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Ongoing Equinox Coil Ear Breakage Issue

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12 hours ago, FloridaSon said:

How about 0.281”

So the hole through the coil housing for the mounting bolt has been reduced in size?  Previously a nominal 5/16 inch (~8 mm) diameter bolt was included.  Are they shipping smaller diameter (~1/4 inch) diameter bolts with these replacement coils?

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As an engineer, I've given this some thought and closely examined my coil. And saw the cracks, saw them get bigger, then one ear broke. Mine broke at the bottom, seemingly the most common failure mode

Coil ears don’t break... people break coil ears. Seems like nearly all the breakage reports are from surf users.

Well, if it weren't for bad luck, I'd have no luck at all!🤣    I apparently spoke too soon! As i was cleaning my 800 today, in preparation for my annual Double "D" Hunt (deer and detecting) in Ge

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When my coil with both ears broken was replaced this summer it came with a new coil bolt and new coil cover all attached to the coil.  Nice.  Replacement was very quick.  The guys at Ft Bedford are doing a great job.

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19 hours ago, GB_Amateur said:

So the hole through the coil housing for the mounting bolt has been reduced in size?  Previously a nominal 5/16 inch (~8 mm) diameter bolt was included.  Are they shipping smaller diameter (~1/4 inch) diameter bolts with these replacement coils?

Not sure it is 1/4" but yes, I believe it is slightly smaller but it may be just a mfg change, not to improve the breakage problem. But if the ears remain the same size and the hole/bolt a little smaller, it would add a bit more plastic to the ears. The new bolt does fit loosely into the ear holes. Who knows, and I am not an engineer.

13 hours ago, TedinVT said:

When my coil with both ears broken was replaced this summer it came with a new coil bolt and new coil cover all attached to the coil.  Nice.  Replacement was very quick.  The guys at Ft Bedford are doing a great job.

Yes they are, my new coil was shipped (from Alum Bank) back the same day my old coil arrived with bolt and washers. Plus Dan called me the next day to ask if I had any concerns. Can't ask for more than that.

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   I think it's going to take a little more than a hole diameter change to stop the breakage problem! If they would just change the formulation of the thermoplastic, (little cost) that would most likely fix the problem! But it's not a "problem" if you never acknowledge that there is one!! We will see what happens when the coils; and pod issues, are out of warranty!

   Companies have been operating this way for years! Take Ford for example! They never acknowledged that their 5.4 Triton V-8 had major issues! They sold millions! And never fixed the problems! Just quietly discontinued that engine! 👍👍

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The Triton issue is a good example of bad policy. I agree, and never said a hole dia. change would stop the breakage, just interesting (to me) any change was made but that could just be from a change in outsourcing. I always think of the Ford Pinto exploding gas tanks where it was cheaper to pay a few law suits than recall many times that cost. Not that the total $ or injury are the same. Sick business model. IMO

I would expect Minelab to honor the breakage until warranty expires; after that they would do what any for profit business would. Again, just my view. HH

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  • 2 weeks later...

here is yet another broken ...

I was earlier on the beach, I heard or felt a little noise, but with the wind, the rubber, the waves and the headphones I didn't pay attention to it. well two minutes later I had both coil ears broken ...

so I assumed that the first little noise was the first coil ear which broke.

I hope minelab will replace this for me for free.

it's not normal because I don't over tighten, I clean regularly and I have already changed the gaskets and screws twice. Plus I never go surfing. it is therefore clear that this is a design flaw.

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I know two guys that have an Equinox other than myself. One guy is very easy on his detectors. He uses them a lot, but they all look brand new and he detects a lot. He is not rough on detectors. He broke ears on the stock coil fairly quickly. I'm not sure of the circumstances. I never had an issue with the stock coil ears breaking and I bet mine has more hours of use than most do. Weather starting out the morning freezing to temps in the 90's. Actually probably 100's if you count sitting in the back of a truck. The other Nox owner I know has all three size coils and has yet to break a coil ear with no protector on any of them. His Nox has seen a lot of use too.  I did put one of the protectors on mine last spring just in case. Other than an obvious lack of robustness I'm wondering what those folks breaking ears are doing that the folks not breaking coils are not?

I put an aftermarket carbon shaft on soon after I got mine. Which of course does not have the side to side flex the stock shaft has. I wonder if the stock shaft flex could have any bearing on ear breakage? 

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Maybe its the teardrop spacers wearing out and becoming flush so when the coil is clamped on, the connection between the coil ear and the shaft is too rigid. Much like engineers design buildings and bridges to sway so stress fractures do not occur a non flush teardrop spacer (which they are when newly replace as i have just replaced mine) would act as a shock absorber.

I have used the Equinox extensively for nearly 3 years now and have not had an issue - but by the number of breakages being reported it certainly appears to be a design weakness and there should be some instruction from Minelab on what the problem is and how to properly maintain the coil. Good customer service is acknowledging a issue and putting corrective actions in place - Minelab - if you are reading this - that is how you build brand loyalty which one day you may need if more competition enters the market.

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    • By TripleT
      I have a question regarding how the Equinox throttles back sensitivity when it encounters black sand.
      If I am running at 17 sensitivity on a salt water beach and detect over black sand; the machine throttles back sensitivity.   
      By how much does it do this? What would be the sensitivity when the black sand indicator is active at 17?
      This leads me to wonder. If running at 25 sensitivity and the machine encounters black sand, is it going to be a higher number than the previous scenario?
      I also realize, that at 25 the machine will probably throttle back sensitivity much sooner than at 17...
      Just curious, thanks!
    • By Steve Herschbach
      Nuggets found using Gold Mode, MF (multifrequency). Largest 9.8 grains, two smaller 0.6 grains each. Full report here.
      OK, there has been a lot of speculation on Gold Mode, and with Equinox shipping out in the next couple weeks I can now offer the basics.
      Gold Mode is designed to help optimise the finding of very small items. That normally means small gold to most people, so it has been called Gold Mode.
      A question that has been asked a lot. Is Gold Mode a true threshold based all metal mode? Not as I would define it. 
      On many VLF detectors a true, raw, unfiltered response can be seen via some pinpoint modes. All metal non-motion response.
      Next would be a motion based "first derivative" all metal mode, that basically adds motion filtering to the raw pinpoint signal in an attempt to keep an even threshold while in motion. This mode has no discrimination capability at all and just signals targets. This is the classic "true" all metal mode used on early induction balance prospecting detectors. Next would be "second derivative" filtering that is the classic motion based discrimination we see on most detectors today.
      Then along came dual channel processing. Many detectors started layering a visual discrimination channel onto the all metal channel, creating detectors like the that have a visual target id while in audio all metal mode. The X-Terra also has what is called "Iron Mask" while in Prospect Mode, which apparently incorporates a ferrous reject into the channel or employs a layered parallel channel. I don't know the technicalities, just that the feature is there.
      Are these "true" all metal modes? Not by old school definitions. And so to me at least Gold Mode does not fit that particular definition. The threshold, while it exists, responds more to items that are nulling on masked items (which may include ground and some hot rocks) than to ground variations in the classic sense as would be expected of a pure all metal mode. However, the extra capability offered sure does not have me pining for a true threshold based all metal mode.
      Gold Mode can run at MF (multifrequency), or 20 kHz or 40 khz. It does fit the definition of being an all metal mode by not being able to employ target tone identifications as is available in all other modes. You have a single tone, but it is adjustable for pitch. You do however have full time on screen target id numbers displayed at all times so you do have visual discrimination ability, but Gold Mode goes one more step, and you can also block/mask/notch just like you can in other modes. This is particularly important for the very low numbers down around -9 and -8 as some ground and hot rock responses roll in around there. Blocking low end ground responses causes the threshold to null (assuming you have it set loud enough to hear it) and so the nulling effects can alert you to ground changes and a possible need to tweak the ground balance if you are running in manual.
      However, what makes Gold Mode different in my mind is the processing, and in particular the audio, which employs a VCO based boosted audio that conveys the target in a way that gives a fuller picture of target intensity. The other modes have the standard Minelab modulated "beep" that simply gets weaker or stronger depending on the size and depth of target. The Gold Mode VCO based "rising/falling" response is more akin to what is seen in machines that produce that "zippy" response on tiny targets.
      The bottom line is Gold Mode can provide stronger audio responses on tiny targets. The large coil is fighting this a bit as a smaller coil or an elliptical will provide even tighter, zippier responses.
      The Gold Mode is not an automatic magical solution; it is simply a mode processed in a different way that can be advantageous in some situations and not in others. I expect given how some of us are very particular about how machines sound and act that this will be a mode some people really love and others might hate. VCO tends to have that effect on people.
      To sum up, Gold Mode is optimized for tiny targets, the most obvious way being with a boosted VCO type response on tiny targets, but there may be more to it than that I am unaware of. It does have both volume and threshold controls and while it is monotone the pitch can be varied. There is full time on screen (LCD) target id information as will as the ability to individually mask responses, mostly intended for hot ground/hot rock/ferrous responses but it may be used on non-ferrous targets also.
      Anyway, for those who think this is a key issue for them between Equinox 600 and Equinox 800 I wanted to try and clarify this a bit while people are still in pre-order mode in case people want to rethink things. To me the Equinox 800 is something I have to have based on the audio and other advanced tuning options, and Gold Mode is just an excellent bonus. in other words, I would still get the Equinox 800 even if Gold Mode did not exist. That's just me however and for others that lean differently hopefully this helps you out.
    • By pdunc
      Having been in and out of detecting for the last 35 years, decided to get back into it after selling all my equipment 2 years ago.  Bought an Equinox 600 and plan on trying it out next week on the coast, the only unfrozen ground in my area. Really looking forward to getting used to it since it is quite different than my prior Fisher CZ-21. My plan for this season is to hit dry sand beaches, water shallows(since I don’t have waterproof headphones yet), school yards, parks, and old house foundations. I don’t plan on detecting deeper water for now, but towards the end of our short season here in Maine, I’ll give my detector a few good dunkings to see if it leaks. After reading some of this forums posts, I’m concerned about putting my season in jeopardy if it does leak. I would be interested in hearing from those of you who have NOT had problems detecting in say 5’ or so of water, especially fresh water. All my water hunting in the past has been in fresh water, not salt. Also, has ML corrected the problem with the “ears” of the coil breaking? From some of my reading here it seems to have been a problem.
    • By bklein
      I guess we can’t add videos to our posts?  Anyway, the default  setting FE and F2 is 2.  I set out a gold ring, old square I ron nail, and quarter. With FE or F2 set at defaults of 2, it seems to mask these targets.  Set to zero all is good.  (This is an EQ600). This seems to contradict the original videos that came out when the detector did.  Beach2 program.
    • By Eden
      Hi all ! and cheers for the add !

      I have had the Nox for nearly 3 years now and have finally bitten the bullet and grabbed a Monster 😁 also this morning Eyyyyhaaa !

      Now for the stupid first question (I've had a read and could not find anything in a post on it 😔)

      Has anyone here tried a Nox 15 inch coil on the Gold Monster.
      The Nox can run at 40mHz and the Monster runs 45mHz so pretty close there and I have read (not confirmed) elsewhere that the coils have proprietry chips in them to stop interchangeability.

      They both fit each others coils though even though some said the plugs would not but I have not been game to turn on the monster with the Nox's 15 inch coil plugged in.
      (Big chicken 🤣)
      The thought of the Monster with a 15 inch coil is so tempting
      So back to the big ask.
      Has anyone actually tried ?
      (Ps love my 2 nox 800s)

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