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Silver, Gold And Amethyst Ring - Beach Dig

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Nice goin! Sweet yellow rings!

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   Don't beat yourself up too bad! I've done the same thing a few times!!🤣👍👍

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Congrats on the find! What a unique ring. Thanks for sharing. 

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    • By Mike Hillis
      I haven't been able to get out very much due to work and this COVID thing, but the few times I was able to get out were productive.    
      I hadn't used my EuroTek Pro in a long while so I broke it out and found this nice little 10K gold bracelet in school playground a few weeks back.
      While getting re-acquainted with my new Tek Omega 8500 I found a couple of silver rings.  
      Been going nuts so while I was bench testing last night I decided to throw up a picture.   Maybe it will encourage some one to get out and find something.

    • By Compass
      ...hits a big silver chain in his first beach hunt! In baseball a batter has hit for the cycle when they get a single, double, triple and home-run all in one game. I sort of hit for the cycle on a recent hunt by finding an earring, ring, bracelet and neck chain (all sterling silver).
      However, on the previous day I took a friend along for his first real beach hunt and set him up with my old Whites Pro PI. That day I found 5 rings, all junk save one small silver but my friend scooped out a 26 gram, badly tarnished, sterling silver chain which I took home to clean for him. He hasn't seen it yet but I think he will be pleasantly surprised.

      My friend's chain is the one on the outer perimeter. My "cycle" finds are inside of it. As much as I would have loved to have found that big silver I was honestly thrilled for him and think that he may now be hooked on the hobby.
    • By Dan(NM)
      Well, my lake hunting days are coming to end due to a move to Hamilton TX very soon. Had a very good day hunting at the waterline as the lake level continues to drop. Ended up with 5 rings, 3 silver, 1 10k class ring and a junk toe ring. 2 of the silver rings are James Avery's. I'll begin to track down the owner of the class ring. I can't make out the year as it's almost completely worn off. But, maybe the school can fill in the blanks.
      The bigger silver ring hit at 32-34...the other 2, solid 26...the 10k gold ring locked on at 14

    • By Compass
      Spent a nice day at the beach chasing the tide out. Only found about 8 coins but 3 rings (1 gold, 2 silver), a thin silver chain with silver name tags and a large copper bracelet.  

      When I tried to untangle the silver chain it broke in a couple of places and when cleaning the bracelet I knocked out some mother of pearl inlay. 

      The gold band is stamped 14K and weighs 4 grams. Not the biggest ring but a beautiful sight lying in the wet sand.

      The bracelet is stamped "Mexico cobre". Cobre is Spanish for copper. Not valuable but a different and fun find.
    • By Compass
      I wasn't able to take advantage of the great beach conditions this past weekend but I hunted yesterday to see if there were any stragglers left behind. There weren't a whole lot of good targets but I did find about $1.50 in clad, 2 rings, 2 cheap chains and a fair amount a lightweight trash.
      One of the rings was stainless steel but the other was a hefty sterling silver ring of 14+ grams. Pretty sure that this ring had been there a while because of the tarnish and it was a little bent from tumbling in the rocks, I presume.
      I would have loved to have found some gold but at least the silver is interesting and a sign that the gold could have still been within reach. Maybe next time! http://metaldetectingforum.com/images/smilies/yes.gif __________________
    • By Dan(NM)
      Big day at the lake today. I found the cross first then all the pieces to the chain scattered out in an area about 4'x8'. The cross read in the low 20's, the pieces hit 6-8.  Went to another spot, found the stud earring, then the silver ring and finally the 14k ring. All found in the dry beach area with Nox 800. The 14k ring hit at a solid 10.
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