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Nevada Has / Had Great History And Variety Of Gold Experts

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Nice post Gerry.  

4 hours ago, Gerry in Idaho said:

Never toss a dug up piece of trash back on the ground, please put it in your pouch.

And a great piece of advice.   I have come across this before and just don't understand why anyone would - it just makes it hard for the next person.  What many don't realise is that the next person may be themselves with a new detector or a new coil.  Talk about 'shooting yourself in the foot'.   

Some beautiful gold amongst your pics  👍

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Jerry: The US sure has better crystalline colours than Oz. Not jealous, much - OK, a bit!

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17 hours ago, Gerry in Idaho said:

Elevation - Most of the placer nuggets seem to be in the same elevation zone within a few hundred feet anyway.  If you are a follower on DP, then you recently seen this info was spoken and posted.  Do your do diligence and read.

Wow, Gerry, thanks!  That post is worthy of an article in a hardcopy magazine.  Few left, but Gold Prospectors (GPAA bi-monthly) would be quite receptive, IMO.  Then again, maybe you want it just kept among the members here....

I do have one question on the above statement.  When you say 'elevation', do you mean absolute altitude (distance above sea level) or relative altitude (above the surrounding norm)?  And does this apply to the entire state or more specifically the NW quadrant?

OK, I lied.  I though of another question.  You said: "Still plenty of gold to be found in Northern Nevada,...."  Can you estimate the fraction of that area which is unclaimed and public?  (Just a WAG -- 50%? 20%? etc.)

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On 8/29/2020 at 1:10 PM, jasong said:

Epic post Gerry!

Is that massive quartz chunk in front of Spencer shot through with gold??

It was not all through it but if I remember right, I think over a pound of the yellow stuff was in it.  Close to a 100 pound boulder and that there is a 25" round coil to give everyone an idea of the size of hole he had to dig.  Thanks for all your great posts as well.

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Peg -  In 2012 when you hit your 1st RP patch, it had to be a phone call...I'm just in the last year learning the cell phone does more than make a call.  Texting is new to me, but I'm learning.   The 2nd pic of your 1+ ozt nuggets is amazing and you better have a blown up pic of them hanging on the wall somewhere, maybe in your FL home to keep you smiling every day.  Thanks for adding.

jrbeatty -  Us Yanks dream of that red dirt stained gold of higher purity.  Guess the old saying still holds true.  "Most everyone thinks the gold is better on the other side of the hills/world".  Fact is, we get used to finding one type and so it is quite interesting to see something golden that is different.  We all want to put different kids of gold in our collection.  Thanks for adding.

GB - Glad you enjoyed it so much.  As for the Elevation, I feel it has to do more with the region you are in and the elevation most others are finding gold.  Yes the NNW part of NV is a lot alike, but I do know of exceptions too.  Jason mentioned in an earlier post for North NV and I would have to agree for the most part. Relative to the area is what I prefer.  As for % of claimed and open land.  Don't take this wrong, but I feel big mining companies claimed land is still open to the guy and his dog walking around with a metal detector.  I have yet in all my years been chased of of big mining company claims as they are chasing a different kind of gold.  So if I take them out of the equation, I feel there is at least 50% of open land to swing a detector.  Thanks for adding.


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Cool post! Love the pics!


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  • Similar Content

    • By LuckyLundy
      The weather may have turned for the better in Northern Nevada.  It was time to get out and check how my GPZ 7000, would handle the moisture/salt from the Winter Storms.  I pulled into the Burn Barrel to camp, but it was like pulling into a KOA.  I unloaded my trusty RZR and hit the trail to find a nugget.  I ran into several folks out trying their luck, all had smiles on their faces and enjoying our outdoor hobby.  I was told that Gerry was having his training at the Burn Barrel which explained the crowd of RV’s.  I did get time for a short visit with Gerry and Lunk, before heading out.  The soil, is a little noisy with High Yield/Normal.  Using Difficult settled it down perfectly, but not my preferred setting for dink nuggets.  Anyways, I hunted in Normal and ground balanced often to give my ears a rest from the noisy ground.  I didn’t find any dink nuggets which are the Bread & Butter to any poke, but did find a couple of Steak & Lobster nuggets before loading up and heading home from the short Dirt Recon Trip.  There’s gold out there, you just need to get your coil over it, I need some Bread & Butter Nuggets to complete my meal.  Talking about meals, my Dog Marley refused to eat his normal dog grub on this trip, and only wanted what I brought “Fried Chicken”.  Until the next Hunt!

    • By mn90403
      I am not affiliated with this company nor am I an investor.  I do like a map they have put together.  It shows gold 'finds' all over norther Nevada with the center in Winnemucca.  They want investors and I liked reading some of the discovery info.  What do you think?
      I took a 'day trip' one Sunday north of Winnemucca leaving from Rye Patch.  It is a long distance up there.  Getting back I drove on the longest dirt road I've ever been on.  I know they are much longer in Australia but this road was a 'short cut' with 80 miles of nothing.  I should not have done it alone.  It wasn't in the summer but I still wouldn't do it again.

    • By Gerry in Idaho
      Years ago I had a wise customer who was always trying to make things better.  He spent much of his free time chasing gold nuggets at Rye Patch, NV in the 90's and early 2000's (when pickings were good).  He always wanted to cover ground and chase the big ones.  One time he calls me to order some Coiltek coil wiring (extension) as he has long dreams. I seen him out there with his new  long shaft and boy was it longer than I had expected.
      Has anyone seen anything similar or just as crazy?
      On a side note, this beautiful Horse Nugget of 6 ounces was found in the road at Rye Patch proper.  Seems most of us had walked over it for years thinking a beer can in the middle of the road when in fact it was the biggest piece of gold I have seen come from Rye Patch.  I know one of my Staff found a 5+ oz'er one time and Chuck/Gracie from TX showed me a 5 oz'er, but this one has character.
      If anyone knows of bigger gold nuggets from actual Rye Patch proper or of a longer shaft on their Minelab, I'd love to see.
      Enjoy everyone and stay out of my swing path, all 30 feet of it.

    • By Robert Eaton Jr
      Today was short and good. While reading about the geology of rattlesnake mountain and getting sidetracked on the census report for the population of Virginia City and 1860 versus 1870, I came across the fact that there was like 11 Chinese people in 1860 recorded, and 711 or something in 1870. How long ago that was, and how bustling those streets must have been as it was as great as paris?
      Well today, not too far from Virginia City three new kids, half Chinese, could be added to that number. We were really only supposed to go out to deliver some Uber eats. However, sometimes it's really hard to focus when you have the GPC 7000 and Fisher 75 in the car for easy access.
      Telling adventures of the mountain climb yesterday with their brave mother, we tried to go through the glorious spectacular Christmas lights decorated neighborhood, combing for that place we just visited.
      We found the park, which was much closer to the mountains then we parked yesterday, however the official park for some strange reason closed at 5:00. Anybody that knows the real power of the GPZ knows that it's very hard to turn off before 5:00. Rather than be trapped on the inside, we elected to park near the street within hiking distance.
      The full hearty at simple plan, was to run as fast as we could to the closest Mount ravine and just grab nuggets by the fistful. The children were good grabbing things they practiced on their great American Halloween for 2 years now. They had shovels and by other kids might be grabbing a pickaxe on minecraft, they had the real deal. They might have a lollipop in their mouth but their eye said they were hungry for gold.
      We quickly gathered the gear from the car grab the dog and sprinted across the meadow much like that famous guy Chevy Chase from National Lampoon's doing his wallet world Sprint.
      Unfortunately we had to slow down, my wife was sore from yesterday it was somewhat lagging behind, and my youngest son Apollo forgot to put his belt on and his pants were falling down almost, while he was wearing his brother's hiking shoes which were two and a half sizes too big.
      I had intended to take him out to buy some new shoes, however he will for Lee volunteered the shoe money to help us get that shiny GPz.... So, with the sun going down, the wife and dog crawling, and the pants that could barely stay up, I had no choice. We quickly raised the detector in the air right there on the spot and did the noise cancellation and Ferris Middle ground balancing magical gold dance.
      After reading last night post after post after post in this forum, I finally came across the post that Steve wrote about the firmware upgrade containing the couple new functions which I completely did not operate correctly the first day. The one function in particular, allows you to cover more ground quickly... I guess that's the something your other something your other option. Thank God they use little graphical icons cuz I can't think of the exact name off the top of my head.
      So slowly walking through this field, remembering that the Basque people who live there once before and I guess in 1950 or something or sometime after there was a great flood that flooded the whole valley which is somewhat perplexing to me because it seems to be a desert so I have a hard time imagining a flood there
      Well I let my kids know that even though we couldn't make it to the ravine,there was a probability we collect nuggets, all the way back to the car before the sun went down.
      So in that rushed hour and a half, we hit and Dug three targets. And I didn't even I have to explain to the kids that each Target could be the largest nugget in Nevada history. I can tell they already knew. Well of course, it was rather fine display of used ammunition...
      The kids had a great time learning the siren calls of the GPZ 7000, how to do the silencing and ground balancing dance.. and that there's way more suspense digging in the ground than waiting at home to watch a new Netflix series.
      I can't wait to get out again, there's so many places that we're learning about. The recent episode of Jeff Williams taught us about the Oriental and thule canyon and gold point....
      And after their first day out... They won't think of reading this form and the other gold prospecting forms as tough homework assignments, but rather a road to get their own goals. Because they all know they get to keep whatever gold they find.
      2020 was pretty bad, 2021 is probably going to be a little bit worse, but I think the GPz s going to make it a lot better..
      The fisher f75 will play its part, and hopefully we'll be able to pick up a used gold monster 1000... Eating the elephant bite by bite

    • By LuckyLundy
      As a few of you may know October in the High Desert is the time to be there!  This October, I hardly seen another prospector!  Seen, more folks scouting for hunting season than anything.  I gave a few Chuckar & Antelope Hunters a pointy finger.  But, the Goldfields pretty much empty and to myself.  Well, with the Sun setting earlier and 7 pm, just a little early to rack out.  I bought a big Black Light Flashlight, to hunt some glow in the dark rocks for our new rock garden area of our backyard.  It was fun, riding the RZR around the desert at night shining that light off to the side. Seen all kids of stuff that reflects at night.  Some I didn’t bother picking up as you can see.  I need to find some other glow in the dark minerals other than Orange, lol.  But, my 2 days was spent collecting a few nuggets also.  There’s gold out there, just need to get your coil over them...Until the next Hunt!

    • By Bohemia Miner
      I’ve heard of folks hunting the Rye Patch area of Nevada.  How do they gain access?  Do they have their own claim?  Are there Open to the Public areas?  What about Local Prospecting Clubs?
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