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And looks like the owner has recovered, and the Treasure Classifieds site will be back up and running this coming week.

"Good news is that the site will be back up and running by Sunday or Monday, along with some much needed, exciting changes which will follow in the coming weeks."

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The classifieds forum is back online and has a few recent postings. There's one for what appears to be an essentially new GM 24K for a very good price. Tempting but unfortunately not in my current budget.

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    • By locator
      So, if you're after a white's detector manual they're now listed again at Garretts website.
      Kudos to  Garrett.👏
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      Another video, 
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      Go to approx 11 min 45 second mark here.  I am not sure this video here actually reveals all that has been shared publicly.  So I’ll post this link...https://www.findmall.com/threads/guy-with-first-texas-says-new-machines-coming-possibly-later-this-year.354573/
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      From https://company-announcements.afr.com/asx/cda/d72645a4-716e-11eb-8e1f-ee060ef5e0c8.pdf
      February 18, 2021
      Metal Detection – Recreational, Gold Mining and Countermine
      Minelab is the world leader in handheld metal detecting technologies for the recreational, gold mining, demining and military markets. Over the last 30 years, Minelab has introduced more innovations than any of its competitors and has taken the metal detection industry to new levels of technological excellence.
      Minelab delivered another record first half, with sales increasing 55% to $155 million. The growth in recreational and artisanal gold mining sales were due to our ongoing geographical expansion, investment in our distribution channels and new product innovations. The unique and distinctive technology embedded within our metal detectors underpins the success of this business. We are particularly pleased with the further diversification of our sales revenue, with our products now achieving market leadership at each key price point.
      Minelab recently introduced the new GPX 6000, which includes our latest GeoSense-PI (Pulse Induction) technology. This technology automatically tracks and removes unwanted ground noise, providing an easy to use, light weight and high performance machine. This product will be released to the market in significant volume from Q4 of this financial year.
      We continue to observe strong demand for our metal detectors with January achieving an all-time record level of sales.
      Note that the Minelab fiscal year runs from July until June of the following year, so fiscal year 2021 is already half over. The mention of the GPX 6000 being released in volume in Q4 is referring to April - June of this year.
      Minelab has dominated $1500 plus high end metal detecting for some time. This note “We are particularly pleased with the further diversification of our sales revenue, with our products now achieving market leadership at each key price point.”  highlights that with the introduction of the Equinox and Vanquish series, Minelab is probably also now the leading seller of mid-range and lower price detectors.
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      LONGTIME® is the first European label that identifies and promotes products designed to last. XP Metal Detectors products listed below are LONGTIME® certified to ensure longevity, robustness and repairability. • Detectors DEUS and ORX • DEUS and ORX Remote Control • X35 and HF coils • WS4, WS5 and WSAUDIO Headphones
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      The pages have problems loading, the messages don't seem to get sent.
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