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Tin horn that i am i missed my sept 1 filing date. Called state blm office and those nice ladies sent me the federal registry notice. now i know;

1 you cannot be granted claim on segregated land

(But they will take your money)

2-you can still mine/prospect on "recreational" level.

3-must contact state around sept 20, 2017 to find out if withdrawl will become effective(and only a vast public opposition has any hope of stopping it).

I think i may still re-record my claim at county, perhaps this will give one legal grounds in future.

For 12.00$ its a cheap insurance/chance.

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Does anyone know the specific legally authority that grants jurisdiction outside of the D.C.? I have been led to believe that the legal authority doesnt exist outside the district of columbia(legal mumbo jumbo i dont pretent to understand fully), could this be true?

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