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Minelab Equinox 800. Field 2 At The Beach

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On 9/4/2020 at 7:27 AM, Sinclair said:

Well, it certainly hightly depends on the beach (amount of black sand, salt, trash..). Speaking for my beaches, you'd go mad in field2 even with sens down to 10 :biggrin:

I'd not recommend to disc out everything above 16 - you will miss the big gold for sure.. I've found a 13g, 14k wedding band which rang at 22-25 ...  I'd go for maybe ~33-40, if you want to keep out big iron.

He doesn't tell if he runs field2 in multi or single frequency, nor which software version or coil he uses.. :ph34r:

I know that... i did say: "Why? The probabilities of finding gold at low ID's is very high. I know that some gold rings can give 17 or much higher ID's...  if I get a bouncing signal mixed with Ferrous and some non ferrous (very low numbers), i dig, it could be some deep gold or a gold ring on edge..."  😀

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20 hours ago, Badger-NH said:

He must be joking.  No way will Field mode work better than Beach mode in wet saltwater sand. Even brackish conditions will kill the performance of Field mode.

I'm sure that he is not joking, he a great guy! I only see two options: 1. There's a misunderstanding and can't explain well... mineralization and EMI are 2 different things.  2. Bad coil. 


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19 hours ago, ColonelDan said:

Just a few words from my experience:  Even in the low mineralized sand of central Florida beaches, Field 2  cannot compete with either of the Beach modes in wet salt sand or surf.  I’ve tested the modes on my beach hunting areas just out of curiosity.  Park 1 in 4kHz on dry sand does OK but again, I’ll stay with the beach modes in damp, wet and surf.
just the view from my salty foxhole....

That's what im getting too.👍 it's logical

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Ok, yesterday I did a fast test and came to a conclusion. 

I have buried a small 19,2kt ring ( 7 ID) at around 25cm, wet. On Beach 2, Max sens, 50 tones, FE&F2 at 0, Recovery speed at 5. My Ferrous tone is set from -9 to 0.  I had no issues picking up the ring. 

I switched then to Field 2 with same settings, but with standard tone break ( Ferrous tone set from -9 to 1). I had no signal from the ring and there was alot of falsing coming in 2 ID! 

I guess everything was just fine and completely normal, I mean, the higher frequencies will pick up to much salt mineralization and the machine will become "blind".

He said that field 2 was perfect/stable right? Well, i guess that if he using disc from -9 to any low ID ( something between 1 and 5, the machine will be looking stable... but we all know that behind the scene, the machine is being overcharged with lots of signals under that disc.  It's like a Painkiller!😀 It won't fix any health problem, it will just mask the pain!

I think that he should record some footage so that we can understand...  i only see 2 options, User Error or Bad coil. 🤷‍♂️

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3 hours ago, GhostLands said:

He said that field 2 was perfect/stable right? Well, i guess that if he using disc from -9 to any low ID ( something between 1 and 5, the machine will be looking stable... but we all know that behind the scene, the machine is being overcharged with lots of signals under that disc.  It's like a Painkiller!😀 It won't fix any health problem, it will just mask the pain!


I agree. I think that must be what he is experiencing. Tell him to try it in all metal and see how it does.

I'm so used to always hunting with the horseshoe on, I forget that some people use discrimination.


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 Salt water changes everything. I buried a 1.1 gram very small 14k white gold ring at 10 inches in my yard and beach 2 could not hit  it.In pk2 it hit it very good in multi with pretty good id.In gold 2  mode using both multi and 40kz. it hit this ring like a pit bull on a meatball. 

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I normally run Park 1(all metal, 50 tone, IB F2@5) in the dry sand and only change to Beach 2 when I hit the wet sand. In the original software version, I would start to get chatter as soon as I hit damp sand. Next version, I could sometimes make it all the way to the really wet sand. Now, with the latest version, I can sometimes search in wet sand in Park 1 without issue or a change in sensitivity (usually 20). In the saltwater, it's still Beach 2 however. I'll have to try Field 2 and see what it's like with the latest software.

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