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Scrub saves gold ... SIMON!  haha

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Very nice find and hope I can learn to do that also.


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    • By PeterInSa
      Volume Limit on the Z, from the Manual..............
      The Volume Limit sets the maximum volume for target signals. When detecting, the sound produced by a target can be very loud. Adjust the Volume Limit to ensure that loud targets do not hurt your ears. The Volume Limit has a range of 1-20, with a preset of 12.
      And of course a lower Volume Limit will reduce the difference between small and big targets.
      When using the WM12 and headphones I have the volume limit at 7, reason being I have Tinnitus and do not want sudden loud sound to make it worse. Am wondering does this low setting have an impact on any other function of the Z. I can still find very very small pieces of wire/gold.
    • By phrunt
      It was election day in NZ yesterday and it was already well known we were going to have a landslide victory to the current government due to their Covid handling more than anything, it was the Covid election rather than a political one so rather than staying home seeing that on TV all day I decided to go for an afternoon hunt.   Mitchel drove the other day 4 hours for one nugget, while I can't match that I was going to drive an hour for similar results only if I found a nugget it would likely be smaller than his 🙂
      I was going back to a place right near JW's house mainly because it's the shortest drive to a gold area from my house but we have both absolutely slammed it especially with it being only a few minutes drive from JW's house too.  This particular little area we've spent days on end at, many days.  We've both done well at it but the gold dried up, JW said he's done with the spot but I wanted to try one more thing before giving up on it, my 8" X-coil there.   I honestly didn't think I'd find anything but with only a few hours and even less if I drove off further it had to do.   I could explore other areas in the similar area but I wanted to try the coil at this spot where we'd both done well on the gold before. 
      My first target was one I knew was there, I'd hit the target many times in the past but never bothered to dig it knowing it was junk but my curiosity got the best of me so I dug it up.

      It was down deeper than I expected for such a booming target.

      It was a little old tin, a shame the miner that threw it out or lost it didn't have the gold stashed in it 😞
      I was detecting around for an hour or so with very little targets at all other than shotgun pellets that I was just ignoring with the double blip the GPZ does on close targets and if they disappeared in a scrape or so they were rejected for the next guy 😛
      I then had a really nice sounding rather faint signal, one that was pretty confident might be my first gold of the day.  I dug, and dug and got down quite deep and the target was now screaming so I went over to my bag and got my Nox to try narrow down where it was as the GPZ was roaring on it so I couldn't pinpoint it, I had a feeling at this point it wasn't gold as the signal was too good, if it was gold I was in the wrong country as it was too big 🙂
      The Nox was giving odd ID's, for such a big screaming target it was favoring the lower ID numbers between 1 and 10 or so, I was a bit confused but narrowed it down to being a rock 😞
      What kind of rock would behave this way? I smashed it open and it had tiny little flakes in it that was sparkly like a silvery type colour.

      I put the Equinox down in the hole to try show how deep the rock was.  It didn't really work but it was deep.

      They didn't sparkle as much in the photo or on camera as in the sunlight.
      After that disappointment I was struggling with wanting to continue, I'd had that I'm giving up feeling thinking I wasn't going to get any gold and i got another faint signal quite close to that last signal, a couple of feet at most.  I thought here goes, it's another rock.

      I scraped away at the ground and the target moved.... here goes, a pellet.  I was a bit puzzled by that as I'd done this exact spot before with the GPZ and 10" and the Nox, even the Gold Bug 2 and Monster had been over this little area so was puzzled I'd missed a pellet.  It's right near where I found various nuggets weighting around 9 grams not too long ago and JW had also got another 2 or 3 grams from it too.  No target was left I thought, but I was wrong... maybe gold does grow back 🙂

      Maybe the little guy was on edge of something and fell over onto the flat or something, I have no idea. I was very surprised to find it.   This is my new scoop, I absolutely love it, I saw it was the one Steve used so figured I best try it out.  The flat base makes life so much easier recovering tiny targets getting them close to the coil, and it has sharpened edges for scraping which is very handy, much better than the round traditional scoops people use.  The little gold riffles I thought was a bit of a gimmick but they do really work.

      I found a big spider too, you don't see many big spiders in NZ and none are harmful except a small colony of Aussie Red backs that were accidentally introduced into a small area in the same region, they haven't spread though and are isolated to one spot.  I still jump a bit when a spider comes out, especially a big one after spending most of my life in Australia where they all want to kill you. 🙂
      No more gold for the afternoon so time to head home, it was starting to rain a bit anyway.

      So my little nugget, it was 0.058 of a gram until I cleaned it, should have left it dirty 🙂
      The other good news, my WM12 has started working, I was having a lot of trouble with it on previous trips with the audio constantly dropping out, this time it was fine, no idea why or how, different location so maybe it was some weird interference at the other spot that kept making it play up even on multiple days.  It dropped out a few times but in normal scenarios you would expect it to drop.   This time I was using the WM12 with my SP01 as I'd rigged up my harness how I liked it, it meant I ran the GPZ volume on 4 and let the booster do al the work previously when using the GPZ here I'd just run the WM12 with no extra speaker or SP01.  I really think a low GPZ volume with the booster doing the work makes faint targets stand out more, the GPZ appears to run smoother.
      So nothing too exciting from my afternoon hunt except the weird rock!
    • By Gerry in Idaho
      One of my customers recently found a stunning: near 4 pound quartz boulder with just under 11 ozt of gold with his GPX-5000.
      Just goes to show you those multi thousand dollar treasures are still out there being dug up.
      Yes this came from the lower 48 states.
      Good luck everyone.

    • By Rob Allison
      Hey Guys/Gals,
        It's been a bit since I posted anything.  The forums are very slow, at least mine here.  I have to get all you guys/gals more fired up to post more stuff so we all can learn from each other and share experiences.  
      That being said, the COVID-19 really changed how we do stuff, let alone set out mass FEAR to the World. There is no doubt it's real, but I will just leave it there and talk about gold nuggets! 
      I managed to get out recently and had a nice run of luck with the Minelab GPZ 7000.  I rounded up over an ounce in one day working any old channel.  All the gold was down on bedrock and it was difficult to get some out of the cracks as they were covered and full of hard pack Caliche (notice the color or caliche on the gold).  
      Just over 31 Dwt's (20 Dwt's = 1 Troy Ounce).  Not a bad days work getting 1.5 ounces of the good stuff. 
      God is Great.

    • By LuckyLundy
      Not that I wanted to see if it could be done, it’s only 130 miles!  My Wife Robin, needed to dig a nugget...she hasn’t been out since our move to Reno.  Now, you always have a mental note of stuff to pack.  We loaded her Grand Cherokee, for this adventure off we go!  Arrived to a location, I figured she’d have some luck at with her SDC 2300.  Gearing up, I’m looking for both of our new Doc’s Scoops...What the Heck!  Left them both at home!  Well, I know I’ve used my hand as a scoop a few times!  But, onetime I forgot my scoop and as I was recovering a nugget I opened my hand to see the target and a Scorpion crawled out of my hand and the nugget went sky high, I later found its landing spot.  Since then, I’ve learned that a cut water bottle will get ya by as a scoop and save you from tossing good target to the wind.  Well, needless to say Robin got her fix of digging/finding some gold with her detector in and old patch, that both of us and countless others have swung on before!  Nuggets are funny, some days they are like fish biting all day and other days not a bite!  But, the Hunt and adventure is the most important to balance your inner self, Gold is just the bonus in our hobby!  Until the next hunt!

    • By mn90403
      Yesterday morning about 1 AM I took a break from the exciting 'Dumping SDC 2300 Detectors' thread to go find a nugget.  I had big gold in mind so I didn't take my 2300.  I was headed to Arizona.  It is a 4 hour drive but pretty simple.  Leave Los Angeles (I live at the #1 Exit on I-10) in the middle of the night with no traffic and get off on Exit 5 from the I-10 freeway in Arizona.  I've never done this as a one day trip but I had to try it.
      When going to Arizona this time of year there is a 1 hour time difference so when I arrived it was still dark but 6:30 AM.  I had left the $3.00 per gallon gas for a price of $2.12! 
      I went to the dark gold fields and got under some power lines with the 7000 and the 15x10 Xcoil.  I took an extra amount of time to adjust my harness to fit like a glove.  It was no longer 'hanging' on my body.  It was like a well tailored suit without unnecessary wrinkles.  I was thinking of Simon as I made myself ready for battle.
      It was supposed to be a cool day (95/63) but I was already wet with sweat in the early morning.  I'm a beach guy now.  I wear shorts and sandals ALL the time but with my brush pants on (ala Chet) it was hot with only a t-shirt.  
      My first stop was an undetected area to me.   There were no targets for the first 30 minutes on any of the gullies.  Then I found a couple of pieces of lead as the sun came up over the mountains.  This was an area where I had found a 1949 California license plate 7-8 years ago.  It was now time to hit the target zone where I had been given a pointy finger.  This was the reason why I made this long/short trip.
      I detected it as I have many other Arizona gullies in the past.  Often times it is unproductive in the bottom so you hunt the sides.  Norm knows this area well and spends many days with his wife camped near.  Lots of gold has been found here but not this time for me.  After 2 hours of working this 1/4 mile stretch of gully it was time to go where I had found a 5 gram nugget it the past.  Once again after an hour there I didn't add to my polk and it was now 1 PM/2 PM.  No gold after 7 hours and the temp was near 100.  How much longer did I want to do this?

      Lunk had shown my wife and I a spot many years ago that had been raked and worked.  That day he found one piece and we found none.  That place came to mind.  I had hit it once with the 15x10 but I was willing to try it again.  This is an area that often times has many campers in the middle of winter but there was not a single camper today.  I could hunt it at a slower pace and that is what I did.  This area also had a bit of a breeze.  Some of you may recognize it.  That's Dome Rock in the picture.

      Finally I got a target and it was a little gold.  I was so hot I forgot to take a picture.  It was down about 3 inches.  (The little tiny wire was found and doesn't register but it screamed so I knew I was hearing things!)
      The stink was off.  No more skunk but it wasn't getting any cooler.  I spent another 30 minutes trying to get a second nugget but it was time for me to go.
      The trip back was going nicely until I got past the 62 exit to 29 Palms (another gold field) and then it backed up for miles.  It took me one hour longer going back but I was back in Santa Monica at 7:30.  The things I do for gold.
      We have about 24 million people in Southern California.  I don't know how many are prospectors and how many have gold machines but we've hit everything within 4 hours of town pretty hard.  I'd say there are very few virgin patches within that area so you have to work already worked ground to find a nugget or two.
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