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Are You A Scuba Diver? What Do You Use To Transport Cylinders And All Our Artillery From Car To The Beach?

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Here we go again, when autumn approaches, the evaluation of the most suitable vehicle means to prepare anything to face the peace of the beaches that will gradually begins empty  ... Unfortunately for me, no more dinghy this year and considering the terrible weight of all the ballast I'm forced to bring downthere, plus another tool I'm planning in these hours, this time I'm in real troubles. At least 150kg, to be carried by hand and never on my back again, possibly.

I tried to build two different trolleys with solid wheels, but with all the weight, I only managed to sink into the first meters of sand and to get into the water it was a nightmare.

if any of you use special wheels or have built a personal cart and want to share pictures to get an idea for a project, that would be really great ...

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    I think any well built aluminum cart that is customized to suit your equipment will due! The killer is definitely the tires! 

 I've built a few fishing carts, but none to handle that kind of weight!

  I think i have seen the solution though!!👍👍 Have you ever seen the beach wheelchairs used almost everywhere now at big resorts, and ADA equipped areas! They have ballon tires that glide over the sand with ease! And if they can handle a person's weight, they should serve you just fine! Modifications for the axle assembly should be pretty straight forward! Just make sure that it can be locked up securely! I would hate to see it "walk off"!!

  Hope that helps! Good Luck!! Let us know if this solution works! Post us some pics!!👍👍

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On 8/26/2020 at 6:56 AM, Joe D. said:

ballon tires that glide over the sand with ease

Thanks Joe!

I already checked for a set of balloon tyres but...Jeez....Those wheels are mortgage stuff😭...

The worst thing is also that You can't stress it too much over hard surfaces, due to the puncture risk...It happened to me to find a flat tyre on one of my beach trolleys once... Anytime I pull an infamous weight like that in the sand my back starts to make me feel stars and fire.

I'll do this project later in the next Year if not before Christmas... Unluckily it seems a new Lockdown is next to our doors in Europe 🤬

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Here, they are about $100 US per pair! A complete cart already done is about $600 US! 

  That was just a quick scan! I'm sure i could find better prices on Ebay, or somewhere else! 

  Also i know that some are air only, and some have a semi rigid core! Those may be better as no real risk of getting flats! 

Good luck in your detecting! And your cart building! Send a few pics, when you get it figured out!

Be safe!👍👍

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Also I see people ride special bikes (bicycles) on the beach. I wonder how much those tires go for? They support a person and seem to peddle pretty fast

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