.    Lack of usable search modes-Really all you get with the Apex is set discrimination patterns, not search modes. When you change modes you simply notch out different segments you may not want to dig. Depth and separation remain the same, many other machines on the market both more and less expensive change the recovery and depth in relation to the mode you choose.
      For those of you that have the Apex or even if you don't, I would be interested in what your thoughts are on the Apex.
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